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Friday, July 21, 2017

New developments the U.S. missile defense system will be over the same things, and SOYBEANS

The Pentagon announced the creation of a missile defense system on the basis of lasers and electromagnetic pulses, the purpose of which is to affect ballistic missiles not long after they start, and before. In this project rocket, for which the current missile defense system is not a hindrance, but such weapons are only in Russian. But how realistic are the plans of the US and will they be able to undermine the current balance of power?

That the Pentagon is developing electronic weapons missile defense, which will be able to attack ballistic missiles before their launch, reported directly to the U.S. Department of defense. It is noted that this project began back in 2014 to counter the missiles that can overcome existing missile defense system (missiles and such are only in Russian). Kibersistemy will use an electromagnetic pulse that can disrupt electronics over large areas, clarifies the portal Free Beacon, known for many news stories. To use this weapon, it is assumed only after the intelligence report on the planning of a enemy missile attack.

“What is now advertised as a weapon of strategic deterrence, may be applicable against the enemy, intellectually and energetically behind US for generations”

Also developments underway to stop the missiles in the phase of their acceleration – it is planned to create the lasers to be placed on unmanned aerial vehicles or aircraft. In available vocabulary, this is an attempt to influence an electronic control system that will reduce the flare from the mind. Such are really only under two conditions. The first accurate up to seconds and even fractions of a second information about the early launch. Second, the presence of a source of electromagnetic or laser pulses directly from near the start.

Earlier it was reported that by 2021, the United States wants “to have a final demonstration of” laser weapons, airborne to intercept ballistic missiles, said the Agency’s Director of the Pentagon’s missile defense Vice Admiral James Syring. The Agency for 2017 fiscal year requests of 90.3 million dollars. In addition, in March the developers of the company Lockheed Martin has stated that they have the technologies that allow suitable for combat use laser weapons. According to us media reports, the US air force is able to use lasers against enemy aircraft, drones or missiles, and the Navy – to protect against drones, small ships and submarines. But weapons of this type used are still very limited, low-altitude targets and within their line of sight. The use of lasers in strategic goals is impossible, it is only rudimentary types of advanced weapons.

The correlation of the military potentials of Russia and Namespacealiases the American edition has supplied the publication of a photograph of the open hatch of the Russian missile silos, which is apparently supposed to symbolize the force against which the weapons will be targeted. Thus followed the video on behalf of NORAD (Command aerospace defense of North America) about the missile systems of North Korea and how to deal with them.

All this smacks of a “simulation projects”, like the Strategic defense initiative (SDI) Ronald Reagan. Indeed, there is the theory of “technological breakthroughs”, according to which the accumulation of theoretical knowledge in the areas of high science leads to an explosive emergence of new technologies, primarily in the military sphere.

Research in the areas of combat use of lasers and other types of weapons akineticakih conducted since the 70-ies. Roughly speaking, akineticalkie weapon is any use of technology not related to the impact of one object on another. A bullet entering the human body, kinetic weapons, and a high-frequency pulse electronic warfare systems, incapacitating the electronics – akineticalkie. On the same principle evolved and space systems. If it was initially supposed to bring to orbit “satellites killer” who needs to get into the enemy’s satellite, as a billiard ball (kinetic effect), the development of high technology has led to the emergence of plans for the use of something very expensive and not associated with physical contact.

In reality such weapons systems there, as there was no real project and SDI, bled the Soviet military and earned laurels was the main propaganda adventure of the twentieth century. SOY poured new money into the American military-industrial complex, but did not give a single scientific development, which would have embodied in practice. The idea SOY was so, placing in orbit a specialized group of satellites, or to shoot down ballistic missiles themselves or their warheads in all phases of flight. The initiative was conceived as if the main enemy – the USSR – does not advances in scientific and technological spheres, representing the culture of the apes that will be easy to observe over their heads with unclear objectives will hang dozens of expensive satellites. Another thing is that it was scientific a bluff, the Americans could not even define the reference orbit satellites, not to mention the fact, to establish a clear system for recognition purposes. In the end, the rejection of the development of SOYBEANS was not political, but only a practical solution, since the level of technology 80-ies did not allow to implement it.

