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Saturday, October 22, 2016

Named the most sleepy and most vigorous nation in the world

The average duration of human sleep may depend on their gender and country of residence. To such conclusion the group of scientists from the University of Michigan, who published their study in the journal Science Advances.

photo: pixabay.com

The specialists studied the information on the duration of sleep of many people, collected in various countries on condition of anonymity. As it turned out, in different States, the average time that a person devotes to sleep, quite significantly different. Among the 100 countries of the citizens who were interviewed by the researchers, the highest average sleep duration was in the Netherlands, where it was 8 hours and 12 minutes. The least “sleepy” were residents of Singapore and Japan — in these countries the average duration of sleep was less than 7.5 hours, reports gizmodo.com.

The researchers also found that women who participated in the survey, on average, slept for half an hour longer than men. The possible reason that scientists call the fact that men more often work from early morning till late at night. In favor of this assumption says, in particular, that after sixty years the distinction between “male” and “female” were smoothed by sleep. Experts also noted that with age, both sexes start to go to bed early.

During their study, researchers have found that sleep helps people to natural light. To sleep plenty of people often don’t give the late work, scheduled for the evening of entertainment and, paradoxically, an internal biological clock that is often “awake” person at a certain time, even if he went to bed later than usual. In this regard, experts advise going to bed not too late because, according to the study, sometimes it is the surest way to get enough sleep.

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