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Wednesday, March 21, 2018

“Break through any blockade”: the power bridge to Crimea to Putin was overshadowed by threats

Vladimir Putin announced the lifting of the energy blockade, in which the Crimea was the last six months. On Wednesday at 15:54 on his team was launched last fourth line energy bridge across the Kerch Strait, which will allow to provide uninterrupted supply of housing, objects of social sphere and industrial enterprises of the Peninsula.

Ukrainian activists have already announced their intention to destroy the bridge using resonators. But Putin has let know that is ready for any surprises. “We, and any other blockade break through – if someone wants us to train!” the President warned.

photo: Alexander Chernushenko

The script is run the last thread bridge, which marks the lifting of state of emergency on the Peninsula, was changed several times. First, the Kremlin was hoping for completion before the may holidays.

On April 29 Putin arrived in St. Petersburg and was there to announce the withdrawal of the energy blockade. However, as explained by the President himself, were prevented by the weather in the Strait began the storm, and ships were forced to delay commissioning the work.

After the Victory Day GDP was personally going to Taman: Minister of energy Novak has even planned a tour for the President, that he has seen – the blackout in the Russian Crimea is no longer threatened. But this time the visit was prevented by urgent business in the far East and in Siberia as always “suddenly” fires spread, and Putin has decided to personally control the situation, the more that the press have already started to appear about the silence of the local authorities the true extent of the disaster.

– Fires-grow, the area is increased, and therefore, taken measures are not enough for effective work, – concluded the President, having heard from his Sochi residence of the reports of the heads of regional offices of the MOE. Putin said that even flying “East”, saw pockets of smoke , caused by PAL herb (Now in the district of the Amur region, where the spaceport is, the most powerful raging fires). It turns out that the ban imposed last year by the Russian government, not yet acted, and the locals, despite the fines, they continue to do their usual thing. And weather they are “helping”: strong winds for a few hours the fire spread for miles ahead.

The President urged the MOE to strengthen the fight against fires and to take care of their prevention – after all, the peak of the fire season still ahead.

After Putin finished to chat with the far Eastern regions, video engineers began to establish a connection with the Crimea and Taman ‘ – due to lack of time, the power bridge also agreed to hold a videoconference.

Turning to energy and construction workers, Putin stressed that this was a complex and innovative project, work on which “were what is called an accelerated pace”. “As a result in a short time managed to break through the energy blockade of the Crimea. Actually, I have no doubt that we and any other break through the blockade, if someone wants us to train”, – proudly said the President.

The first two lines of the bridge were started from Taman in Crimea in December 2015. They with their own power generation have given the Peninsula about half of the required power: up to blackout, which occurred after the bombing of two power lines on the territory of Ukraine, the Peninsula consumed about 900-1150 megawatts. This will restore the power supply of social objects.

But the New year residents of most of the Crimean cities were met by candlelight. After inclusion of the third thread, at the beginning of April, life on the Peninsula gradually began to enter into normal. The frequency of rolling blackouts to the residential sector decreased. Were restored separate trolleybus routes between cities. And even earned the ropeway on AI-Petri.

With the launch of the last of the fourth line in the Crimea from the Russian power system will have 800 megawatts, reported to the President who had to fly from Taman Novak. And only taking into account own generation in the Crimea will now be provided of 1270 megawatts. According to the Minister, this amount is enough not only to supply of objects of social sphere and housing, but also industrial enterprises, idle for several months. The Crimean Prosecutor’s office has already estimated the damage from the energy blockade, 2 billion rubles, one of the organizers of undermining the power lines, businessman Lenur Ilyasov in absentia brought accusation under article “Diversion”. The state Council of the Republic was even going to apply to the UN security Council with a request to recognize the genocide of the blockade, but “above” such treatment, obviously, acknowledged is futile.

The head of the Crimea Sergey Aksenov, released on bond with Putin, with the substation in Feodosia, assured that the Crimean residents and holidaymakers can be absolutely sure. Local government is tightly controlled the construction of the power bridge and has given the acceleration at all stages”. “No modes outages will be no more, we finished to a high standard to spend the holiday season and enter into the next winter without incident”, – he said.

However, this certainty is not shared by all officials. In the opinion of the Minister of industry of the Crimea Andrei Vasyuty, manufacturing enterprises will experience energy shortages for at least another fifteen years – until the construction of two modern thermal power plants in Simferopol and Sevastopol.

And the former head of the Supreme Council of Crimea Leonid Grach, in an interview with “MK” expressed concern that a significant proportion of energy transferred across the bridge, “eat” the vacationers, while the economy continues to be sitting on a starvation diet. “The holidaymakers in contrast to the Crimean people are not used to limit the consumption of electricity nor Internet, no TV, no air conditioning,” says the former politician.

The Russian authorities after completion of work on the ground and in the Kerch Strait has a new headache – protection of the power bridge. On 19 April on the website of the President of Ukraine appeared the petition, which the authors propose to destroy the bridge with the help of resonators, destroying the submarine cable. And, while on video conference, this subject was not mentioned, it is known that in Russia it is treated with the utmost seriousness. According to some, the issue was discussed at the security Council, and the presidential envoy to the SFD Vladimir Ustinov called the security of the power bridge to the Crimea one of the priorities of the antiterrorist operation in the area.

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