How, indeed, now. USA does not have technologies that would create the stated system. In addition, they are still faced with a reasonable opponent. This is an atomic bomb under the Manhattan project was to develop, not caring about the response, and in the case of space defense, no one will wait until it settles.

The most fantastic item in the current project for which the American military-industrial complex routinely asks uncontrolled billions of dollars, imprisoned in the impossibility to carry out the main part of the plan concerning the calculation of the launch and the visualization of the object. If the SDI program somehow matched with reality and was supposed to shoot down the missile blocks in the stratosphere, then the project should carry out the destruction of the missile kind of momentum almost by the exit from the mine. USA (and indeed nobody in the world) is not able to focus sufficient energy for work of this kind a pulse or a laser beam. Experimental device, capable of short (fraction of second) period of time, that impulse to create, in size equal to small towns. Yes, they are in California and Alaska. As Russia continues to contain the same complexes in Tajikistan and the North Caucasus.

But talk about stable using pulse or laser, and even pointed at the quickly departing goal, is not necessary. All complexes of this type was originally planned as a weapon, designed to shoot down or blind the orbital system of the enemy, and not to intercept the rocket. And I must say that some of the tests that the US conducted in Alaska, did not give a sensible result. Meanwhile, it’s not the 60-ies. No drone over mines strategic missiles will not crash to patiently wait for them to start. And the level of momentum now is such that it can be run only from a very close distance.

Last year in a special report to the U.S. Navy it was about the unification of several classes of ships (renaming the current frigates and corvettes in the coordination of the line design for the so-called forward-based. Russia was not mentioned at all. New corvettes to be fitted with lasers for a “last line of defense”, that is, when you Khan, as it was recently with the long-suffering destroyer “Donald cook” in the Baltic sea. System of air defense “the last line” habitually represent a rapid-fire anti-aircraft guns of small caliber or double-barrel or Quad guns, whose task is to defeat the purposes of approaching the vehicle at a critical distance. The main air defense system, managed by the notorious “aegis” designed to strike attacking targets at long range.

The use of such tools, by the way, was described in CIA programs in the same 80-e and 90-e years, but it required the presence of subversive groups of the enemy airfields. But it was pure fiction, since again such devices consume wild amounts of energy. While connecting the device to a local power grid would blackout the city of Tokyo is approximately equal to the level of energy consumption.

What is now advertised as a weapon of strategic deterrence, may be applicable against the enemy, intellectually and energetically behind US for generations. That is, the DPRK can be run with a hundred drones, monitor potential missile silos (they are the Koreans, though, no, they use the old system land launch), and next put on a couple of new patrol corvettes. You can even throw a few South Korean subversive groups, teaching them to speak in the Northern dialect. But in practice, and this is fantastic. To use such “advanced” weapons against an equal opponent (like Russia) and even psychopathy.

You have to understand that the military industrial complex of the United States on a daily basis concerned with the development of “advanced weapons”, most of which goes to the scrap long before official culling. An entire generation of warships with “sfarsitului” and “sverhdorogim” over the past five years were literally written off as meaningless. There is gone and aviation development, which was considered at some point breakthrough. But constant feeding of the military industrial complex a lot of money sooner or later gives some results. Breakthrough in laser and pulse technology yet because of problems in related fields, particularly in superconductivity and storage of energy. And before the declared period 2021 – a breakthrough is unlikely to happen. While the arms race propaganda again moves into space – the sphere is so ambiguous from the point of view of prospect of technologies that it is difficult to make a clear choice in favor of a particular strategy. And more and more suspicions that this kind of stuffing information copied from the policies of Ronald Reagan.

Although there is a more simple explanation. All want money. A lot now.

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