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Thursday, February 22, 2018

In case of refusal from Nord stream – 2″ in the EU, primarily Germany loses

In European energy claim about the dangers of the Nord stream gas pipeline – 2″ to Europe and the need to leave Ukraine as a transit country. For the commissioners, however, it remains the last word in this matter. Anyway, the West is persistently trying to achieve a solution to the political challenge to Moscow continues to be funded anti-Russian-minded neighbor.

Member of the Commission for energy Miguel arias Cañete said that the project “Northern stream – 2” change the picture gas distribution in Europe and the negative impact on the competitive supply situation in the countries of Central and Eastern Europe.

“At the moment we do not see any reason or statements that would show that this project violates the legislative framework”

According to the Commissioner, we have to weigh what are the consequences for security of gas supply, diversification and competitiveness of supply in the countries of Central and Eastern Europe.

“Russia will have the prevailing ability of supplies to Europe – and there will be a reduction of routes from three to two. Besides it would threaten supply to Poland. The reduction of routes, of course, will not improve the security of supply”, – quotes the Commissioner Cañete the edition “Kommersant”. The Commissioner also said about the negative impact of Nord stream – 2″ in a competitive supply situation in the countries of Central and Eastern Europe.

In addition, Cañete stressed the importance of maintaining Ukraine as a transit country for gas supplies: “In the interests of all parties, and not only the countries of Central and Eastern Europe, and that Ukraine remained an important transit corridor.

Does this statement by a senior European official, the EU is, in fact, closes the path for the construction of a key Russian gas pipeline?

The project not to fit EU standards

The Director of the national energy security Fund (NESF), a political scientist Konstantin Simonov believes that the project “Northern stream – 2” is not buried completely. The Commissioner, despite his high position, is not the main person making these decisions, the expert said in comments the newspaper VIEW.

“There are prescribed procedures by which to cover up the work of a project, – said Simonov. And in this sense the opinion of the Commissioner is not dominant. If the project Nord stream – 2″ corresponds to the legislation and the Third energy package of the EU, to cancel it, no one can. At the moment we do not see any reason or statements that would show that this project violates the legislative framework”.

The source added that by and large the Nord stream – 2″ almost entirely takes place on the seabed, in this regard, from a purely legal point of view, it is not necessary to adjust to EU standards. Nord stream – 2″ is a sea gas pipeline. It connects Russia with the sea coast of Germany. This means that it does not require any approval of Brussels. That is, theoretically, no one can stop the construction of the project,” – said the expert.

However, this view is contrary to what was stated by the representatives of the European Union.

Germany does not want to stay in the win?

It was noted earlier that the countries of Eastern Europe – Ukraine, Slovakia, Poland – really serious for losing their small economies money that you receive for the transit of Russian gas. Ukraine will lose $ 2 billion profit, Slovakia – 800 million, Poland – 400 million, was estimated in Kiev. In mid-March against the construction of the pipeline was made by the leaders of several Eastern European EU member States – under the corresponding letter to the head of the European Commission Jean-Claude Juncker was signed by the Prime Ministers of the Czech Republic, Estonia, Hungary, Latvia, Poland, Slovakia and Romania and the President of Lithuania.

The Lithuanian authorities, which, it seems, took on the thankless role of the avant-garde of Russophobia in the framework of NATO, and coordinated his move with the policy: according to the President of Lithuania Dalia Grybauskaite, the Nord stream – 2″ is not commercial, and geopolitical project, which is created to harm Ukraine and divide Europe.

As Ukraine makes Russian gas europejskiego to escape from the propagandistic rhetoric, it is obvious that from project wins in Germany – what above indicated and Konstantin Simonov.

If the project ultimately will be implemented, Germany will replace the Ukraine, becoming a major gas hub in Europe. Also gets a piece of the pie and Austria, showing an interest in the removal of Western sanctions against Russia.

Nevertheless, the political leadership of Germany seemed to not want the country was in the position of the pan-European gas hub. 18 Dec 2015 Chancellor Angela Merkel “expressed the wish” that is called political: “we Need to find a solution, in which Ukraine will not lose all of its value, under which Ukraine as a transit country will play a role.”

“Many in Germany, this logic is incomprehensible”

The German government was interested in continuing with the gorgeous Russian energy cooperation, which was established 50 years ago, says the Director of the German-Russian forum Alexander Rahr. “Germany has only benefited from such cooperation, so the country has a very positive view of the energy Alliance with Russia. It seems to me that a government point of view is this: any pipe that will bring additional gas to Europe profitable,” said Rahr the newspaper VIEW.

The world’s largest consumers and exporters as well as countries possessing the largest inventories of Gazan recalled the position of Vice-Chancellor of Germany, Chairman of the Social democratic party Sigmar Gabriel, who two hands for this project.

“But of course, there are skeptics. This purely political question, – says the analyst. – All logic dictates, and the commercial including the trumpet, for which willing to pay not the taxpayers, and German companies and Gazprom will pump additional gas to Europe, bypassing challenging transit States”.

As for Ukraine, Rahr stressed that on the territory of the country of transit gas was repeatedly missing. Therefore, the statements about the preservation of Ukraine as a transit country is politically motivated. “Here is a policy. In Europe there is a very strong lobby States, especially the Eastern European countries that want to have Ukraine as a lever of pressure on Russia. According to their logic, this will strengthen their energy policies. Many in Germany, this logic is incomprehensible, but it has long been present in the European establishment. And because of this, now all disputes and issues” – summed up Alexander Rahr.

External factor

Konstantin Simonov also notes that politicians of the European countries is enormous pressure from the European bureaucracy and different lobby groups. “The statement of the European Commissioner more emotion and political bias than facts. Moreover, we remember the statement by U.S. Secretary of state John Kerry”. 5 may the Secretary of state said that the pipeline “Nord stream – 2 will have a negative impact on Eastern Europe. The next day, the special envoy of the US state Department on energy Amos Hochstein proposed the EU to take a pause in the construction of the pipe and assess its impact on the energy and national security of the EU.

As previously noted the newspaper VIEW, United States with a new persistence interfere in the energy policy of Europe. In Washington say they do not believe the pipeline is a commercial project. This is a clear response to the head of Russian foreign Ministry Sergei Lavrov, who said earlier that the construction of the pipeline “Nord stream – 2” is purely commercial, while any attempts to block it are political in nature. On may 4, the Minister of foreign Affairs of Russia said that the United States through their very close friends in NATO pose challenges to the construction of the gas pipeline “Nord stream – 2”.

Purely political format

“The actions of the European bureaucrats have a political format, not legal and certainly not economic. Along with this Germany, other EU countries and the European business support construction of the Nord stream – 2”, – says Konstantin Simonov.

The expert noted that Ukraine in this political game plays a special role. “The EU and the West politically indoktrinirovannyi trying to include Ukraine in the format of “Nord stream – 2, which is completely contrary to the logic of this project. TRANZIT is a lot of money. Moreover, they try to hang on to Russia all the risks of this format. It makes no economic sense – pure politics. They say, “Russians are dangerous, they should not be given to build a new pipeline”. In short, they want to pay for Kiev. A special role is played by the position of the United States,” concluded Simon.

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