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Thursday, August 24, 2017

Glad not let Poroshenko in Europe

Petro Poroshenko because of problems in the Parliament was forced to postpone the planned visit to London. Kyiv leader was faced with the tenacity of the Verkhovna Rada, not wanting to fulfill the demands of the West. Ukrainian MPs can not accept required for IMF assistance laws and approve a new attorney General, insists the state Department. Before asking again in Europe and overseas, Poroshenko it is necessary to do your homework, experts say.

The President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko had to postpone the visit to the UK. The press service of the Ukrainian leader explained this by the fact that the Verkhovna Rada did not support the bills, needed to obtain money from the IMF.

“Poroshenko would love to go to London, even if he was there nobody cares. But he has really serious problems”

Himself Poroshenko later added: “Now it is those reforms that the country needs. This is the case when domestic policy is making adjustments in international activities. I will continue to consult with the deputies”, – he explained.

In addition, the press service referred to was the situation around the election of a new Prosecutor General of Ukraine.

Not met the expectations of the IMF

The Ukrainian authorities are struggling to perform at least the basic steps required for agreements with the IMF, but there, the situation seems even grimmer. The Minister of economic development and trade of Ukraine Stepan Kubiv on Tuesday presented MPs from 14 bills, which the Parliament should adopt without delay to resume cooperation with the IMF. The projects cover a wide range of issues – tax, and energy, and privatization, and legal.

Earlier, the International monetary Fund mission arrived in Ukraine, where it will operate until may 18. The main task of the IMF is to assess the work of the government and to review the aid program. The newspaper OPINION noted that the last time the IMF revised lending program in March 2015 and now is going to change the rules of the game for Ukraine in the third time.

The thing is that Ukraine has not met expectations of the Fund, neither in 2014 nor in 2015. Not to mention sick of corn, both for Ukraine and for the West – complete dependence of the authorities on the interests of the local oligarchs and the lack of reforms to combat corruption, the Ukrainian authorities have not even been able to justify the most minimal of hope Foundation.

Thus, the IMF expect that Ukraine will show GDP growth in 2015 of 2%, instead, the Ukrainian economy fell by 9.9%. Inflation in the country, the expectations of the Fund was to be not more than 7.4%, but the fact it was almost six times higher.

The real wages of citizens of Ukraine last year was expected to grow by 1%, instead it fell by more than 20%. These economic “beacons” were necessary for the IMF to clearly understand, from any money the debtor state will give loans, but sinking Ukraine was not able to swim even on them.

“It is extremely painful to the requirement for the Ukrainian government

The interests of the IMF and the oligarchic elite of Ukraine diametrically diverge. For example, the IMF requires the elimination of the state monopoly in the gas market, the elimination of the state of Naftogaz. “It’s extremely painful requirement for the Ukrainian government. Everyone understands that this is a very profitable business. Today, neither the Prime Minister nor other persons close to the government, is not ready to abandon the trough and rid yourself of the opportunity to earn on the Naftogaz of Ukraine”, – said earlier the head of the Ukrainian analytical center Alexander Okhrimenko.

In whose favor are resolved all disputed issues in the Ukraine, of course. No wonder even always loyal to Kiev leading American media such as The New York Times has dubbed Ukraine “the corrupt swamp”, in which you can no longer “throw” money in the absence of effective reforms.

By the way I will add that the dissatisfaction with Kiev and Western Express the parties to the agreement “Norman Quartet.” The implementation of the Minsk agreements is happening at a snail’s pace, said Wednesday the representative of one of the guarantor countries of the “Minsk-2” – German foreign Minister Frank-Walter Steinmeier.

The attorney General for MS Nuland

As mentioned above, the second reason, which Poroshenko did not go to London, was named a situation with the appointment of the Prosecutor General of Ukraine.

We will remind, on April 4, the acting General Prosecutor of Ukraine is dismissed Viktor Shokin was appointed Yuriy Sevruk. Newly appointed speaker of the Parliament Andrei Parubiy said that Poroshenko is considering the post of Prosecutor General only one candidate – the head of the faction “block of Petro PoroshenkoYuriy Lutsenko. That, in turn, also said he was ready to become the Prosecutor General of Ukraine, if such a proposal he will go.

