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Thursday, March 22, 2018

The first semifinal of “Eurovision” has ended with scandal with Russia, Armenia and Azerbaijan

Judging by the applause in the hall (and there is such an informal method of statistics – the volume of applause), the three obvious favorites of the first semi-final of evrokonkurs, held at the Globe Arena in Stockholm may 10, steel Austria, Russia, Armenia.

In that order and with a fairly visible (or rather audible) behind the last from the first two! For observers all this was even a revelation to some. The rest of the performers were quite interchangeable, but fortune smiled upon the Hungarian Freddie, maltice Ira Losco, the Azerbaijani Sure, the Dutch Dua, Bob, Croatian Nina Kraljic, Gabriel from the Czech Republic and hard group from Cyprus, Minus One.

With all the claims by critics snobishly secondary to the musical song, and scenographic pseudostraminea “Armageddon”, there is little doubt in Sergei Lazarev room You Are The Only One. In the official Twitter of the contest, whose task is not criticando grumble, and positively to configure, even scattered diatribe about “the conquest of this production to new heights on “the Eurovision”.

But the Austrian Zoe Francophone song Loin D’ici (“Far”) for all puppet musical poignancy and elegance of the verses didn’t go to the obvious leaders. In the air, deliberately feminine dress she walked a way and manner on stage Polina Gagarina and made the same as Gagarin’s last year in his native Vienna for Zoe, leap into space audience recognition, which is not predicted by any single forecast.

Gentle personal message of heaven, that is not a place but a state of mind”, the sincerity in which it was impossible not to believe, she touched the hearts of the audience. Plus, of course, absolutely gorgeous and really fashionable music, one that is in trends, not from the chest turned a hundred times the old hits pop dance the beginning of the century. However, the bookies, who very quickly responded, say, to the rehearsal rooms “1944” the participants in the still of the upcoming second semi-final of Jamala, the enthusiastic response of the public Zoe has not made any impression yet – she’s still on the 15th place in the overall views of the final eurology.

But Armenia with Iveta Mukuchyan, expressive and even erotic surging on the stage not that “Wave of Love” (Lovewave), and shaped a tsunami of passion, literally shook their expressive feet and the top five favorites, vypihnuv of there puny Australia with DAMI Im. Now, however, not really understood the true cause excitation at the bookies – whether it’s the performance that was really convincing and good, whether hosted by the singer of the scandalous demarche in the final broadcast.

And Iveta did exactly what was given in the last week alone and there are hot-heads (especially in Russia and Ukraine) due to “clarification of the EMU” on the flags at the competition. When it became clear that now (after the whole scandal with the flag of Kosovo, rebelled Serbia) is allowed only official flags of countries recognized by the UN, those who wanted to wave something else (like the flags of Crimea, DNR and LNR, Northern Cyprus, or the Crimean-Tatar with a Trident, not to mention something else) has fallen into an incredible upset, as if lost the meaning of life and demanded to boycott the competition, which for some reason didn’t want to deprive themselves of “non-political orientation.” While desperate brawled, Iveta sly carried to the platform the flag of Nagorno-Karabakh (from the same list of “banned”), and in the most unexpected moment in the green room all delegations indulged serene joy during the announcement of the results, unfurled the flag of the disputed territory in front of the cameras.

The leadership contest, presumably, drooped jaw. No day without a scandal! Just caught his breath from the antics of Anastasia Stotskaya, disqualifiziert her from the Russian jury for pranks with “Periscope”, and then, you know, a new blow has not kept itself waiting long.

With all the sympathy in the world for Armenia because of the genocide of 1915), it is the Western journalists at a press conference ten lucky winners after the semi-final, Iveta asked the question – why did she do it? – in a tone, barely hiding the irritation. Response of the actress in the official record of the event, of course, was not included, so “MK” leads him fully.

