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Monday, March 19, 2018

The Chinese were hardly able to insult Elizabeth II

With the filing of the London press became aware of the incident that took place during the visit of the leader XI Jinping to London last fall. The publication States: Queen Elizabeth II complained about “extremely rude” behavior of Chinese officials. Although relations between the two countries, there were cases of rudeness, the current incident seems extremely implausible.

In British-Chinese relations, which have reached a new level after last year’s visit to London of President XI Jinping, there was a scandal associated with this visit.

“As a rule, the Chinese lead the conversation at any level very slowly and carefully”

“Golden era” of relations between great Britain and China, seem to lose some of its luster after the Queen called Chinese officials “very rude” to the British Ambassador during the first official visit of the President XI Jinping in Britain”, – said on Wednesday, London’s The Guardian.

The publication reports that this became known accidentally, thanks to a fresh Protocol video.


On the eve of the official operator of the Elizabeth II Queen filmed a meeting with the head of the London police Lucy D’orsi in the garden of Buckingham Palace. When the monarch was represented by D’orsi, she explained that the commander in 2015, led a group of security during XI Jinping’s visit.

“Oh, no luck,” commented Elizabeth II duty D’orsi, writes The Guardian. “They were very rude to the Ambassador,” explained the Queen, referring to Barbara Woodward, the UK Ambassador to China.

In turn, the D’orsi has complained that for her XI Jinping’s visit was “a very severe test.” According to her, in a moment of Chinese politics “took off” from her and from the British Ambassador, stating that “the visit is over.”

“Unbelievable,” commented the Queen. “It’s very rude and undiplomatic” – said D’orsi.

As explained by bi-Bi-si, during the conversation the Queen probably didn’t notice the camera. It is curious that the day before was the same incident, British Prime Minister David Cameron in conversation with the Queen, not knowing that the microphone is included, called Nigeria and Afghanistan are the most corrupt countries in the world, which also caused an international scandal.

Media noted that the disclosure of the opinion of London on undiplomatic the Chinese guests clearly will not help the development of relations between great Britain and China, which were to get a new impetus after the visit of XI Jinping.

“Trembling, obey”

Historians recalled the first incident in British-Chinese relations. In 1793 the English government, China has sent a special mission headed by Lord George Macartney. The government of the Chinese Emperor said that considering the guests on a par with envoys of vassals of China (which have the right to stay in Beijing only temporarily).

Beijing officials have strengthened the English arrived on the ships of flags with the inscription “tribute of the English Media of the country,” and the Emperor Qianlong was Macartney presented “the decree” which he had to send to king George III. The letter indicated including the following: “Great feats of our dynasty have infiltrated all the countries of the middle Kingdom, and the rulers of all the Nations of the land and seas send their most precious gifts. As your Ambassador can see, we have everything. I don’t give prices or cleverly done strange things and don’t need the goods of your country… Trembling, obey and show no negligence”.

The Chinese side, in turn, might recall the more serious manifestations of “incivility” on the part of Britain, starting with the first opium war of 1839-1842, he years. The reason for the wars was that the Imperial Commissioner in Guangzhou demanded that the British and Americans to surrender all the opium and to stop ignoring Chinese laws. Then the Emperor Magnin supported the measure, after which the United Kingdom and the East India company declared war on China.

However, the current “rude” incident, from the point of view of experts, it looks strange, especially considering the traditional rules of Chinese etiquette.

“The Chinese are unable to separate important issues from unimportant”

The Deputy head of the Center for economic and social research China, senior research fellow, Institute for Far Eastern studies, an expert on China, has worked a long time in this country, Pavel Kamennov questioned the veracity of the message about the rudeness of Chinese diplomats.

“The Chinese like no one is sensitive to questions of etiquette, – the expert said in an interview with the newspaper LOOK. They always very skillfully distinguish the main issues from secondary. When they are talking to someone senior in position or age, this is always reflected in the manner of the conversation. So that says the Queen of England, just incredible. The Chinese are very considerate, they clearly give account for every word and gesture. Moreover, they are very carefully listen to his counterpart,” said sinologist.

“As a rule, the Chinese lead the conversation at any level very slowly and carefully. However, I give the experience, which was circulated among the Chinese forty years ago. Perhaps now, with the acceleration of globalization processes, there occurs some change in the behavior of the Chinese, but that’s another question. The attitude of the Chinese towards the barbarians” was common hundreds of years ago, today it is irrelevant. A special place here can take Japan and the Japanese. But it’s a completely different question. Today the Chinese are negotiating with the full compliance of diplomatic etiquette and Protocol”, – said the expert on China.

The interviewee said that Beijing is trying to build good relations with all countries of the world, maybe except Japan. “See no political preconditions, China leaders made some demarches in relation to the management of the UK. They have with them good relations. Take even the relations between China and Japan. They are very heavy, even hostile, but the volume of trade between Beijing and Tokyo in 2014 exceeded the level of 310 billion USD. What does this mean? That the Chinese are unable to separate important issues from unimportant”, – summed up Kamenov.

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