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Thursday, March 15, 2018

“Eurovision” has become a battleground in Russia and Ukraine

The irony of abroadby: in Stockholm all went to Swedish bath, because Russia and Ukraine are capturing leading positions on the continental song contest. One – after the first semi-final, the other – there is no doubt, going to make it after the second, which will be held may 12. This is evidenced by the betting bet, the reaction of the audience for both the semifinals and bustle of journalists around Sergey Lazarev and Jamala.

“You Are The Only One” and “1944” and now “the Eurovision” will be the scene of a fierce battle between two neighboring countries, was even in the song contest diametrically the opposite of musical-philosophical and creative positions.

Photo: Eurovision.tv/Andres Putting (EBU)

The irony also in the fact that both artists have recently been part of the whole – Russian-Ukrainian show business, which, of course, collapsed as one piece construction with the beginning of “the battle for life and death” our, until recently, the closest countries.

Lazarev as the leading “New Wave” rejoiced with her Jamalay Grand Prix at the competition in 2009-m year, the Chairman of the jury Igor Krutoy enthusiastically talked about the “extraordinarily talented singer”, and the journalist pool celebrated the birth on the big stage “of the second, but our Amy Weinhaus”! And most of the “fresh blood” on our pop scene flowed to the Ukraine…

As recently and long ago it was!

Mirror picture – Kirkorov Ani Lorak for Ukraine at Eurovision 2008 in Belgrade against Yana Rudkovskaya and Dima Bilan from Russia. The king of pop for the 2nd place was awarded the title “people’s artist of Ukraine”. Bilan for the victory sent a greeting telegramme from the Kremlin. Now we can only imagine how doomsday will cover the country in case of victory of the tandem Kirkorov-Lazarev, what are the screams in the style of “know ours” will shake the whole evroekspo! In Stockholm a couple of our pop king and his Prince now bypass Jamal a mile away. Looks funny and at the same time, to say honestly, not formidable…

Jamal has almost nailed to the pillory for the song “1944”, in which there is no slogans, no pleas, no declarations, not even narration. The family drama gave rise to deeply personal experiences that have thin and sensual singer turned into a philosophical parable about the universal human values – love, freedom, justice, house, home. Who is against?!

Not the house and not the homeland, however, was at Jamala in a responsible, realize, moment – Crimea! What a nightmare! Yes, even the great-grandmother has managed to be deformirovanii in 1944, Much of the country is not, and crimes of the regime sort of recognized. But no – the enemy you face with their feelings. In Ukraine, where painful emotions are not less than we, too, strive from a wonderful singer and her songs to make a club for the neighborhood showdown.

Meanwhile, the number “1944” in the performance of Jamala is recognized as one of the favorites of the competition and appreciated by the European audience, which, in General, very far from all the “inside information”. Now in rare for Russian media interview, the singer tells today, “MK” about their own feelings, emotions, feelings, which are much more important than anyone thinks, believes or stretching the truth…

Photo courtesy of the press service of the actress

– Jamal, let me Express a cautious joy at the fact that you still failed at the time to go on “Eurovision” with the song Smile…

Truth is joy, and again confirms that everything has its time. We can fuss, something to plan, but still there is God, a higher power, which anyway has its own plan. I just think that in 2011 didn’t come with the Smile, because it would not show itself until the end of the present. Yes, I’m a very positive person, smile, joy is also my condition, I have a positive attitude to this difficult life and its trials. But still it is only one part of me and not the deepest.

– Last interview with “W.” when we won the national selection with a song “1944”, you recalled that barely got over the resentment of “flying” with a Smile…

– Moreover, I do not plan any “Eurovision”. Never!

– You with Lazarev as twins right! He also said that, resisted to the last… it Turns out, both of you drove here almost under duress?

– When our television started cold-calling potential participants, three times I refused: no, no, no! I don’t want to with this competition some sort of relationship, don’t want to play and to play along with you, in being used, as it was then, in 2011, the Right would be lost, and in fact have cooked all (the national selection), and all of it was obvious. Of course, there was pain and resentment.

– Now are two different Jamala – with the song and this…

– I the red carpet at the opening – some 20 metres or three hours passed! Journalists, fans stopped me and asked why such different feelings of the song… it’s Nice, of course, that still remember the Smile. But the question is a little strange. Because the gap between songs still five years. People change over the years, and not what the music tastes. Growing up. This is a big part of my life. And now I’m glad I have just such a song that actually was not written for Eurovision.

