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Saturday, September 23, 2017

The man was unable to estimate the attitude of friends

A group of researchers from tel Aviv University and mit, found that in half of the cases the friendship is not mutual. Thus one who sincerely believes the other person your friend often does not realize that his feelings are unrequited.

Experts have questioned 600 students from Israel, USA and other countries, asking them to rate their attachment to some of the people around them and to anticipate how these people will appreciate the respondents.

The degree of friendship with other people the study participants were asked to rate on a five-point scale in which 5 points meant “best friend”. As it turned out, 95 percent of respondents considered their friendly relations with other people is mutual, however in practice the situation was different — half of the cases one of the participants of the study evaluated the “level” of friendship with others is significantly higher than the second with the first.

Analyzing the obtained results, a group of researchers under the leadership of Erez Shmueli came to the conclusion that a person should not rely solely on intuition, trying to guess relevant to your own friends, because the inner voice in this situation are usually wrong. The specialists have figured out that sometimes to predict reciprocity of friendship allow some objective factors — for example, the number of mutual friends and shared social circle in General.

The specialists underline that the importance of mutual friendship, including “practical” should not be underestimated, as it serves as a means of mutual influence and can give a person a more sustainable motivation than monetary reward. In particular, according to scientists, friends, doing sports together, achieve great success in the case if their mutual friendship.

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