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Saturday, February 17, 2018

For they do not like oligarchs

Russian entrepreneurial class historically consists of two characters: the owner and the temporary worker. First — stingy, obstinate, persistent (“men”) — believe wealth is not so much a proof of intelligence and talent, on the one hand, and the will with courage on the other, as a huge responsibility to the faith and people. The second is cunning, envious, insolent, aggressive (“thieves”) — seriously believe in the fact that material well-being is the recognition of their goodness and the less fortunate deserve only pity and contempt.

In Russia today, “men” units, but “thieves” is rife. Even now those irrepressible grabbers that were once allocated considerable funds for “social responsibility”, did it not by his heart, and because it is told modern corporate rules: a regular report on corporate social responsibility is the flip side of any operating in the international markets of the company.

To the honor of Russia, it was not always so. No, the “foam” I bow to short-term wealth, crumbling to dust already in the third generation, were present a hundred, two hundred years ago, but the economy was not on it. The core, personified the spirit of Russian Economics, are notable for the impeccable quality of business management or loyalty to one’s word, but also that charity, mercy, breathable and still.

Let’s start with the richest clan of the manufacturers Maturing, owners of textile factory Reutov. Paris St. Alexander Nevsky Cathedral on Rue Daru (rue Daru), whereby Maturing still remember in Europe, built mostly on the money Mitrophan Mazurina.

Masorini, erecting temples, cared not only about hotmelanie sins. One of the sons of Mitrofan Nikitin, Fyodor, was a collector of ancient books and manuscripts. After the death of the collector of this valuable collection was not taken abroad and sold on the cheap heirs and donated to the archives of the Ministry of foreign Affairs of Russia. Blessed what to say.

Sister of Theodore, Faith Bakhrushin (Mazurina), bequeathed not to transfer capital in the abstract charitable Foundation, as not so long ago, public relations has announced one of the Nouveau riche, and to build a clinic in the complex Bakhrushin hospital (now the hospital No. 33 in Moscow on Stromynka, 7), which was done by the daughters.

Nephew Fyodor, Nikolai Mazurin, in 1886, bought land and has allocated huge money — 500 thousand rubles — for the construction of the hotel for hour of mating, and the device and the contents care Homes for persons of the Moscow merchants and petty bourgeois of the Russian origin and Orthodox religion. Within a year, the alms-House of Moscow the address: Kotelnicheskaya, 17, was open: the inhabitants of the merchant’s office checked into separate rooms, with a full three-course meal, and the hotel burgher branch is located in the General wards and were provided with uniforms.

In addition, in 1880, Nikolai Mazurin along with brothers Paul and Alex donated 100 thousand rubles, but not for future organizers of Charter parties with prostitutes in luxury resorts, and the Moscow Academy of practical commercial Sciences, it is ridiculous to say, on scholarship. Modern rich people, I suppose, not all foreign universities were graduated, but has anyone heard any “risen” John DOE pays, say, food low-income students of their Alma mater? So young and therefore hungry guys get each month, for example, trade Union in the free coupons for food in the student canteen?

Or Savva Morozov, world-renowned not only as the owner of textile mills, many as a prominent philanthropist and one of the founders of the Moscow art theatre (along with linseed king, Constantine Alexeyev, known as the Stanislavsky), the creation of which he has spent more than 300 thousand roubles, having built including a theater building in Kamergersky lane. For workers in their factories and their families Savva erected free dormitories, hospitals, baths. Maybe some of the current “captains of business” for at least one residential house for employees was built, not heard?

The son of Savva, Sergei Morozov, was also a patron of the arts: supporting artists Vasily Polenov and Valentin Serov became one of the founders of the Museum of fine arts on Volkhonka street (now a Museum named after A. S. Pushkin). Someone will say that one rich friend has created a Museum for jewelry Easter eggs, but do some products which are still decorated in the offshore? And if something happens to the master will be quietly removed?

