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Tuesday, March 13, 2018

The Cannes festival opens today with woody Allen film about the maiden choice

Today opened the 69th Cannes film festival (the ceremony will be held in the evening — watch for our reports). The main person in this day with the opening film was the master of American cinema 80-year-old woody Allen. His painting “Café Society” we have not once referred to as “the Beautiful people”, the “high life”. Fantasy distributors knows no bounds.

photo: youtube.com

A scene from the movie “Café Society”

Allen loves to be in Cannes. He has been coming here for many years to present their films, but not fundamentally enters into the struggle for the “Palme d’or”. And explains: “I do Not believe in competition in this area. In sport, please, you can put on an athlete who will come running faster. But what about movies? It’s a matter of taste. It seems to me that my paintings not everyone may like, and I lose”.

A festival of woody Allen appreciates for the special atmosphere and not only: “the Opportunity to fly to France and spend a couple of days in Paris itself is beautiful. I always look forward to this moment. It is a pleasure to stroll along the Croisette, to meet people whom I know many years, to talk about the movie. My wife loves the South of France, and this is another reason to come here.

Sad that in a day too little time, and impossible to watch interesting movies. I can’t stay long at the festival, in view of the upcoming filming in new York, and need to go home now.”

In the woody Allen film, a young girl faces a choice: a young rich playboy or a poor romantic poet. The Director himself believes that “love is something uncontrollable, and it always has been, since the creation of the world”. The main hero, he sees his own traits: “This Bobby – tatty. If not for the age, and I’m 80, I’d have played this role.

Generally I’m happy shooting what I want, because the budget of my films is not great. I really wanted to talk about the Hollywood 30 – h years. At that time girls were especially beautiful. But now everything has changed. But Kristen Stewart reminds me of the former type of beauty, those fresh and young girls who dream of a movie, eager to do it and in result become a waitress”.

On the question of how to spend the last remaining day, woody Allen calmly replied: “I would have spent it as usual. It is important that it was a pleasant day without grief, with a delicious dinner. I’d watch baseball or basketball on TV, then went to bed, wishing the family good night, never to Wake up.”

On the first day of the Cannes film festival came and producer Alexander Rodnyansky, who was invited to the jury of the contest “Golden camera”. For several years, he headed the main national Russian festival “Kinotavr”, which focuses on the young and the debut movie. And the “Golden camera” in Cannes awarded just debutants.

– How were you invited to Cannes?

– I received an official letter. Previously, in February, at the opening of the Berlin film festival met the Director of the Cannes film festival Thierry Fremaux, who said this: “We were talking about you”. And that’s all. On this the conversation ended. I don’t even know what and for what reason said. And three months later received an invitation to join the jury of the contest “Golden camera”.

– This jury – has its own specifics. You have not one tender to touch, and the debuts of several programs…

– I am very glad I was in the jury of the “Golden camera”. We view the order of 23 debut films – young or not so young Directors, bearing in mind their biological age. In any case, they are young in the sense of a cinematic career. To see their work insanely curious. In General, I would say, it’s interesting to me personally, including their own projects for the near future. In the Grand jury of the Cannes producers and critics, as a rule, are not invited. But in competitions the cinéfondation, “Special look” and “Golden camera” they are.

– About you on the website of the festival written by: guest Director from Russia.

– Yes, because the jury “the Gold chamber” is formed according to the regulations. It has a representative nominated by the Guild of French Directors and a member of the Guild of French kinopropagandy, and so on. Therefore, in our jury – four of the Frenchman.

– A solid item?

– It turns out that way, because all the jury members are nominated by various French organizations, virtually trade unions. But the festival management may invite only one guest.

And I chose you. You are so enthusiastic about recently as a producer that many do not even know that you are beautiful documentary filmmaker. And Cannes was reminded of that.

– At the Cannes film festival always emphasize that it is the festival of authors. And the producers, with all due respect to them, are not the main person here. For this, there are other activities. We can only blindly follow this installation.

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