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Wednesday, March 14, 2018

Fair play

The participants of preliminary voting “United Russia”, registered in Moscow, signed a Memorandum for the purity of elections, defines the ethical component of the forthcoming party primaries. This decision was taken at a meeting held in the framework of the educational project “ER” “School candidate”. In addition, the workshop participants conducted a “business game” during which attempted to formulate a common position on the most pressing issues on the agenda.

photo: Gennady Cherkasov

The signatories of the Memorandum committed to behave correctly and decently towards each other, as well as to the organizers of procedure of preliminary voting — the party “United Russia” and regional organizing Committee on holding primaries. In addition, the participants of the party primaries had pledged to recognize the results of the procedure of preliminary voting in their constituency, regardless of the result.

Recall that the primaries of “United Russia” will be held across the country on may 22. According to its results will form a list of candidates from the party in the upcoming September 18 elections to the State Duma. Primaries give voters the opportunity in advance to learn about the candidates and their positions, Express their questions and requests and to adjust, therefore, the election programme. All this, according to the organisers the preliminary voting, to help make people informed choices that will form the Parliament of the professionals, those who truly know and support the people.

Previously with the idea of signing the Memorandum in Moscow regional organizing Committee addressed the group of participants of preliminary voting. In late April, such documents were signed and in other Russian regions. “We are competitors, but not enemies,” explains one of the authors of the idea of the Memorandum party primaries Lily Nasakin. — We are fighting within the same political party. And, of course, the strongest must win. But to win an open, honest and exceptionally civilized. So we decided once again to remind each other about mutual respect and respect to the organizers of the vote. We proposed to sign a Memorandum, which implies open, honest, civilized, clear elections. To every person who participates in the elections, knew that there are bounds that cannot be broken”.

“It is important to sign a Memorandum of understanding to conduct a preliminary vote, so people went to the polls with an open heart, — said the Chairman of the Moscow city regional organizing Committee on holding of primaries, the state Duma Deputy Nikolai Gonchar. — If the result is someone not satisfied that any person could understand: it is the result of the will of the people. They so decided. And very important to us, so we left after the elections as a unified team. We have different points of view on ways of achieving goals, but goals alone! And it is very important that unity of purpose was for us the first priority. More important than any offense that may occur to other participants of preliminary voting”.

“I signed the Memorandum because it is moral, my inner conviction that the conduct of debates, meetings and participate in the election race needs honest people, — said the Deputy of the state Duma, member of the provisional ballot Anatoly Vyborny. Is not law, it does not entail neither criminal, nor administrative, nor financial responsibility. It is a moral component, based on honesty and fairness. I am committed to conducting business honestly and respect your competitors who also go to the polls to make Parliament a professional, and the laws of our state fair.”

“I was invited to sign the Memorandum, and I did not have no doubt, — have shared their thoughts the party primaries Anna Pankratova. — Before you register as a candidate, I have studied in detail the provisions, regulation of all procedures. It was evident that determined the mechanism of counting votes, and the presence of observers. There were no doubts that everything will be organized at a high level. Therefore, the signing of the Memorandum — the good will of the participants to confirm that we intend to be honest, to obey the regulations and rules, behave in a civilized manner”.

First primaries of “United Russia” are so massively across the country, says political analyst Dmitry Gusev. And to vote any person, not necessarily a member of the party. What are the challenges he sees in this party? The expert answers this question: “the First is to select people who do know, can and want to win. It is such a training ground. If the person wins the primary, he probably wins the election, it is worth supporting. Second: this is a test program. According to what people go, and the results of the voting to understand what’s really interested in people from farther away to work with than to go to the polls. Third: that’s the training headquarters of the candidates. May 22 will be held a preliminary vote, and immediately you can go to the election and rails to be engaged in elections directly. There is one thing Putin said. He said he hopes that the primaries pushed up on the best and the strongest”.

“In primaries involving people who don’t just want to sit in silence, and I want to say something, to Express themselves, — said political analyst Pavel Danilin. They finished their activity and social activities to earn their own political future. Thanks to the primaries increased the rating of “United Russia”. Some of the party complaining, but who is stopping them also to be active? Of course, many people want to have as much air, how much of the “United Russia”. But you try to create as many information events, as many real cases as “United Russia”.

“Everyone can’t win, obviously — supplemented colleagues the head of the Executive Committee of the Moscow city regional branch of the party, member of the regional organizing Committee on carrying out of preliminary voting Oleg Smolkin. — But bright, interesting, proactive policy will be able to log into the personnel reserve “United Russia” and to pursue his career without the mandate of the Deputy. The Memorandum, in our opinion, proves the desire of participants not only to win, but in principle to work inside of a civilized and honest political process. The plot thickens, and emotions begin to manifest. Let’s not forget that we still represent one party. And in all our public statements, in the work with voters in addition to positioning their own merits, their own programs, we still have to understand basic things. Won’t back down from those postulates which are important for the party as a whole.” After all, “Edro” — a party that stands on three pillars: firstly, patriotism, and secondly, conservatism, that is, the support of family and traditional values, thirdly, centrism.

Political scientists have divided the present participants of the primaries into two teams, inviting each of them alternately ask a few questions “with antagonisticski positions” the other half of the hall… and, accordingly, the arguments to answer the “charges”. We must pay tribute participants of the “business game”: it was by no means a game giveaway. Questions concerning the most pressing issues of the day. But the primary voters met these attacks, that is, openly: “renewal of the blood of the party”, which is today, is the recognition that there are weaknesses and have the will to fix them. And this is an opportunity to move on”.

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