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Sunday, March 18, 2018

“Is there life after the election”

American magician Harry Houdini was a well known fact that could have hidden an elephant in the eyes of the astonished audience, skillfully diverting attention. If the government does not know this art, it is not in his place, and will likely remain on it for a while. The manifestation of such skills is especially necessary in times of crisis. The crisis — like the elephant Houdini: it should be time to hide, draws the public’s attention on extraneous visual noise effect.

And, according to sociological research, the power in our country perfectly cope with this task. According to the latest polls, the President of the Russian Federation endorses 82% of respondents. The opportunity to vote for him in the presidential elections allow 84% of respondents. It is characteristic that Vladimir Putin’s support not only supporters of the party “United Russia”, but also other political parties: CPRF, LDPR, “Fair Russia”, as well as those parties that have no representation in the State Duma. According to sociology, your vote for President will give 78% of supporters of the Communist party, 76% of supporters of Zhirinovsky and 87% of members “Fair Russia”.

Even if the political opponents of the ruling party are ready to vote for its Creator — so, the elephant is hidden.

How to make so that the population did not think about the growth of prices on foodstuffs, devaluation of the national currency and the increase in unemployment? Ask Putin or Houdini. Need to divert attention. But not a one-time action, and action series with bright special effects. It can combine two parallel plots: revealing large-scale anti-corruption campaign and at the same time — a Patriotic attempt to unite the nation amid the confrontation with an external enemy. The output is a synergistic effect.

Do not blame the government for such techniques. This is a normal practice all over the world. So act on Ukraine, declaring Russia an enemy, while the fall in the hryvnia and jump to the skies utility tariffs; the way it works in Europe (e.g. in Italy), trying to hide the losses from the Russian retaliatory sanctions, vbrasyvaya in the information field the problem of legalization of same-sex marriage. As I said, in these actions, there is nothing to be ashamed of, except that they absolutely do not solve the problem, but only a distraction.

Only in our case suffers from a fundamental to society institution — the Parliament. As you may recall, the campaign to discredit the Deputy corps began in 2011. During this time a number of members were criminal cases, some elected officials have lost Deputy immunity, several deputies and senators have lost their seats. To date, the joint efforts of law enforcement agencies and the media, the credibility of the Russian Parliament has fallen through the floor, the words “penting”, “marking” and “razmandegan Deputy” became winged.

In parallel with the anti-corruption campaign in almost all media, as by magic, began to blame the lower house of Parliament in a low level of lawmaking, and even incompetence. Appeared the ratings of “most ludicrous laws”, of the deputies did freaks, and the State Duma labeled “Mad printer”. And this despite the fact that the most controversial bills in the state Duma sent the bodies of Executive power. And these bodies endorse all bills before their consideration. But a fool remains the Duma. So much so, that some Russian experts have publicly expressed reluctance to receive the award from the State Duma.

It would seem, why do the authorities so you need to devalue the Parliament? There are several reasons, and the answer on the surface.

Sometimes in order to win the game, you have to sacrifice a pawn. Imagine that the pawn is the Deputy corps. But why the deputies will try to understand together.

First, the sheer number of parliamentarians gives wide scope for manoeuvre. Among 450 deputies and senators 170 you can always find the “bad guys” stealing in childhood apples from a nearby garden or crossing the road in the wrong place, in General, hardened criminals, fugitives from justice behind parliamentary immunity. This is a great opportunity to create the action-detective, which will divert people’s attention from more pressing problems. Really, well who cares about the fact that inflation is rising?! Whether it is to see the Deputy behind bars! It’s an unforgettable sight! Do not be surprised if soon we will show, as MPs EN masse every day run across the street right out front of the State Duma in the building of hotel “Moscow”. What a great reason to have them publicly flogged!

Secondly, for many Russians, there is no fundamental difference between the Federal Executive and legislative branches. They all, in their opinion, tarred with the same brush. And if it is a series of cleaning means, the power really is self-cleaning.

As such example is an incident that occurred in 2011. According to investigators, the assistants of deputies from “Fair Russia” tried to extort 7.5 million euros from a certain citizen for his inclusion in the lists of candidates in deputies of the state Duma. This money is intended to transmit by the Communist party faction in the Administration of the President to address the issue of inclusion in the list of “United Russia” with the subsequent guaranteed election. As they say, and laughter, and sin!

And as you case, when the “United Russia” publicly criticized the Minister of education Dmitry Livanov and the entire financial-economic bloc of the Russian Government — despite the fact that the heads of both the government and the “United Russia” one and the same person, and the Minister of education until recently was a member of the Supreme Council of “United Russia”? Where is the logic? The feeling that some United Russia was struck by the virus of political idiocy, and both his hands ceased to respond to signals from the center!

Third, this campaign can be a happy ending. In an unequal battle, David will win Goliath, the cancer of corruption in Russia will be cut from the body of Russian parliamentarism the heroic efforts of law enforcement agencies. For this you just need to re-elect deputies. New members, having all kinds of filters and checking on its face will be crystal clear. Irina Yarovaya already stated that the lists of candidates from “United Russia” there will be people with a criminal record, even repaid. But Sergei Neverov disown representatives of big business on the party lists. Apparently, in the new Parliament will be even more athletes, actors and Directors who enjoy the people’s love, but don’t know anything about lawmaking. It is also possible that in the new Duma will be the policy affected by intra-elite squabbles in the Executive branch. Anyway, the state Duma of the seventh convocation will become more popular, but is absolutely helpless and safe.

But who exactly would be the new composition of the Russian Parliament? Let’s count up together. I will remind that the Duma will be formed by the mixed principle: 50% under party lists and 50% in single-mandate constituencies. According to VTSIOM, in the lower house of Parliament by may 2016, are four or five parties: “United Russia” (49,0%), the Communist party (10,7%), LDPR (10.5%) and “Fair Russia” (6.6%), and some other party (5.6 percent). Still 6.8% of respondents were undecided. As you know, forecasts VTSIOM in part the results of voting are often almost a blueprint coincide with the election results. They would be in a casino to play!

So, today we have the following convening of the four parliamentary parties and perhaps one more, most likely with a liberal or a strong Patriotic bias.

So is there life after elections? Perhaps, there is. As for the Russian Parliament, it is likely to do in the public eye “more professional” and less odious. And the main whipping boy will make regional cones. I suppose that over the next two to three years we will see a colorful exposure of three or four governors and their deputies, heads and deputies of the regional power structures of regions. It may even be able to see “behind bars” a couple of corrupt judges, but also small-town scale.

As for the defendants in the offshore scandal, or so-called Bananagate, their names we soon forget, because the memory of people is short, and the power of honoring the legacy of Robert green and Harry Houdini, one of which reads: “Distract attention at any cost.”

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