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Saturday, October 22, 2016

Navalny announced the upcoming attorney General’s office against it new criminal case

Alexei Navalny on the website announced the upcoming against it new criminal case. According to him, the material collects the Prosecutor General’s office.

photo: Dmitry Katerinov

Navalny claims that its Deputy head Alexander Buksman send on large companies that were the focus of anti-corruption the Bulk of the investigation, a letter in which asks to provide information on possible illegal actions of A. A. Navalny”.

At the same Buksman insists that data be provided as quickly as possible “due to the limited period of examination”.

In particular, according to Navalny, we are talking about Transneft, Gazprom, VTB and other organizations.

Bulk this results in a recorded conversation allegedly the employee of the anti-corruption Department of the Prosecutor’s office with the representative of one company, where it is reported that the test caused by the secret and, in particular, the fact that Navalny is trying to “destabilize the economy of Russia” and to seize controlling stakes in some of the largest firms.

Read about the lawsuit Bulk to the RTR.

Response to letters asking about the incriminating evidence in respect of the policy it is proposed to send only by courier, without resorting to the mail.

The oppositionist considers that the activity of the Supervisory authority associated with the claim in the ECHR, in which case Kirovles and Yves Rocher can be considered fraudulent and, therefore, the Bulk will go to the presidential elections in 2018. Therefore, he suggests, and will require a new criminal case.

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