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Sunday, March 18, 2018

“Immortal regiment” stood on guard of the Russian unity

It is rarely possible to observe the birth of the tradition – but now, literally before our eyes, there is a new custom. “Immortal regiment” for the second year in a row gathers millions of people, and we can already say that this campaign becomes national in the true sense of the word. The celebration of Victory Day not just gets a new form, but acquires a completely new, important value.

Invented in Siberia (first in Tyumen, then to Tomsk) event first appeared on the national level last year, when we celebrated the 70th anniversary of the Victory. But this year, when the whole of Russia in the “Immortal regiment” were several million people, it became clear that a new tradition was born.

Last year the action was supported by the Kremlin, but Vladimir Putin several times specifically said that there should be no officialdom, no nationalization ideas. This popular initiative, and it must remain such, no matter how wanted politicians and bureaucrats to “lean” to it. Putin as no one else knows all the flaws, defects and weaknesses as bureaucracy, market and political strategies – and understand that even with good intention can be sureguliuoti and to dry the good work.

And “Immortal regiment” needs only one – not to be touched. He doesn’t need help (meaning – to send), he can help us all. That is, we can help each other – United in one nation, destroying all the attempts to sort, to embroil and divide us. This is the main expectation from the “Immortal regiment”: it gives Russia hope for the future that connects us with our ancestors.

We were one with them?

Yes, in their families – but not in childbirth, which broke up in the cities. And without birth, without a large community there are no shared – and no people. And family smaller, more Autonomous from all the cousins, second cousins relatives, from neighbors, from the people around her. Where is clamps to preserve a sense of belonging to a unified whole, where the place for the people? And the collapse of the country, and con change of principles of the organization of society and the economy, and the devaluation of notions of good and evil – all worked against the preservation of Russian of his self and awareness of themselves as a single people. Every man for himself, where good, there homeland, do not be fooled – not live. All of these destructive for the Russian code “principles” actively introduced “life itself”, and in fact a narrow layer of those who benefit from it to consolidate its position of the “new aristocracy”, the new “elite”.

But it was Putin’s return to the Kremlin in 2012, and was the Crimea – and the wheel of Russian history left out of the swamp “civilization of consumption” and extinction. Russian civilization is back on their way, refusing to follow others – for which he also received allegations that it “threatens the world”.

And then there was the “Immortal regiment” – not so much as the reminder that we don’t scare how much help we need from our main wealth. Our history – and as a country and as families and as a people. The memory of ancestors who fought for their country, the victorious, victims and survivors of the war, became the anchor, the root, holding again that the Russians realized their community – on top of the material and the social stratification of tastes and political views, attitudes towards socialism and Putin. This is a continuation of the Russian spring, the continuation of Crimea, the continuation of the Russian transformation – a period of post-Soviet turmoil really ends. Recognized, felt, begins to be formulated in the mass consciousness the image of the future Russia. Still not the specific drawings, only the outlines, but the thing that was found common to all the angle of view, the point at which it is possible to discern the future.

It is the memory of ancestors who have had Victory 45-go – the personal memory of each family and common holiday for all. This interweaving of personal and General transfers power to the Russian people, because Russian is not alone survive, not live. The last quarter of a century people were even estranged from the hopes for a common cause. Communism as a goal was canceled, destroyed the country, just ahead of “everyone survives on their own.” The lack of energy and mood of the Russians was due to the fact that in the 90 years of our history managed to put in the black color – what is the history of your people and your country, as not a continuation of the history of your family, your family?

Shamefully the past, the present, pathetic, hopeless future – the people prepared to extinction. But the people resisted – and won. This first victory was won over to self-abuse – which, as you know, is worse than pride. The Russians realize that they are not worse than others, just different. And vanished Wraith chuzhebesiya (and let us become all the French), and I was beginning to regain the confidence in their own abilities. And began to discover its history, country, family, family. And saw that no one wins, if she herself does not destroy the modesty which is innate, the honour and dignity that will not play. Saw in their ancestors, many of which are found only on the photos. There is no matter what were our grandfathers and great grandfathers. It is important that we recognize their superiority over us and aware of my duty to them.

Every generation considers itself smarter, better and more interesting the previous one is the law of human nature. What can we say about generations living in the “era of great change” – there are so many opportunities open. But in fact all three of the current adult generation, regardless of personal success or failures of specific people, were in the position of losers. Precisely because with them the country collapsed, and Russians were the biggest divided nation in the world – and everyone knew that this is our common wine to the ancestors. Not saved, not saved, in vain. This creates thirst for revenge. But Russian is not vindictive people, and who personally take revenge? Gorbachev, the oligarchs, the United States? They all, of course, played a role – but the people felt guilty for what he gave the “Gypsies” to inspire yourself for the “field of dreams”.

Recovery, the return of Russian history (own – and hence the world) was to begin with awareness of the merits of previous generations. And their main merits of saving Russia from the invasion of “half of Europe”. From the understanding of their heroism is born and the respect for their views, and more attention to their values – and the realization that it’s not their, and your, that is of eternal value. Common to all living with you now and who lived before you – for your people in the past and the future.

And then there is common cause, the camaraderie, the memory of the past gives you the ability to see the future – and again there is a unified and indivisible Russian nation. That and the Donbass, and Syria, and East, and justice, and the Arctic with nanotechnology – anything will do. If he had a single chain from ancestors to descendants, if the portrait of great-grandfather will be in the hands of first-graders – and anyone can become close with others like him.

That’s why the “Immortal regiment” is a real people’s movement: because its course it results in the movement of the Russian people. Which made Victory Day a day of national unity. To break which is now not under force to anybody – and so funny attempts though to something to cling to “the Immortal regiment”. The loudest this time was the story of the Prosecutor of the Crimea Natalia Poklonskaya – she was carrying an icon of Royal Martyr Nicholas II, which caused snide comments in the spirit of “is He her grandfather?” and “What does the king have to do with the Victory of 1945?”. Even without going into refinements, which gave itself Poklonskaya told that fulfilled the request of the veteran, it should be noted importantly.

The meaning of “Immortal regiment” in the unity of us with our ancestors and our history, and the Great Patriotic war is inseparable from the First world, whose direct sequel it has become. If Nicholas II, chief of the Russian army, was forced to abdicate (and the main motive for him was exactly what he didn’t want his figure prevented the achievement of victory), and the first war would be won by Russia, and the second would most likely not exist. Nicholas paid with his life to defeat the Germans – and it is not his fault that this victory had to wait nearly three decades.

And the people who honor and remember their ancestors who fought in the great Patriotic war, in the same way and honors their ancestors who fought in the First world war. And I will never forget the names of the two commanders in these wars: of Nicholas II and Joseph Stalin. They even have ticulously in time of war the same way – leaders. And that’s why when you hit on them, you need to understand that aiming at national unity – not to sew Russian history together, to divide us into red and white, bleed and win. That is the purpose in our Victory – the charge which is now “Immortal regiment”. That is all we have.

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