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Sunday, March 18, 2018

“War and peace: the British swung on thick

A new screen adaptation of the famous Russian novel very well show shortly before the school leaving examination in literature. Stocking up on popcorn and outlining!

Filmmakers to the creation of the epic Leo Tolstoy always breathed indifferent. The world has seen how adorable Audrey Hepburn played Natasha Rostova and remembers stammering Anthony Hopkins as Pierre Bezukhov. The most correct and closest to the original text is widely recognized as a 4-part painting by Sergei Bondarchuk, known for his crazy budget, panoramic shooting, a large-scale battle scenes, as well as the “Oscar” in 1969 for best foreign language film.

“War and peace” on Twitter and in bestsellers

British mini-series “War and peace” is the eleventh adaptation of the great novel. Screenwriter Andrew Davies is no stranger to translate world literature into the language of cinema: he worked on “Pride and prejudice” with Colin Firth, “Doctor Zhivago” with keira Knightley and films about Bridget Jones to Renee Zellweger.

“At first I thought I would have to work with a huge Tom strutting great literature,” said Andrew Davis, shamelessly confessing that Tolstoy had never read. But it turned out that the book is full of humor and warmth. Is to sweep aside the fragments, in which Tolstoy argues with himself, and will get very lively and touching story. It describes so well the relationship within the family! I just fell in love with this book. And I fell in love with Natasha Rostov, she is a most appealing heroine”. British writer with a desperate courage was removed from the novel all the longueurs and digressions, having at the end a fascinating story. Such blasphemous, at first glance, the treatment of Fat have yielded astonishing results: in the UK the first episode was watched by seven million people! A new adaptation of the novel completely won over the Albion, and the four-volume book, which, it must be confessed, long ago, no one even in the hands not take, brought in top-50 national bestseller list. “War and peace” suddenly became one of the most talked-about events in the cultural life of the UK. Reached the ridiculous: the audience created in social networks community, and in all seriousness discussed the behavior of the characters, as if this is not the canonical works of Leo Tolstoy about the war of Russia with Napoleon in 1812, and some “Santa Barbara”, God forgive me.

English housewife did a hilarious idea who will end up Natasha Rostova, in the same way, wondered how once, coming out of Eden Capwell married to Cruz Castillo. “Tell me, is it possible to guess from the third series that Pierre gets captured by the French, Anatole Kuragin cut off the leg, and Marya Bolkonsky will marry Nikolai Rostov, and poor Sonia is on the bird’s rights to live in their house? – shouted one of the Western critics, describing the series in the pages of British Newspapers. – Yes never in life!”

The BBC is famous for its scale, and if it does something, that makes it not just good, but excellent. Work on the film adaptation of “War and peace” took two and a half years, this is the most expensive on today’s BBC series. Rich costumes, many players shooting in St. Petersburg, near Novgorod and Vilnius. Played soldier the extras were long – two hundred hours – training in the winter and summer camps, where he mastered the system and move passed fire and bayonet training. Over by the uniform, worked 180 people, the details are not saved on every suit of hussar took 180 buttons and 49 meters of lace.

Russia shocked the British actors

Few of the British crew visited Russia to work on this film, so strong was the shock of the actors from our open spaces and Royal palaces. “It is impossible not to feel all the power of Russia, when you are in St. Petersburg,” said James Norton, who played Andrei Bolkonsky. – We had a scene long walks with Jim Broadbent (the old Prince Bolkonsky). We were walking across a bridge between two frozen lakes, and around – the great white desert. This is only possible in Russia. It’s a grim, painful, dangerous place. Another incredible moment happened in the Catherine Palace, when Natasha and Andrew are dancing the waltz and fall in love. We were in a huge room the largest Palace in the world – Russian do not like half measures. Hall was, I think, three hundred feet in length, burning candles everywhere, live orchestra, waltzed around about two hundred people, and I and Lily James (Natasha Rostova) stood in the middle of the camera – it was just unbelievable.”

In the Russian version the characters speak in the language of Tolstoy

Working on the series, not only the British had done my best. Simultaneous scoring of paintings on the Russian language took two months, in the dubbing were involved in 45 domestic actors. For example, Petya Rostov was voiced by several people of different ages. Been looking for a suitable voice for Natasha, and eventually invited Anna Slynko, who have said for Lily James in the movie “Cinderella”. The battle and crowd scenes, painstakingly duplicated, first voiced the main characters, then episodical, after the crowd, in conclusion connected all with the original sound track. According to the Director of dubbing Olga Gasparova, during the transfer she constantly turned to the source: “We tried to find a middle ground between modern language and the new film adaptation of the novel”.

We can already predict that in Russia the premiere of the British series “War and peace” will cause a wide resonance: will be accepted to discuss, like whether Natasha Rostova and Pierre Bezukhov in Tolstoy’s original, whether it was possible for foreigners to understand the mysterious Russian soul and it is not too much they afford sekvestirovat 1274 pages of Tolstoy to six TV series. Anyway, will have to watch.


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