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Sunday, March 25, 2018

Rosturizm tries to cover the “Belarusian path” in Egypt

Despite the ban on the sale of tours to Turkey and the recommendation not to fly to Egypt, some citizens of Russia have the possibility to visit these countries. It can be done, in particular, through neighboring States, such as Belarus. However, the travel agencies, who are trying to do, can be a big problem.

The head of the Federal tourism Agency Oleg Safonov said Wednesday that the Agency periodically, identifies companies that are trying to send tourists to Turkey and Egypt through a third country.

“Tourists can travel via third countries in an individual order”

“The Federal tourism Agency organized the work on the analysis and monitoring of the situation from the point of view of trying whether the tour operators through third countries to send our tourists in Egypt and Turkey. We periodically identify these companies and we believe this is unacceptable”, – quotes the Minister “Interfax”. The head of the Federal tourism Agency said that the data about the companies-offenders the Department reports to the interior Ministry and the Federal service.

“We started very hard to test the performance of the agencies of the ban on the sale of tours to Turkey in December and discovered some peculiarities in the rendering of this service. It turned out that can be very inexpensive access to the capital of a neighboring friendly country and fly from there to Turkey,” – said the head of Rospotrebnadzor Anna Popova TASS.

According to her, count how many times thus had violated the ban, it is quite difficult, and few travel agents could sell the product of one of the tour operator. Firms-violators are penalized.

“You can’t promote a tour that is forbidden”, – said Popov and complained that the Russians are buying these tours, don’t want to take care of your health. “After all, it’s a big risk, not just banned. There is always something explodes, and it is obvious that today is not the end. When these risks are minimized so that trips will be safe, then, of course, but not today,” she said.

At the same time, the Association of tour operators of Russia the newspaper LOOK reported that don’t have data about how a Russian company could carry tourists through Belarus or other countries in circumvention of the ban.


Features Minsk is not so great to speak about mass character of such cases, – said the newspaper VIEW Chairman of the “Club protection of tourists ‘rights”. – Such cases can be from tour operators, which have the Belarusian branches. It is not necessary to speak about Belarus, one because it focused more on the Western part of Russia. From the Urals or Siberia through Belarus, no one will not go to rest. There certainly used the resources of Kazakhstan, it just might escape the attention of the Federal tourism Agency. In my opinion, the channel of the republics of the CIS is used and mainly residents of border areas”.

“Belarus and so exploits the system of sanctions, and we see that she uses and the option associated with outbound tourism. With regard to violations of the law, if Russian operators sell tours even with departures through Belarus, it is against the decree of the President. If the tour operators believe that the fines that they put up small, they will continue these sales,” he said.

Another option, he said, is the sale of tours to Egypt as part of combined tours – travel to Israel, holiday in a few days there, and then Egypt.

Bobylev said that we must distinguish between the situation with Turkey and Egypt: “If in Turkey we have prohibited the formation of a tourist product for Egypt we have given the recommendation to refrain from selling, and it’s different things. If citizens come to Egypt via Belarus or Israel is a little different. And tour operators that attempt to circumvent the ban on the sale of tours to Turkey, to try the strength of the state can face severe consequences. Now there are attempts to accuse the major tour operators in violation of the prohibition on Turkey, but, as far as I know, they don’t do that”.

“Most are engaged in the travel Agency: they seek out tours in Belarus or Kazakhstan and are trying to offer their tourists. Because the situation on the market of travel agencies now is very complicated, there are no customers, travel agents everywhere are closed, and when it comes to people with the desire to rest in Egypt, travel agents to survive, seek out such methods. There is nothing difficult to buy a product from Belarusian, Kazakh, Armenian, Georgian tour operator and fly through those States. Tour operators with Turkey in these games do not play, I know this for sure. Attempts were, the issues were discussed, but so massive it’s not got too serious consequences,” – said the expert.

“People complained of very aggressive attitude”

“We called the hotline with a complaint – said the newspaper LOOK member of the Public chamber Elena sutormina. – I think now is to check travel agencies because you can’t do that! No wonder that we were closed areas and prohibited the sale of tours. Tour operators should understand that they are not just selling a product, and they are responsible for the safety of tourists!” According the Storming, however, this is not a mass phenomenon.

“Tourists can go through third countries individually: no one stops to take a flight to Minsk or to another capital city and fly from there. But I urge to think about security,” she said.

Prepared in advance

The ability to transport tourists closed by the Russian authorities to destinations in third countries was provided as early in the fall. In November, the Federal tourism Agency held a meeting at which were all the major tour operators. They said that tourists are unable to travel to Egypt either directly or through third countries. “Having received information about the sale of tours to Egypt, we will take action against such operators. Including address in law enforcement agencies,” warned the head of the Federal tourism Agency Oleg Safonov.

At the same time the newspaper “Kommersant” reported that many Russian tourists continue to fly to Egypt via Belarus, and predicted potential growth of the Belarusian tourist market to 30%. Later the Belarusian media noted that the forecasts did not come true, including the fact that the local tour operators services cost at least 30% more expensive than the Russian.

Last week representatives of the Belarusian company “Time Voyage” is a partner of Russian tour operator “TEZ Tour” – told “Izvestia” that before the New year, they received a notice from the border guard service that Russian tourists do not have residence permit in Belarus, in Egypt is not released. Another Belarusian company “Galar-Expo, announced that since the cessation of flights between Russia and Egypt, some Russian citizens are unable to depart from Belarus in this Arab country. According to them, the tour operator was also given advice not to book the tours in Egypt.


Meanwhile, Vice-President of the Association of tour operators of Russia Dmitry Gorin said Wednesday that while the cost of tours in an away direction remained the same as last year, and early booking tour operators traditionally offer their clients discounts of up to 20 percent. According to him, people have adapted to the difficult situation on the tourist market. “So those Russians who are this year planned to go on a summer holiday abroad, do not refuse to travel to foreign resorts,” – said Gorin.

“European travel market this year have shifted,” he said. – The inhabitants of the Old world began to prefer budget holiday resorts of Greece, Cyprus and Bulgaria. The Russians these areas will also be in high demand because of the restrictions on flights to Egypt and Turkey. Consequently, the competition between Russians and Europeans for a holiday on Greek resorts this year will be tough,” said Gorin.

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