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Thursday, March 22, 2018

Secret confidante Putin: “For the hand holding, but no kissing”

The identity of an elderly woman, satasiya on the podium of the parade in honor of Victory Day on 9 may with President Vladimir Putin, has interested many. We found that the 92-year-old Ekaterina Tsvetkova is a veteran of the intelligence services. Throughout the war she served on the black sea fleet. And with the future President, she worked in Germany, and her closest friend was private Secretary to Putin. Ekaterina Tsvetkova has told us about her biography.

Photo: government.ru

– Catherine A., may 9, You a few seen next to the President. Moreover, you all the time about something, whispering. Have you known him long?

– We are from the same “flock”. He once worked in our service. He was in Germany, and me. Generally in Berlin for almost 4 years I was. But we work with Putin do not overlap. Then his Secretary was my friend Valentina, whom Putin always praised, saying that if she made a report, then recheck never need. Valentina, by the way, alive but very bad, out of the house never goes anywhere…

And the Parade, by the way, I got thanks to no exploration, and his sailors.

– How exactly?

– I the war he served in the Navy, so the defense sent me an invitation. Opened the envelope, and there indicate the number of podium — 1. Maybe it’s a coincidence. Maybe the Protocol service of the President so decided. Don’t know, honestly. Here we were sitting side by side — the I, Putin, Medvedev. But I talked on the podium only with Putin.

He congratulated, hugged, kissed?

– Congratulated, hands held, but somehow didn’t.

– So what did you talk to him?

“Oh, about the service. I told him of the scouts make good presidents. This is not flattery, I really do.

It was important for me to invite him in our veterans ‘ organization. He promised to look in on us sometime.

At the Banquet in St. George’s hall in honor of Victory Day I was with him at the table. Between us, however, Kadyrov sat. But still we were able to communicate. Generally we meet with him quite often. Where? I will not say.

– You are in a war were just a girl?

18. And now remember the day when war was declared. We all gathered in the town square (I’m originally from the city of Sengilei Ulyanovsk region). And after quietly went home. And in two or three hours all without saying a word, went to the recruiting office. It was a warm day. That’s the way it is now, but people just in case, took the jacket, put in a bag of winter clothes. Who had the rifles, took them with him.

I remember one man leaned against a monument to Lenin… he was nothing but spears (with her went the bear, the hay was lifted). How many years have passed, I can not forget. The Commissar didn’t know what to all of us to do who can take, who is not. In the end, I did not take for some reason. And then there was a good harvest, we were sent to the farm. And only in may 1942, the summons, and I went to war.

– Where did you get the nickname — Chapaev?

– We with the girlfriend from his youth he loved this movie. How many times it twisted we have, many times and went. Ten times, no less. That’s me all the local came to be called Chapaev. And it Furmanov. And when we went to the war, each other, wrote letters, and so I subscribed. She writes me now! In the last letter beginning with the words: “my Dear comrade Chapaev!” And signed “Your faithful friend Furmanov. She said she now became deaf, and so I didn’t call her, namely the letters were sent. Read something else she can…

– You were in the Navy?

– Yes. I still think the red Navy. Remember when we went to Sevastopol, as made friends with all… One said to me: “Katya, take my suitcase, then I’ll find you and take it.” I told him: “Sashi, well, why would I want to lug two suitcases on the war? And where you gonna find me?”. But all the same took. And he was killed in front — a Suitcase left in me…

– That is you, sailor?

– You could say! Sailors are always fun live. And it is good fun and bad fun. Only one day everyone was not fun. We sat at the table in Novorossiysk. And here has come to look real “chelkash” overgrown with cap in hand. And not said, and bellowed: “All passed!” All left for Breakfast and went at the corners with such persons… Great grief happened. It turned out he meant that the Germans surrendered Sevastopol. But for sailors, this city was the main value, it is for them as the pinnacle of everything! The port, as many convenient bays…

And I don’t understand why so glum, was sure well passed now, release later! I graduated from the military-political courses, and was on the black sea fleet who have — from projectionist to nurse.

