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Sunday, February 18, 2018

The crisis has affected the country house: electricity too expensive

The Western Moscow region is traditionally considered the most prestigious. But the Eastern usually are cheaper than ever. Well, not exactly nowhere, but compared to other, unaffordable for the common buyers.

photo: Mikhail Kovalev

Meanwhile, according to analysts Inkom-real Estate “respectable” Mozhaisk highway during the year lost in the price of 46%, while the “disadvantaged” Gorky went up by 18%. On request “MK” analysts have traced how a year has changed the average cost of various proposals on the highway of the Moscow region, and identified several unexpected trends.

As we have said, a curious situation has developed on the Gorky highway. “The Eastern direction is the cheapest in relation to both the urban and suburban real estate. This leads to the growth of affordable housing and subsequently to the development of infrastructure, experts say. — These factors, in turn, fuels consumer demand and cause a rise of prices. If we compare the figures of the first quarter of 2016 with the period last year, the average cost of a country object on the Gorky highway increased by 18.5% and amounted to 2.7 million rubles. Much the same can be seen in the Shchelkovo highway, located North of the: the average bid price increased by 13.5% to 3.7 million RUB”.

In the Western areas of expected growth shows Rublevo-Uspenskoe highway. During the year the average value of property in this area has increased by 8.8% (RUB 42.5 million). To confirm this trend and neighbouring, smaller Ilinskoe highway, where the offer price has increased even greater by 15.9% to 23.4 mln RUB.).

According to experts, the downward trend in average prices of objects on Mozhayskoe highway is due, firstly, the gradual saturation of consumer demand, and secondly, the difficult traffic situation in the area. Mozhayskoe highway is a relatively narrow two-lane road, which is about ten railway crossings. In turn, toll highway “Northern bypass Odintsov,” built to relieve traffic, became the most expensive in Europe, and rates on it continue to grow. In the end, the average price quotation on the Mozhaisk highway during the year fell by 46.2% and is 2.1 million rubles.

In the South-East directions — in particular, Kashirskoe and Novoryazanskoe highway offers too much, and buyers — not so much. And this despite the fact that the Novoryazanskoe highway is famous for cheap formats construction. In the result, the average price of houses on Kashirsky highway has decreased by 21.7% (to 3.6 million rubles), and the Novoryazanskoye by 19% (to 1.7 million rubles.).

People refuse to buy prestigious homes including due to the high operating costs, experts say. — Agree to pay in month 8 or 28 thousand rubles for heat and electricity — the difference is significant. Not even for the poorest people.

But cost reduction however has not affected the popularity of the area. “On Novorizhskoye highway and nearby apartments costing less than 3 million rubles is only 12% of the supply, and the home and garden is just 9%. In the East region (for example, on the Novoryazanskoe highway) to find the real estate economy segment much easier. Apartments costing up to 3 million rubles is 30% of the market, and cheap suburban real estate price to 3 million roubles, 51% of the market. 3% of the apartments sold on the new Riga direction, there are more than 15 million rubles — in other areas they are only 0% to 1%. Rural property more than 15 million rubles is on Novorizhskoye direction 67% of the market. At the same time, Novorizhskoe highway suburban property-level business class (more than 15 million rubles) only 11%, on the Kashira highway — 15%, and on the Dmitrov — 25%. The largest number of affordable apartments were in the South region — Kashirskoe highway and surrounding areas: here, the share of apartments costing up to 3 million rubles – 38%. This is more than in the East region, however, cheap suburban real estate — homes and cottages — there is less: 41% in the South versus 51% in the East,” leads data lead analyst CYANOGEN Alexander Pypin.

— Changes in consumer preferences no, ” says Director of suburban real estate PENNY LANE REALTY Sergey Kolosnitsyn. — Immediately say, that considering only the segment of houses and townhouses (low-rise buildings and apartment buildings is not considered). With regard to the increase of cost for the East — it is rather affected by the release of new projects, which practically were not on the Western slopes. All these projects are in the economy class segment and priced in rubles. Therefore, the appearance of multiple projects with prices higher by 1-2 million rubles, than in less successful and cheap the villages, leads to the average increase of cost by 20%.

At the Minsk (Mozhaisk direction) from the primary market can be identified such settlements as “Deauville” and “Trouville”, which only increased in price. At the same time in many villages of the secondary market (“Gribovo”, “Coniferous”, “Forest stream”, “Capital”, “Club 20-71”, “Moscow writer”) prices are in rubles per year has not changed. “But here, as in other areas (Novorizhskoye, Kiev, Kaluga, Pyatnitskoye, Dmitrovskoye highway) leaves a lot of new budget projects that reduce the cost of overall direction. This is due to the saturation of the luxury market in these areas, as well as the fact that three years ago, projects the economy almost was not. Now the developers are invested in mass building. The only route where this is not happening and will not happen — Rublevo-Uspenskoe shosse”, — says Sergey Kolosnitsyn.

But as, according to the expert CENTURY 21 Panorama Realty Konstantin Lamin, looks cut prices in some areas of Moscow region.

Novoryazanskoye highway, the average price of economy class apartments is 3420 thousand rubles per square meter — thousands 58. Apartments business class are 9500-10000 thousand rubles., with an average cost per square meter 120 thousand.

Novorizhskoe highway: the average cost of economy-class apartments — 4420 RUB., the average cost per square meter — 70 thousand Apartments business class are 7000-9000 RUB thousand, with an average cost per square meter 92 thousand rubles.

Pyatnitskoe shosse: the average price of economy class apartments — 7500 RUB., the average cost per square meter — 100-110 thousand Apartments business class are 11400 thousand rubles., with an average cost per square meter 133 thousand.

— With regard to price growth in the district Gorky highway is directly connected with the crisis situation: historically, Gorky highway wasn’t a prestigious district, and mainly deals in real estate have been in economy class. Now a greater percentage of transactions takes place in that segment. Thus and increased demand. I can not agree with the figures on Rublev and Elias highway: rising prices stems from the fact that prices moved in the ruble equivalent, however, if we look at the cost in dollar terms, then the obvious will be the downfall of prices. And I would like to note that often these are different, the information about declared value and the actual apartments often do not coincide, concludes Konstantin Lamin.

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