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Saturday, March 17, 2018

C ballistic missile “Sarmat” problem

Testing the newest Intercontinental ballistic missile “Sarmat” postponed for the second time. First problem was the launcher, now in the rocket. However, experts see no reason for pessimism. Most of the comments boil down to the fact that the weapons are new, so the pads are inevitable. In addition, increased vigilance on the ground helps to avoid troubles in the air.

Tests of a prototype of an Intercontinental ballistic missile “Sarmat” has been moved. Launcher at the cosmodrome Plesetsk is prepared, but with the rocket had problems, said the source TASS in the Russian military-industrial complex. “Throwing test shifted for the second half of the year,” he said.

“And the old Soviet designs have nearly exhausted their resources”

According to a source, “earlier, the tests were postponed because of the unwillingness of the mine, now not ready to launch”. He added, however, that the conversion of the mine for the “Sarmatian” was completed in April. Official confirmation of these data, including from the Ministry of defense, no.

Prior to this, another source in the defense industry told me that throwing tests “Sarmatian” will be held in the second quarter. They planned to spend in March, but then prevented problems with mine launcher.

According to the editor of the magazine “arms Export” Andrey Frolov, in the roughness during the tests of new weapons is not unusual: “It’s a completely new product. It is clear that when testing new equipment it can go wrong. And here, I think, we should not seek some kind of evil intent or the far-reaching consequences, ” he told the newspaper VIEW. – And, of course, it is better to identify problems with equipment before start than after…”

However, the expert believes that the transfer of trials for six months can not be called a normal situation, since constructors are strict deadlines that they have to withstand.

“But if the decision was made to migrate, what can I say – so there were some very good reasons, therefore, breakage or defects were really serious”, he concluded.

Frolov added that “we’re on the “Sarmatian” know virtually nothing” means to judge its faults is very difficult.

The expert of Association of military political scientists, associate Professor of political science and sociology REU them. Plekhanov Alexander Perendzhiev also believes that testing a completely new weapon not able to run smoothly. “These are the risks, things that might have been expected, – he said in comments the newspaper VIEW. And I would not serve this situation from the point of view that, they say, as we all bad. Not bad. What I identified the problem in advance is good. Much better than if a rocket fell on someone’s head.” “Well, that overreacted. It’s better this way”, he concluded.

According to the experts interviewed, do not worry every time about the fact that something is not deposited and maintained deadlines, and to think that in the end the missile was effective and safe, could accurately perform tasks that it was mandated.

By the way, according to Perendija, there may be an element of information warfare. “Perhaps even indicate another problem with the Russian missiles, the Russian armed forces mislead potential adversaries. Those can be happy, saying how good that Russian does not work. While the Russian, meanwhile, it turns out”, – he concluded.

Andrey Frolov, in turn, added that “Sarmat” is, in fact, the first ballistic missile of the middle class developed in Russia. “Topol” and “YARS” – light rocket. Analogues of “Sarmatian” in modern Russia. The old Soviet designs have nearly exhausted their resources. By 2020, “Sarmat” by and large they will be replaced”, – he said.

If you compare with other countries, Russia looks quite good. “Intercontinental ballistic missiles, land-based there are today only three countries: Russia, USA and China. But the Americans have no new, they only serve and upgrade the rocket 70-80-ies of the issue. However, the Chinese are now very actively engaged in this issue. But, since neither of the “Sarmatian”, nor about the Chinese development is no detailed information to compare them is very difficult,” he concluded.

On may 6, the Russian strategic missile forces for the first time announced the future deployment of new missiles “Sarmat”. Heavy strategic missile complex “Sarmat” will replace the complexes “Governor” in Uzhurskaya division and the Dombarovsky missile launching area, said the commander of the strategic Missile forces of Russia Colonel-General Sergei Karakayev.

Deputy defense Minister of Russia Yuri Borisov said that the weight of the warhead for a new missile will reach 10 tons. According to a source in the military-industrial complex “Sarmat” to be adopted in late 2018.

21 APR familiar with the situation, the source reported that Russia has successfully conducted tests of a prototype hypersonic aircraft, designed to equip existing and future Intercontinental ballistic missiles (ICBMs).

In the report of the Western military analysis centre Jane’s Information Group said that up to 24 hypersonic vehicles (warheads), u-71 can be deployed in Dombarovsky located in the regiment of the strategic missile forces in the period from 2020 to 2025. Also from the document followed that by this time Russia will create a new heavy Intercontinental ballistic missile (ICBM), the Sarmat, capable of carrying u-71.

The VZGLYAD newspaper reported that the missile, named according to Western classification SS-X-30 should replace the R-36M2 “Voivod”. Contributors – SRC them. Makeev (Miass) and NGO’s engineering (Reutov). Starting weight liquid two-stage “Sarmatian” about 100 tons, the range of task 10 thousand miles, the throw-weight 4350 kg.

These basic characteristics are almost exactly reproduce the “middle class” – ICBM UR-100N utth. A distance of 10 thousand km sufficient for “covering” in all planning objectives and 4350 kg today can “fit” much more kilotons, antiproliferative opportunities and anti-nuclear resistance, than in the second half of 1970-ies, when he developed the UR-100N uttkh.

Want to use technology and even ready-made units of liquid rockets land-and sea-based. So, as a first stage engine, possible to use a rocket engine from the sea missiles (SLBM) R-29RMU2 “Sineva”, the armament of the submarine missile boats of the project 667БРДМ “Dolphin”. And the role of the engine of stage of breeding warheads is considered appropriate unit from SLBM R-39УТТХ “Bark”, which was done, and was not made for the arms of the newest submarines of project 955 Borei (Yury Dolgoruky, “Alexander Nevsky” and others of that ilk).

However, these data cannot be considered accurate. For example, there is evidence that for the first stage of adapting LRE 15Д286 – “quarters” engine “Governors”, “Sarmat” we need to put two of these “quarters” etc., in short, openly on the characteristics of new weapons have not yet been reported.

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