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Friday, March 23, 2018

Is it true that Prokhorov’s RBC select

MIA will check the media holding RBC CEO Nikolay molibog and Vice-President of ONEKSIM derk Sauer in the case of fraud. This was reported by news agencies. According to some information, check excited according to the statement Alexander Panov, who had previously stated that he prohorovtsy illegally seized the stock of one company. However, immediately appeared, and the version that it is not in the commercial dispute, but in an attempt to deprive the oligarch to influence the political environment through the media resource. But the latest version, how romantic it would seem, deny and experts, and colleagues of Prokhorov.

photo: Gennady Cherkasov

– We often communicate with Michael Dmitrievich, – told “MK” the mayor of Yekaterinburg and one of the leading politicians of the party, which recently was headed by Prokhorov Yevgeny Roizman. – I will not retell our conversations, but I am deeply convinced that Prokhorov has decided to retire from politics if not permanently, then for a long time. And media resources for political activities it is absolutely not necessary. I believe that he considers it only as one and not the most meaningful of their businesses.

Other colleagues of Prokhorov in his former political struggle, from which he apparently left, also called the talk that Prokhorov was forced to sell the media, but he disagrees, stupid. As soon as will make a normal offer then sell it.

Vice-President of the Center for political technologies Alexei Makarkin told “MK” that allows for the hypothesis that the pressure on the owner still is, but it is again not political, but economic: it is only an attempt to influence the price of the media holding. “Prokhorov has invested in RBC funds and would like this investment to recoup, but if this is not possible, and the asset will become a liability, in an extreme case, Prokhorov can give it and the gift, he added. — Prokhorov doesn’t look like a man ready for a major conflict, especially if it allegedly involved the authorities”.

The initiator of the scandal gentry explained that RBC allegedly robbed him and his partner of 25 percent of the shares of the company (other 75 percent owned by RBC). According to media reports, the document States that the cost is estimated at $ 13.4 million dollars. In fact check also first Deputy CEO of RBC Ekaterina Kruglov, the financial Director of RBC Igor Selivanov, Deputy Director General of RBC on technology Alexander Kononenko.

Nikolay Molibog to comment on the situation so far refused: “We didn’t see any resolution, we don’t know what is written in it, and we don’t even know whether mentioned in the judgment of RBC or any RBC employees,” he wrote. We will see this ruling, understand, is it related to RBC, and then give your comments.”

In mid-April, law enforcement authorities raided the ONEXIM group owned by Mikhail Prokhorov. For a version that is — the pressure upon the businessman, the sources in the environment Prokhorov said that the negotiations about the sale of RBC, the businessman has been more than a year. And lost interest in the project.

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