– Projectionist?!

– Yes! Twisted movies wounded, who was in the hospital near Batumi. The projectionist booth I had. But so tiny… Reel of films I’m in town took a report. Once burned an entire reel with the film “Volga-Volga” (it caught fire in my hands), along with the entire box. Sitting, crying. The officer sat down on the floor, said, “don’t worry, it happens. We’ll figure something out”. I’ve always been lucky in the war with good people. And by the way, I met and became friends there with many interesting personalities. Here, for example, with Arkady Raikin.

– He came on tour?

– No, he was treated at the hospital. I was the matron. He lay in the ward, where the sick with pneumonia. I walked up to the nurse, complained: “Commander ward took a civilian!”. I say: “Now I will dismiss him.’ Open the door, and he looks at me with sad eyes (rybinskie eyes once needed to see to never forget) and said: “Katya, do not expose me.” Me if no one called Katya. In General, we left it. He was treated for a long time. We became friends, he used to read to me even. Then after the war, met by chance in Kislovodsk. I just walked through the rose Valley and see a familiar face. And he recognized me, smiled and took off his hat.

– You are in a war, goes, treated the wounded?

– No, even then I didn’t have medical education. I was something of a caretaker at one time. I was trusted more than himself, considered. I’m not able to steal, or not fair share. Because I was handing out rations (who did not smoke, that chocolate or sweets), medicines, clothing, blankets, etc.

– What do you remember most during all these difficult years?

– Two cases. One terrible, second funny. To the coast near Batumi approached the ship on which was an inscription in Turkish (but I think it was a Nazi ship. The people on Board specifically started to pour fuel oil into the sea and ignited. Everything was in flames! Sea burn so that the fire perkinsa on the coastline, on the kiosks. I was afraid that the hospital will take all the wounded will burn alive.

A second case was in Simferopol. I’m a former school building, at the top was a paint to write “naval hospital No. 46. Beautifully written, but with an error — without a soft sign. All began to be indignant supposedly that of ignorance. Mess, put on some wild. And I burst with laughter: “Who should climb up on the roof and soft pririsuyte this is your sign!” And once the tension is gone. Everyone began to laugh. And that inscription until the last moment at the school and remained its only recently whitewash smeared.

– You returned from the war in 1945?

– Yes, because six months after graduation, continued to serve in the hospital of Sevastopol. The wounded-and there were! Then I broke down, asked to go home. Came back on foot. On the way met one of the military, decided to go together, so not boring. And a fierce winter, snow knee-deep. Come on, I feel like I’ll frost down here. And saw that ride sleds, rushed to stop them. The horse whinnied, but the charioteer cried out: “Help! Rob!” Probably, we had a kind of a frightening. I have a lesson pounced: “People demobilized from the war are on the snow shoes on, and you can’t stop and need a ride?!” In the sleigh was the Chairman of the collective farm, we watered, fed, and in the morning gave the boots and the horse gave where home. So I arrived in the City 5 Dec 1945.

– And when the exploration went?

– Oh, this is after graduating from medical school was. I learned at the dentist. But I was fighting and, again, why I believed everything. Considered the crystal fair. So what was entrusted to lead closed medical units. They are classified, so don’t ask. And then I married a scout, were business trips, which also will not say anything. I can only say that I was in our service the best doctor. Now false teeth make of technology that I’m from abroad long ago brought.

– Putin the teeth treated?

– No. Him personally, no. He’s not treated. But others, not less remarkable patients I’ve had. Put them to such fonts and the artificial teeth were doing that no one can distinguish from the real thing could not. But when I was chief of the medical unit, had to engage in the role of physician, and even surgeon (the case of the operation itself), because there was no professionals. But you and I have so much uttered. Now I’m always busy. I conduct Lessons of courage in schools of Moscow, decide all kinds of controversial issues.

– For example?

– Well, the last time I dealt with a Parking lot near the school that children interfere. In General, I paint paintings. At home I have 60 paintings. Many of my favorite Volga river overflowed. And wild cherry.

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