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Thursday, July 27, 2017

Deployed USA in Romania, the system “aegis” directed against Russia

Thursday, may 12, on the Deveselu Romanian base, the official ceremony of confirmation of readiness of the ground missile defense (BMD) aegis, an agreement on the deployment which was concluded between Bucharest and Washington a few years ago. Expected to service the system, which is another part of the us European missile defence project will be 130 soldiers from the USA. As you know, Washington’s actions in this area arouse anxiety in Moscow, where the fear that missile defense is directed against Russia. In NATO command, in turn, assure that the main goal of the system — potential threats from Iran and North Korea. Whether so it actually and what is the consequence of deploying the system to Romania to Russia?

photo: en.wikipedia.org

– “Aegis” is not quite the complex ABOUT it, first and foremost, the combat information management system – but it’s the small details. In the same way that it is aimed against Russia, no doubt, – says military expert Michael KHODARENOK. And although the Americans claim that the system will not undermine the potential of our retaliatory or launch on warning oncoming blow, we are talking only about the initial stages. Yes, now, perhaps, it is the deployment that is happening in Eastern European countries, fatally threatens our strategic nuclear forces. But it is only at this stage that, in fact, the first. And who knows how many more are planned.”

While NATO confirms plans about the placement of “aegis” in Poland by 2018. “It is possible that missile defense will ever begin to turn around and in Ukraine, – noted in this regard, the expert. – All this is considered as absolutely not some mythical threat missile forces of Iran or even North Korea – it is ridiculous to say. The deployment of American missile defense system on the European continent directed against only one country — the Russian Federation and its strategic nuclear forces.”

As is known, Moscow has repeatedly discussed the issue of European missile defense with Western partners, demanding, including, for written guarantees not directed against Russia. Attempts at a diplomatic settlement of the situation, he said, and now remain the primary measure for our country, but, rather, they, as before, is unlikely to be successful: “regarding the political and military aspect, there is such a thing as priority sites of impact – ones that must be destroyed first in the event of a potential threat to Russia. We have capabilities for such a strike are. Such purposes include aegis as able in the future to reduce the capability of our armed forces. And the country hosting on its territory elements of U.S. missile defense, should understand that thereby they turn themselves into objects for a first strike by Russia”.

As is known, the system “aegis” has previously been tried in military courts, which showed their high potential. “It is designed to control not only the missile type SM-3, but all the ship’s weapons complex. – emphasizes the expert. – Missile defence capability of this system is very high: the SM-3 can destroy targets in near space. In 2007, such an attempt was successful – a rocket launched from an American cruiser, shot down a satellite at a height of over 230 km. this alone shows how high combat capabilities has this system: it threatens not only our tactical nuclear capability, but also our orbital grouping. And therefore such actions should be regarded only as unfriendly towards the Russian Federation – neither Iran nor the DPRK which they have no relationship”.

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