– In truth, I expected this question, – said the singer faces without embarrassment, on the same emotional wave, which you just talked about “luxury competition, thanks to everyone who made it, not forget it to old age”, and continued – You must not forget that I represent my country. She is my heart, my soul, my feelings and emotions. When this contest look 150 million people, my thoughts, of course, from my homeland. And I want to encourage, to inform all – I just wish peace on the borders! That’s why I song his wrote – Lovewave. This is what is happening inside of me. I live in Germany, I’m Armenian, but I am a man of peace, I rose and raised, so I want to have peace and there was love. That is why I raised this flag…

Not to say that journalists fully divided righteous pathos emotional artist, someone applauded someone disapprovingly shook her head. Noisy responsive, of course, the delegation of Azerbaijan. It was necessary for them to face in one semi-final!

When I lead the press conference it came to greetings and questions the Azerbaijani Sure, the question, foreseen by the regulations for the national press, turned into the pathetic speech of the journalist that “the United Nations recognizes the so-called Karabakh an inseparable territory of Azerbaijan, and the European broadcasting Union must now give a principled assessment of the incident to the outrage.”

The presenter didn’t know how to stop the scandal erupted. A long time journalist seated, and when seated, turned to Same: “Maybe you want to say something?”. The poor girl is terrified blinked her eyes half a minute while he collected his thoughts: “Eurovision” dedicated to music, and must remain so!”. The ovation from the audience made it clear that the press with these words, fully agree.

Meanwhile, the EBU, so quickly responded to “trick” Stotsky with the broadcast of the meeting of the Russian jury, has not yet made any statement on the incident with the flag. Perhaps in the morning, the scandal will continue…


As the delegations of Armenia and Azerbaijan were sitting on opposite sides of a long table with ten finalists, between figuring out their relationship in the beginning and at the end of the press conference of juicy rainbow smear wedged Russia with Sergey Lazarev, Philip Kirkorov and the traditional question about the fate of gays in Russia, without which no cost, no Eurovision ever since, even as former mayor Luzhkov decided to disperse funny gay pride parades, not to mention the later “milanowski” times with their anti-gay I was going to write, not only rebelled, but pretty tolerant European scare the audience and put a fundamental question about the possibility to go to Russia for the competition, which officially declares its commitment to the principles of freedom, equality, dignity, human diversity and intolerance of discrimination”.

This time the question was called, as luck would have it, ask the journalist in a pink blouse. A man threw a baleful look. “Pink blouse” was given a microphone. “Ukrainian channel “24”, ” said the young journalist. Neither his question nor the answer Lazarev is also not included in the official record of the event, so you have the “MK” and to fill this gap.

– You are one of the favorites of the competition, and it is not excluded that Eurovision will return to Moscow next year, ” said the journalist with a statement of the obvious and then turned the story back on track – the majority of the audience of “Eurovision” afraid to go to Russia because of your anti-gay laws and rising homophobia in the country. What do you say to that?

Well, I could say to that, Mr. Lazarev? I am gay and agree with you? Only in a nightmare such a response he would have. And all he could say, he already said in the string of interviews that distributes here every day left and right. Like, a lot of speculation and rumors, the law did not read, but “gay life in Russia is.” On this “news” journalists sarcastically giggled, because gay life is, of course, in Iran and in North Korea, just as man was created… And Serezha already carried: “In all cities there are gay clubs, you can even Google it. and see how many of them!”.

I do not know, googled it on his advice the journalists something, but it better not be googled. And then Serezha will be uncomfortable… Especially about the “all cities”. Next, our favorite stated that “if “Eurovision” will come to Russia, it will greatly help the gay community”. Journalists immediately remembered that Eurovision has once visited Russia, and from then all fell on the head of Milon?

Sergey finished his speech already just with the stroke of a pen poster:

– I certainly can’t predict the future, whether Russia will win again, I only pray for it, like all Russians. Everyone in Russia love Eurovision, we want to take it! And we will do our best. You will feel safe in our country. If we do something, we do it perfectly!..

Every word is a pearl, especially about “praying the Russians”, which, I remember, more recently, when there was a woman with a beard, publicly prayed that “this Cup of Satan’s hell had passed Holy Russia”.

A fat point in a commercial about how happy life is for gays in Russia, Kirkorov has put the famous phrase of Mr. Mutko: “We promised you from bottom of our hearts!” (“Promise you from the depths of his heart!). And then it all rolled on the floor. We are of the allusion with the Minister of sports, the Western press – from funny words bottom, which among other things means one of the positions in sex. Who wants to know what can…Google it.

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