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Wednesday, March 14, 2018

Vyacheslav Nikonov explained the outlet with a portrait of Molotov on “Immortal regiment”

One of the main newsmakers of the action “Immortal regiment”, which was held may 9, was a scientist, head of the Duma Committee on education Vyacheslav Nikonov. On Victory Day with portraits of their ancestors — the winners of the great Patriotic war in the streets, millions of Russians, and Vyacheslav A. is no exception, holding up the portrait of his grandfather Vyacheslav Molotov. We talked with Mr. Nikonov after the action.

On Tuesday morning the Deputy and a barrage of criticism from the network of resources and opposition from the speakers of radio stations. Molotov, who was foreign Minister during the Stalin era, was accused of friendship with Hitler, the mass repressions in Russia, etc. is perceived As himself Vyacheslav Nikonov?

Vyacheslav Nikonov, Molotov’s portrait with the action “Immortal regiment” on may 9, 2016

– I calmly refer to the attacks. I’m his grandfather loved, respected, we have talked a lot. And I don’t judge him, but I know that his contribution to the Victory is very serious. Grandfather got his only big award — the star of the Hero — for the production of tanks for the Kursk battle. He was considered a great politician, and Roosevelt and Churchill and De Gaulle. Grandfather in 1945, was nominated for the Nobel peace prize. Grandfather was Deputy Chairman of the state Committee of defense. But it’s not just his service to the country. For me, that he – the native people, and perfectly natural to celebrate Victory Day with him. I met with him this holiday the first 30 years of his life. And of course, that I went out with his portrait, may 9.

– You and your grandfather talked about those historical criticisms, which resulted in his head in the Day of the victory of the Molotov-Ribbentrop Pact, for example?

– Of course. He believed this Treaty is absolutely essential, as many historians who believe the Pact is a great success of Soviet diplomacy. This allowed Pact to delay the war by two years and during that time to reinforce our military potential.

Participants of the memorial action “Immortal regiment” marched through the streets of Moscow (36 photos)

In August 1939 it was obvious that Germany attacked Poland and remains only the question of where to stop the German troops. In Warsaw, Minsk, Moscow or Vladivostok? And managed to hold a diplomatic line, for which the German troops for some time will not come after the destruction of Poland. Which, by the way, refused to accept the Soviet assistance. It was, as Churchill said, how cynical, so cold and calculating. The non-aggression Pact with Germany helped to buy time and eventually defeat Germany.

– Another reproach that is cast to the address of the Molotov — that he signed a death list…

– I in any case do not justify repression. But I can remember how my grandfather this period was described. He talked about the fact that there was a preparation for war, and the country was weighed down by the nightmare of the civil war, when foreign intervention was accompanied by a military division in society. The country’s leaders were afraid to repeat this scenario. And carried out reprisals against a potential internal enemy. I don’t want to justify. But this does not mean that Molotov’s contribution to the victory crossed. As for the decision-making about executions, these lists were approved of the Politburo.

– How can you explain the activity with which the media resources have attacked you and your grandfather?

– You’d better ask the authors of these attacks. And I say to myself, and I acted the only way he could do. Any grandson comes out with a portrait of his grandfather on the Day of victory. Moreover, the contribution of grandfather’s victory is obvious, and I love it. And to hide the love my grandfather cannot and will not. By the way, for some reason all the writing that I went out with his portrait in Moscow. It was a completely different city — I was in a convoy in Nizhny Novgorod. The residents of this city to me no questions asked.

– Why did you spend the holiday there?

– I have primaries… And write more that the people who ganged up on Molotov, it would be nice to perform his biography. I wrote it and I hope to publish in the autumn.

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