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Monday, March 19, 2018

The Western media praised celebrations in Russia on Victory Day

Victory day is “a key element of national identity” for Russia, say commentators in the foreign press. The Western media has paid close attention to the celebrations on may 9 in Russia. According to them, the parade on red square was addressed not only domestic but also international audience, including in the context of the confrontation with NATO and the Russian operation in Syria.

Pentagon press Secretary Peter cook did not congratulate someone on the anniversary of the Victory. Asked by journalists about the military parade in Moscow, the cook answered: “Nothing special. I haven’t looked, but I understand that it was a massive performance,” he said. However, the Western media with the formulation of Washington (“nothing special”) did not agree. On the contrary, they pointed to a number of factors that “it was impossible not to notice”.

More than a parade

“The Russian President observed with satisfaction that thousands of its troops are under March sounds”

Russia marks Victory over the Nazis with a much larger scale than in any other country, noted The New York Times. The publication reminded that the first Grand Victory Parade held in 1945 under the leadership of Stalin, and then the ritual was resumed in 1965 under the chairmanship of Soviet leader Leonid Brezhnev.

After the collapse of the USSR in 1995, the parade was again held by Boris Yeltsin, but “only under Putin at the ceremony has a new meaning – to demonstrate the revival of Russia’s military might and national pride after the chaos of the 90-ies,” stated American edition.

In confirmation of the newspaper noted the demonstration of military aircraft that are used in Syria. Also New York Times, on this occasion, said “a modernized version of anti-aircraft missile system “Buk”, from which, according to Dutch researchers, was hit by a Malaysian “Boeing” in the sky over Eastern Ukraine in 2014″. The newspaper recalled that “Russia denies involvement in the accident, but her arguments are “unsubstantiated”, assured the journalists of the NY Times.

Because the Victory parade in Russia is more than a parade, and agreed to British bi-Bi-si: heavy bombers and helicopters flew over red square, were also units of the latest military hardware such as missile complex RS-24 “YARS” and combat a new generation tank T-14 “Armata”. In addition, the parade was attended by troops of Russia’s newly established National guard, which is tasked with combating terrorism and organized crime, said the newspaper.

May 9, helps the Kremlin to stir up the Patriotic feelings of the Russians, as they remember the victims of the Second world war, said the publication: “in addition, Russia is investing billions of dollars in the modernization of its armed forces amid tense relations with NATO in connection with the conflict in Ukraine. Thus, the annual parade also demonstrated the Russian military power and international audience,” said bi-Bi-si.

Presented “modernized military equipment” on the red square and marveled at The Telegraph, which noted first of all system of advanced air defense systems used to protect Russian bases in Syria, and pointed to the number of aircraft involved in the Syrian conflict.

“A solid leader, the Russian President, whose forces annexed Crimea and is now helping the army of Bashar al-Assad, with satisfaction watched as thousands of his troops are held under the sounds of March,” said The Telegraph.

“Victory day is a key element of national identity for Russia, – said the newspaper. – It is necessary for the authorities to raise the Patriotic spirit and to emphasize the importance of having a strong military protection of the borders of the country.” “Moreover, the parade gives the opportunity to show how multi-billion dollar modernization program is changing the face of the Russian army,” added The Telegraph and recalled that a similar, though more modest parade was held on the base of Russia in Syria.

“A clever hint towards the West and especially the United States”

Meanwhile, The Associated Press (The AP) said that Victory Day is the most important holiday in the country because of the opportunities of military demonstrations, and because of the “enormous suffering incurred by the people.” The Soviet Union, according to some estimates, has lost about 26 million citizens were killed, of which only 8 million were military, reminded the publication. The portal added that “in the second half of the day, the March “Immortal regiment” the crowd of townspeople, which only estimated there were more than 400 thousand people, carried the portraits of their relatives – participants of the great Patriotic war”.

Although the Russian President mainly spoke about the importance of the victory over Nazism, was in his speech a number of signals for the West, pointed out to the media. In particular, Putin said that Russia is open to work with other countries to combat “global threat” of terrorism, reminded The NYT. While The AP stressed that Putin said that Russia is ready to help in the creation of the international security system, “which goes beyond military blocs”. Thus, Putin reiterated Russia’s rejection of NATO, said bi-Bi-si.


In addition, there was another “sarcastic hint towards the West, especially the United States,” said The NYT gave the statement of Putin: “Comrades, the lessons of history teach us that peace on Earth is not installed by itself… you need to be careful.., double standards and short-sighted pandering to those who Harbor criminal plans, are unacceptable,” – said the head of the Russian state. “This comment clearly refers to the Washington’s support for the rebel groups in Syria, who Russia considers terrorist organizations,” said The NYT.

Claims about “the double standards” and call for “non-bloc system of international security,” Russia, as a rule, addresses to the West and NATO, agreed and The AP. The Telegraph, meanwhile, said that Vladimir Putin simply said “the need to combat global terrorism and cooperation with other countries for this”.

“Traditionally did not mention about any of the ally of the USSR during the war”

In conclusion, The NYT noted that the Victory Day in Russia is “the triumph of Soviet nostalgia”. Vladimir Putin saluted the soldiers, calling them “comrades”, the townspeople were in “the hats of the red army” (caps – approx. OPINION), some are fully clothed in her form, and state television showed mostly war movies and footage of the parade.

“Our soldiers and officers have proven that they are worthy heirs of the heroes of the great Patriotic war, and that they are ready with honor to protect the interests of Russia”, – said Putin. The Russian President traditionally did not mention about any of the main ally of his country during the war – neither about the US nor about the UK.

The fact that in Russia very poorly mentioned allies in the Second world war, and said bi-Bi-si. The newspaper released an article titled “do Muscovites allies of the USSR during the Second world war?”, in which he noted that at the time as one easily called allies and enemies of the USSR, for others, this question was not so simple.” Meanwhile, the newspaper reported that in Central London on Monday for the first time held Russian action “Immortal regiment”. The procession gathered several hundred people.

The Victory Day celebration and was interested in the British tabloid The Daily Mirror. Despite the fact that red square were well represented and fighters and anti-aircraft missile systems, and nuclear weapons, “everyone’s attention was focused on the marching women who clearly looked out of place,” said the newspaper. The publication explained that “marching women” were black knee-high boots, tan pantyhose, and a starched white uniform…, “but the main thing that was evident is their short mini-skirt, which contrast sharply with the shape of the female battalions of most Western armies, including the armed forces of great Britain and the United States,” said The Daily Mirror. Thus, “sexist military parade, Putin demonstrated to the world their “army in mini skirts”, said the newspaper. Women were on the slender ranks under the military March, the sun shone brightly and it was noticeable that “brutal Russian leader” like this sight”.

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