I wrote it for the album, or even individual single. The truth is, not really understand what she’s doing. And, when I was still persuaded to Eurovision, giving assurances that this time to the national election, it will be fair, I showed “1944” and everyone waved their hands: what are you talking about! It’s the competition of the holiday, and you with this song, as in the joke: I will come to you in the New year in a brown suit and spoil the mood…

– How interesting! So, not only in Russia were the opponents?

– You know, and I can now feel it in the brown suit – came, saying, on this holiday and a little damage to the mood. But surprisingly, I ruined somehow the mood for some Russian media and the people who found this song something for yourself terrible, offensive, addressed, as they somehow felt it.

– Well, because you push away from the fate of her grandmother, which was deported in 1944 from Crimea, and these people believe that in the current environment, this is a stud in the address of Russia today…

– Very sorry. I’m in the last interview, told you about these non-existent in reality “stud”. I would not like to repeat myself, to make excuses for something that is not and was not…

I really liked it, said björn Ulvaeus from ABBA at the opening ceremony in the town Hall, I just cried from his speech. He told almost everything about my song – that competition reproach of lightness, that he deprived himself of the sense, obsessed with mindless songs, the chic, the coquetry, the feathers, sequins and feathers, and this is certainly the place to be, but at the same time the Eurovision as competition of the international, declaring certain values, needs to raise more important questions of freedom, equality, anti-Semitism, homophobia, xenophobia, and other topics which are now becoming acute…

That said Bjorn, so coincides with the motto of this year “Come Together” – “Let’s get together, closer.” You can add – let’s be kinder! And actually my song is not a reproach, but rather weeping. There is a crying Yaroslavna, and this is my personal cry Jamala. Don’t understand how this could offend someone or even to incite hatred?!

– Empathy and compassion are not in the trend of time, and the search of enemies – a very exciting experience…

– Alas! But there is another thing – people now basically do not care about the problems in this world. Everyone lives in some kind of their own little world and wouldn’t probably know that somewhere there is a war, there is pain, tragedy… And then you go all sad on stage, immersed in the pain… Honestly, I always sincerely apologize when I say this, because I’m a little uncomfortable, as if I am my sadness came in and…

-…talking about. The program was such Pugacheva, remember?

Yeah, “Come and tell”! And all of these on the major and look at you as a fool round.

The first time I really got upset and thought that, perhaps, is not exactly suitable for Eurovision with this song, it was in Amsterdam. The traditional preparty, over the years there is, came from 27 countries, a big concert. Before me stands the Austria… A la recherche du paradis – such a cutie, mi-mi-mi, all positive! And then I’m out.

In the hall reigns such a silence, that I was not myself. Of course, this is not quite the place for this song – 11pm, club, beer, making a lot of noise… And there I felt very awkward. Understand that I will be hard, and decided, well, OK, whatever. Anyway I’m happy all the same to me this is a big event – what I came out with this story, with such music and went with all the Luggage already so far. No matter, there will be some place, will not…

For me personally this puzzle is developed, I am not playing any doll on stage, not posing, not trying to be so cute (cute). I’m just telling what someone may like or not like it, but I think that’s why we love these artists. Do you remember now Alla Pugacheva. But at the time this singer came out and everyone went crazy: it turns out, that’s IT – sincerely! And we didn’t know were not ready, but we believe you! Or Zemfira – out and just cuts. Unique music, unique words. Too often, it ruins the mood.

– However, despite the “lightness” of the format of “Eurovision”, it must be noted that the personal story is always appreciated at the contest, and was won by such artists and songs. A warm welcome, you are here met, also confirms this, isn’t it?

– Yes, very sudden. Especially after Amsterdam. However, I do not cherish illusions. All this, of course, the stakes get higher, everything’s spinning around. But I’m curious to test how it will accepted by the audience of this strange, fallen on their heads the figure of 1944. Would they understand what this is about? Well, Yes, there was a war, something she had… But many are not specialists. How will you react? Plus the language! Chorus Crimean-Tatar is not translated. A lot of this song will remain unexplained for the audience.

Many will perceive it as I perceive Bjork, who sings in Icelandic and nothing is clear. This is a very interesting experiment for me. A serious test of how people through the music, through the voice, using emotion to explain themselves what they do not understand the words of the song…

In my collection is a lot of music where I can’t understand a word of Portuguese Fado, is the same, Bjork, Radiohead are the same, which I often listen to, without delving into the text, just the music affects you emotionally. Do not even want to go into details, because enough emotional intensity. So it will be a very tough test for me.

