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Friday, March 23, 2018

In the match Night hockey League Putin shamed the mysterious goalie

Luck turned its back on Vladimir Putin: on Tuesday in Sochi, he played the worst game of his hockey career, scoring in the opponent just one goal. Teammates explain fiasco the President of his high workload and responsibility for making important decisions. “Apparently, some serious government job he had,” suggested Gennady Timchenko.

photo: kremlin.ru

Vladimir Putin during the match Night hockey League.

Putin himself, it seems, does not make a tragedy out of not very successful performances. “I’m only learning”, – he told reporters. As you know, the best man learns from his mistakes.

Putin was not in time to the beginning of the game was delayed first at the meeting, and then in the children’s center “Sirius”, where he opened a chess school Kramnik. When he stepped on the ice, the score was 3:0 in favor of the team “stars of the Night hockey League”, played for the President. A third washer in gate of the rival was hammered by the defense Minister Sergei Shoigu and the head of state in the first place were quick to congratulate him on his good start.

The podium, meanwhile, was raging. “Now with the advent of the President, the game will sparkle with new colors,” – encouraged viewers of a TV broadcast commentator.

At first everything seems to be going well. Putin won faceoff the puck for his team. Then he gave a good pass to Pavel Bure. Then almost in splendid isolation appeared before the very gates of the enemy, but the goal somehow did not score. Long marked time and, apparently, missed the point.

photo: kremlin.ru
Vladimir Putin during the match Night hockey League.

Then there were three failed attempts to attack the goalkeeper “Night hockey League”, which included playing against the President is also the Governor of Moscow region Andrei Vorobyov, saxophonist Igor Butman, dynasty Rotenberg etc. Finally, only the fourth time the fortune smiled to Putin, and he was sent to the opponent first, and as it turned out, the only goal.

Recall that the President began to play hockey in 2011. And on the day of his inauguration in may 2012 made his debut for the stars of the Night hockey League. Then, GDP scored two goals. In 2013 he Gala match missed, and in 2014 tripled the previous result: on account of Putin was already six washers. However, the real triumph for the head of state became the year 2015: in may, he became the author of eight goals (not counting assists), but his birthday made a gift to myself, scoring the goal against NHL 7 goals.

What happened with the President, his comrades do not know for sure. “In fact, Putin sees the clearing, and he’s technically good shots. But, apparently, he has some serious public work was. Tired”, – said Gennady Timchenko. “Maybe he didn’t have enough time to prepare himself, put forward a different version of Vladimir Myshkin. However, all the players in unison assured that the presence of the President on the ice, motivates and inspires.

By the way, the team eventually won – 9:5. Putin himself, of course, upset that he could not make a worthy contribution to the common victory. But not filed. “It was such an educational game. I’m just learning”, – he told reporters.

Meanwhile, after playing with Putin Alexey Dyumin (this time he also defended the gates of the presidential team) all of a sudden have changed the position of Deputy defense Minister to the post of acting Governor of the Tula region, political scientists began to take a closer look at the participants of the Gala match Night hockey League”. This time, their interest, certainly, had to cause the goalkeeper of the opponent – one Maxim Serov, who, with enviable persistence did not give the score to Vladimir Putin. Even the commentator several times publicly complained: “I do not want to miss Maxim Serov!” What is the fate of the principled man of the match, as they say, time will tell. But people with such courage to the ranks and readiness in all circumstances to do their job the country would obviously not prevented.

Strange, on the website the Night hockey League no information about Maxim Serov is impossible to find.

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