Not so long ago the Parliament received a draft law written under Lutsenko, he assumed a significant simplification of qualification requirements to the candidate, in particular, starred the obligation to have legal education and 10 years of professional experience in this field. Poroshenko himself called the legislation “urgent”. However, on may 10 to support the bill Rada refused.

Ukrainian media with reference to sources in presidential administration reported earlier that the President may propose the Parliament to the post of attorney-General the candidacy of Governor of the Donetsk region Pavel Zhebrovsky. However, later Zhebrovsky assured that the President didn’t speak to him on this subject.

It was repeatedly noted that the appointment of a new Prosecutor General is related not only to the internal politics of Ukraine, but also to its commitment to the Western partners – the West, including in the person of assistant Secretary of state Victoria Nuland has repeatedly demanded that Kiev decisive steps in the fight against corruption. So, at the end of April Nuland, who visited with another “inspection” in Kiev, stated that the level of corruption in Ukraine remains high. According to her, Ukraine must decide with the attorney General and to continue the judicial reform. “2016 should be the year of Ukrainian reforms irreversible,” – said the Kiev counterpart, assistant Secretary of state.

“Behind the scenes trades and other subjective factors”

Poroshenko “would love to go to Britain, even if he was there nobody cares, or how he has to beg for help, to light in public on the West front of their employers, – said the newspaper look Director of the Center for Eurasian studies Vladimir Kornilov. – But, indeed, a serious problem in Ukraine, an internal crisis is not overcome and he desperately needed IMF loan, which is deposited all the time and who may not, if its internal it will not solve the problem”.

Will Poroshenko to implement plans, including the appointment of Lutsenko, the Prosecutor General, depends on “how the Ukrainian President and all the rest will work behind the scenes”, i.e. “by weight of the subjective factors”, – said the expert.

With regard to draft legislation for the cooperation with the IMF, logically, the Parliament should be interested in their development. However, it all depends on “what is considered by Parliament. Those who want to cash in on the crisis, those not very interested in it,” said Kornilov. He recalled that a vote today in Parliament is the bidding: for purpose, for new posts, the preference of certain parties and politicians. Therefore, “such a tasty Kush as voting for laws that will entail loans from the IMF, of course, everyone is interested in,” said the analyst.

The expectation of money from the IMF only fuels these trades, “Then you’ve got to cut these IMF loans and for that will be a serious fight,” – concluded the expert.

“Reminds polyuddya in Ancient Russia”

“Poroshenko and the Ukrainian elite perfectly understood the fatigue of the West of Ukraine, but for internal, and for external consumer they were trying to portray all so that the West fully supports Ukraine and will increase her help. This is a normal marketing gimmick”, – said in an interview with the newspaper VIEW political scientist, Deputy Director of the Center for Ukrainian and Belarusian studies of Moscow state University Bogdan Bezpalko.

He stressed that “Ukraine has long included a systematic degradation in all spheres of public life. And what is now a crisis erupts either in the question with the attorney General, either on the question of cooperation with the IMF, or issues with the Minsk agreements, etc. – this is a natural consequence of this degradation, – said the expert. – If these implications prove to be any significant, of course, Poroshenko has to respond to them, first and foremost, and then to establish a relationship with the West.”

The source reminded that all visits Poroshenko boil down to “give money”. Is the process “reminds polyuddya in Ancient Russia, only then the princes collected tribute, and now Poroshenko collects alms,” said Bezpalko.

He added that no decision of the question with the attorney General or with the IMF in Ukraine “to fundamentally solve nothing”. Industry in Ukraine is deteriorating, the EU does nothing to stimulate the growth of the Ukrainian economy, “in loans and investments to Ukraine will refuse to continue, due to the fact that the country has turned into a black hole,” – said the source.

He is confident that “in the future Ukraine will only devouring transnational corporations, and nothing can be changed. In order to change this political course, requires a complete change of elites”, – concluded the expert.

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