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Wednesday, March 14, 2018

Average spending in stores fell by 15%

In the last three months the average check (the cost of one trip to the store) “stuck” at low level, in fact, four years ago. According to the observations of the research holding “ROMIR” in April (compared to March), he added only 2 of the ruble, reaching 493, which fits into the framework rostovskoy monthly inflation of 0.4%. However, in the context of the year he “lost” by 7.3%, taking into account accumulated inflation gives a drop of nearly 15%. April showed a reduction of everyday expenses of Russians, including on food. Still intense shopping in search of the best prices continues, only now we are more coolly and calculating.

photo: Natalia Muslinkina

We have to admit that the time of least consumption, when our buying activity has reached its historical minimum. Experts call this trend “exhaustion”. We would add — on the background of General impoverishment. Not only that salaries are shrinking, they are still delayed.

According to Rosstat, in the period from January to March the army of those who have not paid allotted, increased by 12 thousand people and amounted to about 78 thousand And in fact every employee is family: at least one adult and child. So the actual number of victims is 234 thousand What are the prospects of this cell of society, if, for example, there is only one breadwinner? Lives hand to mouth, followed by the eviction for non-payment of a communal flat?

At the end of last year buyers were happy that they manage to cheat inflation. Primarily due to discounts and promotions. The same pattern of behavior we demonstrated in the first quarter, however, this almost led to ruin. In search of yellow price tags buyers attended more (than should) the number of stores and, consequently, spend more.

“ROMIR” also believes that this strategy in February and March did not help to save, and, on the contrary, caused a cumulative increase of costs. The Russians saw the light by April. At almost the same average receipt total expenditure has decreased significantly. It is unlikely to be linked only with the restrictions of lent, rather, fundamental changes in consumer psychology. Namely, shopping is scheduled only according to strict list within a certain price limit procurement for the future and no spontaneity.

In conditions of falling demand and a more careful approach to the buyers shopping retailers are struggling literally for every customer. And first of all the price. However, this may not afford each retailer.

As a result, the Union of independent networks of Russia, which unites regional retailers, personally appealed to Vladimir Putin with a request to consider its proposal of amendments to the Law on trade, which the state Duma plans to take until the end of the spring session.

“In the circumstances we ask you to consider the possibility of introducing restrictions on the sale of food products at prices below the procurement that meets the interests of the majority of participants in the distribution chain, including manufacturers and suppliers of food products,” — said in the letter.

According to the SNA, the new wording of the amendments was supported by the national meat Association, Soyuzmoloko, a Union of Fish, “Rusprodsoyuz”, “RusBrand”, but also consumers Union of Russia.

In other words, we are talking about dumping, which are major Federal networks in the struggle for regional markets. This strategy of “scorched earth”, aimed at the destruction of competitors of the number of regional trade networks for the subsequent imposition of the producers of its own purchasing conditions from a position of dominance.

It would seem that what the ordinary consumer to worry about “wars” of the network giants. However, the reasons for it. Withdrawal from the market of many trading networks, especially in regional sites, threatens to lead to the loss of jobs and the strengthening of the monopolies, which will dictate any prices. And no antitrust agencies will not be able to prevent, because in many regions in this case remains actually one the seller.

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