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Thursday, March 15, 2018

The Moscow art theatre adopted Buddhism

To the toy store comes a big, fat, hairy, smelly, huge gorilla. The seller at the sight of her, of course, put in the pants, but she comes over and asks: “you Have a big needle?” The trembling voice: “You why?” And she with expressive pauses: “I’m going to remove the splinter from your big, meaty, huge, elastic… the finger.” This playful anecdote ends of the earth Mat latest premiere — “Dreamworks.Maccabiada” about the supernatural. It played at the opening of the festival “Chereshnevy Les”. From the premiere browser “MK”.

photo: Ekaterina Tsvetkova

In the hall more solid audience — business people, famous artists, the gallery was occupied by the students. In the Director’s box included one of the latest Fedor Bondarchuk, and as it can be seen all over the room, all know why Fedor tanned and lean here: his new girlfriend, a long-legged beauty, but funny on stage, too busy in “Dreams”. And because of her, after the play Bondarchuk behind the scenes will be released unpleasant incident, which showed the star with the best hand. But not about it now speech.

Dreamworks (“the dream Factory”) — the name of the famous American film company that produces films and television programs. Now, the style of mass television product will show up in the game, artists from the second stage. But first… intrigue — first, striking visuals: cold-quite cold and clean-most pure white color coexists with black pitch, like the keys to a pricey piano, and in the design, and the costumes of men and women. The style emphasizes the high purity of the light (Evgeny Vinogradov). Their strange conversation: me without you, you without me, look at me — tell me — talk to me — things like that, but with riddles. However, it appears that the dialogues — the fruit of the inflamed consciousness of men: she — Meryl (all in white) — died three months ago, and he — David (black bottom, white top) is tormented by the loss of his beloved wife. David plays Philip Jankowski, and this is his first main role on the stage of the Moscow art theatre.

If you close your eyes and just listen, first think about his father Oleg Yankovskiy: tone deaf, special manner as if to fillet the words on consonants was passed on to Philip. Asteniceski thin, nervous, as bare wire, is the best candidate for the role of a young widower-intellectual (for the play he is the chief editor of a scientific journal) to think hard. It is also known particularly reverent attitude of the leadership of “Chereshnevy Les” to the memory of Oleg Ivanovich: the festival has created an award in his name. And Jankowski, Jr. in the title role of the premiere of the play by Ivan Vyrypaev, by far the best modern playwright.

His “Dreamworks” stands out sharply from the modern dramatic flow — first idea. It is based on the interest in Buddhism itself Vyrypaev, which in this case was for the author a source of movement to the sky and at the same time the object of irony.

In the apartment of David breaks the group of friends-cocaine, smoke marijuana, but, in General, pretty small, among which there are even Buddhist monks (the only red spot in the costumes), cohabiting with Maximilian, the patron of the Buddhists. To distract a heartbroken friend, they give him the girl, as it turns out, agreed late wife — she’s preparing for death, care of the husband. Elizabeth (Inna Sharecka) will ask the audience for five minutes and in five minutes put the monologue of the modern woman about a man. Women-ideal flying away with echo under a grate voice.

— Men are arranged not so, David! A man should be always concentrated on the Essentials, he knows exactly what he wants. A man cannot be a confession of weakness and cowardice. The man says his weakness and fatigue, because it is always full of energy. But if the strength to leave him, he did not moan or complain, restoring his strength… the Man is always determined. His mind is pure and clear, because it needs to make decisions, and these decisions are clear and verified… the Man was always Packed, the man is always ready… the Man never asks for nothing, he’s always grateful…

And so exactly five minutes, and that says Elizabeth, exhaling after almost becausehe monologue and looked at his watch. Hall praised the skill of the actress with applause. Closer to the finale she will have another, slightly shorter, on the theme “what is love”. With the same impossible-unearthly idea of the real, too didactic and slow, but… the Play by Vyrypaev not smeared, as is now customary in contemporary art, the mud around the stage, giving her a reality, and flowers are planted in the literal and figurative sense of the word. And in this he, together with the Director helped artists Alex and Maria Tregubova — they have created a unique scenery similar to the exotic gardens with black and white flowers plastic, white framework and black pitch, — this, perhaps, needs to grow in Paradise, because too good, or in hell, because he is dead. Or in parallel dimensions that emerge in the text of the play.

And cleverly used all the hoists fancy Mat scene and its black-and-white breathing oscillations with clearly defined positions is sent (that the author wanted to or not is unknown) to Chekhov’s “the Seagull” with talevski monologue about the world of the devil, the world, the cosmos, etc.

And then the lofty transcendence over irony and ridicule in the direction of Buddhism.

Open the door inside me. Put your inner dick in his inner ass… We are the mind, the mind is us, all is infinity, and infinity is all…

Now about acting work. The six friends David Director Ryabovym proposed to exist in the long-running series — they’re all a little unnatural: voice, movement, passion. Sally (Irina Pegova) went from Teddy (Pavel Vorozhtsov) to Frank (Vitaly Kishchenko), whose affair with Betty (Paulina Andreeva). And almost all of the work so precisely that even a slight remark causes laughter. So, this is Sally, believing slonopotam the drawing of her husband, poisoned him in this hell-Paradise dimension. Game Pegawai amazing, and we can talk about the obvious gift of a comic actress known as the lyrical heroine with a heroic texture. In some moments it even reminded me (and not me alone) Olga Aroseva.

The finale will feature the same earth boorish joke about the gorilla, which will remove the community and all return to reality from the strange garden of life-death. Universal duhopodemnoe (a rare visitor to the theatre) behind the scenes to spoil Bondarchuk, which at the actors attacked a staff photographer with the Moscow art theatre, the girl just filmed chronicle of events (who came, what kind of mood), and then: “do Not remove! Get the camera!” Scared of what uncle Fedor and what is currently imagined? About imaginary and authentic two hours was watching, and see, so do not understand anything.

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