– Placing a plank, you’re probably not experiencing the competition itself and the competition itself. So, actually, it was the “New Wave”, when you won the Grand Prix, disarming the audience and the jury, headed by Igor Krutoy…

– Immodestly, of course, the to say it, but very nice to hear evaluations from many of the journalists here that his participation I raise the musical level of the competition. In response, I, of course, being modest, say – but there’s still a girl from Belgium (Laura Tesoro) with a cool funk song (What’s The Pressure). Australian (DAMI Im) cool – and the voice is good, and everything is verified. There is a good, strong song to the contest in terms of music production… And I went to the contest almost in a state of passion, not realizing, as my Armenian DUDUK, Turkish mugham, the Crimean Tatar language, number, 1944, grace, the whole “mess” at all into the competition!

The winner of “Eurovision 2012 Sweden Loreen Jamal advised “not to listen to anyone”

– At the first meet & greet with the press you’re very emotional talking about that respect to their culture is the basis for respect for other cultures…

– My mother is Armenian on his father, and my grandfather on my mother’s side were evicted from Karabakh, when it was dispossessed, deported to Central Asia.

Mom was born in Kyrgyzstan, her mother is half Ukrainian, half Russian, she grew up in Kyrgyzstan and has already absorbed the culture. Then I met my dad, Crimean Tatar, who from childhood dreamed of returning not just contingent in the Crimea, specifically in Kuchuk Uzen, Malorechenskoye, where they now reside, where my great-grandfather, Jamaldin, who fought in world war II, and Asylhan great-grandmother, who was deported with five children to Central Asia.

And my dad said to my mom when they got married in Osh: we will definitely return to the Crimea. When I was 9 months, we moved to Melitopol, and then in a new country Ukraine started to grow their roots, returned to Kuchuk Uzen, in Malorechenskoye, Crimea… That’s all! This is the tree that grows on stage in my room, this is my roots, my life. Since my childhood growing up in different cultures, different religions, and father and mother always taught me to respect all traditions. Dad wanted me to know songs in all languages. I said you realize this is impossible! No, you have to try. And he taught me in childhood to sing songs in Armenian, and Azeri, and Turkish. My sister is married to a Turk and living in Istanbul. Another line!

– Just a fountain of multiculturalism!

– For example my family that says that all people are much closer than you think. I know things are very difficult, very subtle, very scary at times to say something wrong, offend someone, someone to praise…

But I really like that “Eurovision” once again in spite of everything brings together on the same stage of nationality, culture, provides an opportunity to talk about her and sing in their own language. Such contest is no longer, like him who has no attitude, no matter what ratings it may be, no matter what labels he has pasted. This is what I “hunt” is always in his work, what inspires me. I am grateful to God that in my life I was surrounded by a lot of friends – Russians, Armenians, Azerbaijanis, Turks, and all of them together make friends, communicate.

On the red carpet I saw Sergey Lazarev, Philip Kirkorov, greeted them, shook their hands, wished good luck. Know it’s insanely difficult, all just afraid… But there remains one important point – everything goes, politics is something which is constantly changing, and the music and the aftertaste of human remains. And that’s all! Second impressions is not the case.

– What Phil and Sergey wished best of luck to you in response?

– Mmmm… Philip Bedrosovich told that I look…

– I would not want to offend anyone, but it turned out that two main favorite of the race today – you and Lazarev – embody opposite poles of Eurovision, what were just talking björn Ulvaeus from ABBA. The one and the other has the right not only to be but to win. It will be interesting to watch the outcome of this battle?

– Yes-Ah, damn it! I got! Ha ha ha!


On the evening of 14 may after a busy two-hour musical game, the Swede måns Zelmerlow will give crystal microphone the winner of “Eurovision 2016” the next king or Queen of Europop (watch online stream and reports on our website). At the moment the list of favorites at the bookmakers includes Russia, Ukraine, France, Sweden, Australia.

In the apparent leadership of Sergey Lazarev and Jamala, one can assume that his last “I’m sorry” said their pursuers – the Frenchman Amir, “the Swedish Bieber” France, “Sia Australian” with DAMI Im, as well as some other very strong contenders.

Russia, according to the news, coming to Stockholm has already been held not celebrate a victory in some incredible ecstatic frenzy. As noted by one clever man – must also win with dignity, it separates the real talent from fussy plebeian. Any bets and predictions, no matter how convincing they may seem, are still only predictions. Well, if you are correct.

As often happens in such contests, it is possible that at the last moment will pop up some Jack in the box. Or may not pop up. The wait is very long…

Read the reportage “the First semi-final of “Eurovision” has ended with scandal with Russia, Armenia and Azerbaijan”.

Arthur GASPARYAN, Stockholm.

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