By the way, on money of father Sava, Timofei Savvich Morozov, were built of gynecological clinic at the virgin’s field, the laboratory of mechanical technology of fibrous substances at the Moscow technical College, numerous churches and hospices. Can you boast of anything like the current dragons?

No, they’re not idiots money in their own country to invest. This is a football or basketball clubs in the Old and the New World is another matter. To pay huge fees to the eminent Arabs and blacks — it’s not the stupid Russian lapotnikov to spend money.

By the way, the product quality in factories Timothy Morozov was the highest that was reached including at the expense of merciless penalties. Once this practice led to a strike at one of the Morozov’s factories. For permissions which have been issued provision for the treatment of any money in the special capital with the appointment to the needs of the workers. But now what? Immediately expelled and will hire guest workers.

Go ahead. Feodor Chaliapin is now canonized as an outstanding operatic bass. But thanks to someone, the first material, the support Fedor was able to “get by”? Thanks to the businessman Savva Mamontov, which Chaliapin in his “Autobiography” said: “Savva Ivanovich I owe my glory. Him I will be grateful all my life.”

Hey, Abramovich, someone will write about you as pathetic line? After the release of his Autobiography in 1907, more than a hundred years have passed, and already forgotten about Mamontov, Chaliapin is still revered. And he noted his bow to the sponsor (sins apparently were — in 1899 Mamontov was briefly arrested on suspicion of theft during the construction of the Northern railway).

One more stroke. In the family ryabushinskys had a custom joint with workers celebrating business anniversaries. For example, in 1906, when there was a century house Ryabushinsky in Moscow was organized a festive dinner, where at one table sat the head of the family with relatives and clerks, accountants, spinners, weavers. After lunch the guests were taken to Moscow theatres, where they were pre-purchased by the Lodge.

Other Industrialists hired a special transport (then, mostly river or rail) for delivery of the guests not only in the capital but also to the locations of their businesses, opened in honor of anniversaries best for that time the hospital was awarded workers gifts. In modern Russia, known, perhaps, only one “Titan” of the rich that invested in ultra-modern clinic in his native land, the others get handouts. Or bring labuhov for big fees.

And, of course, iconography is the oldest, became a true Russian, undervalued and still art. This valuable collection of ancient icons have been leading Industrialists Rahmanovich, Tretyakov (the founder of the famous gallery), Soldatenkova, Egorov — all will not list.

I will say, only the Russians were the benefactors? Not at all. Perhaps the most famous foreigner who donated to the development of Russian science colossal by the standards of 3.5 million rubles, was an ethnic German Hugo mark. And he sacrificed not only in the good years, but during the First world war.

For money the Brand was built and January 1, 1917 inaugurated the Institute of physics of the Moscow scientific Institute on Miusskaya square (subsequently the Institute of biological physics) and the Institute of experimental biology in house 41 Sivtsev Vrazhek in Moscow and scientific publishing. In order not to tarnish its German origin to the Society of the Moscow scientific Institute, mark all donations were carried out anonymously, and his philanthropy was known to a narrow circle of people. One of which was the world famous Russian physicist-experimenter, the first confirming the conclusion of a Maxwell light pressure — Pyotr Lebedev.

However, we have a rich mobile Communicator, which also helped predominantly liberal humanitarian science. But before you help, this right honourable gentleman, why it brought all the money to offshore, from where the “bullet” is enough. Curious justification put forward by the overage exaggerated “guru” of liberal economic thought: “Everyone else is doing”. Stealing that is.

…We often hear that in Russia, they say, the business climate is bad, because we have not received foreign investors and private capital is flowing out of the country by hook or by crook. One of the main factors stifling business is the failure to comply with ownership rights, due primarily to the illegitimacy of the unjust privatisation of the 1990s.

And what should be the attitude of the people to mass robbery, happily performed “thieves” and his minions? Approving? Incentive? Amazing?

By the way, where is your voucher?

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