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Monday, March 19, 2018

Sanders, Clinton wins in West Virginia

While the Russians celebrate the Victory over Nazi fascism, the Americans continued to fight among themselves in the primaries. So, on Tuesday, may 10, was held primaries in both parties in the state of West Virginia and Republican — and even in Nebraska.

photo: Alexander Astafyev

Let me remind you what you have candidates of both parties, by 10 may. Start with the Democrats. Protege of the establishment, Hillary Clinton already had votes 2224 delegates. The figure is very impressive. Before the nomination, she remained quite a bit — just 159 votes. Bernie Sanders, Senator from Vermont and the idol of young people, looked less stable: only 1448 delegates. The difference is striking. But do not forget that the number of Clinton votes 2224 516 are the so-called “superdelegates”, that is held at the Congress without elections. It’s the legislators and party leadership. Sanders is clearly not enough per se — 41 of 1448.

If we throw “super”, then the number of delegates moving closer: Clinton 1708, Sanders — 1407. Nevertheless, the difference is more than noticeable. In hopes that the Senator? First, he continues to fight, pushing Clinton to the left. (So Clinton came close to the position of Sanders in the field of Medicare insurance on health care). Secondly, Sanders has more chances to win trump than Clinton. Using this he called Clinton’s “super-delegates” to switch sides. Speaking in Oregon, Sanders said, “If you pay attention to national issues of the last month, according to them, Bernie Sanders wins Donald trump with a big advantage”.

What has brought this situation to win Sanders in West Virginia? Almost nothing except the fact of victory. The fact that the votes the Democrats are divided proportionally obtained in the primary interest. So now Sanders 1463 votes, and Clinton — 2234. But the victory gives Sanders a moral right to continue the duel with Hillary and a theoretical chance to overtake her.

Now let’s see what happens in the Republican camp. And in Nebraska, and West Virginia, of course, won the trump. Why “naturally”? Yes, because his rivals — Senator Cruz and Governor Kasic withdrew before the 10th of may, realizing the hopelessness of their chances of winning. But technically Donald trump is now 1110 votes. Until the last primaries they were 1083. Cruz and Kasich got zero. (The Republicans, the rule “winner takes all”). So the coveted 1237 votes trump needs 118.

But it’s not even a formality. Trump has already received the name of “presumptive nominee”. His major battles are fought not in the primaries, but in Washington — the nest of the Republican establishment.

On Thursday, trump meets his main enemy (not opponent) speaker Paul Ryan who, according to tradition, must preside at the Congress of “Grand old party”. Ryan refuses to support the trump (in the sense to recognize his candidacy). He even says that he is ready to abandon the presidency at the Congress.

Ryan is not alone. Back to the Trump turned two former-President — father and son bushes. Presidential candidate in 2012, Romney and some other Republican bigwigs adopted a similar position. Another ex-presidential candidate Senator McCain said that he would support a trump only if he will apologize to the veterans of the Vietnam war, held captive by the enemy, like himself.

But the thing that trump is looking for from the Republican establishment, is not recognized, and money, lots of money, to conduct presidential campaign against Hillary Clinton (as he expects). Needs average a huge amount somewhere in the neighborhood of $1.5 billion Although trump and billionaire, put on the barrel the same amount he does not want and can not.

Chairman of the National Committee of the Republican party Pribus sided with trump. And that’s important in terms of raising money for a crucial presidential campaign. There is not much time. In July will be held the congresses of both parties, and in November the elections themselves.

And yet. To the most recent times, the media wrote that Clinton, joking, upset trump. But the last days show that there is a hot battle that trump quite make up for his misogyny support the white, uneducated male population of America. He is ready for anything. All ready for Hillary Clinton? Just the other day trump called Hillary “an accomplice” of his wife in his amorous Affairs. How this will affect women voters, God knows, and I dare Hillary to touch upon such a subject as the triple marriage of Donald trump?

One thing is certain: the upcoming US presidential election will be of great interest not only among politicians but also among fans of “fried”.

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