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Saturday, March 24, 2018

Brazilian President ousted for concealing the budget deficit

Brazilian Senate (upper house of Parliament) has voted to start impeachment proceedings against the President Dilma Rousseff and for the immediate suspension from duties of the head of state at the time of the procedure.

photo: AP

Dilma Rousseff

After hours of debate at the start of the procedure the removal of the head of state from office voted 55 senators, against — 22. Earlier, on April 17, the lower chamber of Parliament by a majority of the votes (367 167 against) voted for the impeachment.

Now the Senate will hold hearings on impeachment. Ultimately, if two thirds of members of the house vote for the impeachment of Rousseff priest fully to leave his presidential post. Otherwise, she will continue to perform their presidential duties.

After the Supreme court of Brazil rejected the request Dilma Rousseff to block the impeachment proceedings, she did not even wait for the decision of the senators, left his office and took out their personal belongings. While this may be regarded as a tactical defeat: after all, Rousseff suspended while on six months. Previously, she was openly given to understand that is not going to surrender. And accused his political opponents of fraud.

What accuse the President of Brazil? Formally – that it concealed the true size of the budget deficit of the country during her election campaign last year.

Booms but parallel to the scandal around the investigation of corruption schemes in the state-controlled company Petrobras (stating that about former President and ally of Dilma Rousseff, Luis inácio Lula da Silva, though, participated in the negotiations on the appointment of Directors to the company, whereby political parties received the levers of pressure on Petrobras, which financed their election expenses). Against the Dilma Rousseff personally have no corruption charges was not nominated.

– Rousseff formally compete may, – believes Professor of the Department of theory and history of international relations, faculty of international relations St. Petersburg state University, specialist in Latin America Victor Kheyfets. – Now she is removed from office for 180 days, during which time the Senate will conduct an investigation, whether there has been infringement or not. And in six months under the chairmanship of is not the speaker of the Senate, and Supreme court judges will be held the session, where a qualified majority of votes will make the final decision about the suspension (with a ban for 8 years other classes of elective positions) or neustraneniem from office of the President. Qualified majority – 54 votes, and now has voted 55. However, formally it does not mean anything: no one bothers to vote now for the beginning of procedure of impeachment, then vote against the final displacement. The process will be largely a foregone conclusion before the vote, because some of the voters had a personal interest. The Senator, who by chance turned out to be the 41st vote (which gave the deciding vote 41 votes already enough), tipped as the new Minister of agriculture in the office of the Vice President, who will now perform the duties of the President. Not to say that the government Dilma was white and fluffy, financial irregularities (stress: violations and not corruption) had taken place. The problem is the change of forces in Parliament. In a parliamentary Republic that would lead to a change of government, the presidential it looks not normal, because the President still chosen by universal suffrage. But Dilma is very low rating – according to various estimates, from 10 to 20% (closer to 10%). In these circumstances, her government had very limited opportunities to influence the situation. Even appeal to legal mechanisms was difficult because the streets were millions of people demanding the resignation. Not because of corruption, but because of the deteriorating economic situation. And then it was difficult to mobilize the trade unions in my defense, since those social programs that will reduce new government began to cut another Dilma Rousseff, trying to rectify the economic situation. Room for manoeuvre there. Well, but now has become acting President Vice-President Michel Temer, I think, will cut social programs even more…

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