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Thursday, March 15, 2018

The hidden meaning of the resignation of Maria Gaidar: Ukrainian radicals running the show

So Gaydar is no longer strides ahead. The best of Maria Gaidar, the post of Deputy Governor of the Odessa region Mikhail Saakashvili was not particularly long and not particularly happy.

Photo: facebook.com/gaidarmaria

Arriving in Odessa last July to the sounds of trumpets of propaganda – “the daughter of a Russian reformer of the cult chose freedom, chose the Maidan chose Ukraine!Cheers!”- Maria Gaidar due to fierce resistance of local political elites only this January was able to sit in the coveted Vice-Governor’s chair – and even then only with insulting console acting And that’s on the calendar still only may. And Ms. Gaidar is already a proud holder of the title “ former acting Vice-Governor”.

Well, it happens, Maria Egorovna! Don’t be sad, some is even worse than you. I, as a fan of a variety of historical curiosities, in memory immediately come, for example, here are two names. In 1783 the Earl temple held the post of British Minister of foreign Affairs for four days from 19 to 23 December. And in 1869 an American politician Ali Washburn held the position of Secretary of state as much as 11 days – from 5 to 16 March.

And what a wealth of examples, Maria Egorovna, you can find, if you travel back to almost native Latin American continent – for those who are not aware, let me remind you that as a child you lived five years, thence in the country of Bolivia. Here, for example, in Cuba there was a big hurrah after the new 1959. For the period from January 1 to January 3 in the rank of presidents and interim presidents had visited there as many as four people. No, you see, Maria Egorovna, on such background you look awesome!

But it’s all, as they say, a humorous aspect. Does the resignation of Maria Gaidar from his post as acting Deputy of such a comic character, which is Mikhail Saakashvili himself, the other – serious – side? Oddly enough, there is. There is, even taking into account the fact that, with the exception of the PR industry, the real impact of Maria Gaidar on Ukrainian politics from the very beginning have been within negligible statistical error.

From my point of view, the expulsion of Maria Gaidar out of the chair acting Vice-Governor of Odessa is another important marker, another indicator of how far gone modern Ukraine anti-Russian sentiments and the process of rejection of everything connected with Moscow. I agree that, initially, such a question may seem absurd. According to our Kremlin leadership, Maria Gaidar is a “traitor”, a former Russian politician who voluntarily sided with the most radical anti-Russian forces.

But, as made clear herself Maria Gaidar in his farewell Vice-Governor’s speech, the Ukrainian “radical anti-Russian forces” look at the situation differently: “I can say that I worked here honestly. In medicine this is an additional one hundred million budget. All payments sent. In addition to the arguments “ You are from Russia – get out!” that’s all you hear. I think this conversation is totally inappropriate and unacceptable…I will continue to work as the assistant of Mikhail Saakashvili”.

In other words, where the Kremlin saw “traitor to the Fatherland”, Ukrainian nationalists saw the “Kremlin agent”. Last summer looked like a well-calculated career move moving Maria Gaidar, in Odessa, in practice, turned out to be not-so-brilliant decision. Maria Gaidar is stuck between two worlds. It is not “entirely his neither there nor here”. So it should be? I tend to refrain from such emotive evaluations. And career success, and career failures of Maria Gaidar cause I have the same feeling of profound indifference. Important not the Maria Gaidar. Important conclusions that can be made including from her failed attempt to become his Ukraine.

These conclusions are, from my point of view, are: the process of political, economic, cultural and mental “divorce” between Ukraine and Russia, unfortunately, has no intention to slow down. Make a confession of a personal nature. I have caused horrible “heartburn” former Prime Minister of Ukraine Arseniy Yatsenyuk. And the recent inglorious resignation of this gentleman, I took it as an excuse for a little “feast on the street”.

But as I asked myself the question “ will the resignation have survived in its Russophobia to anecdotal extremes Yatsenyuk to real positive changes in relations between Moscow and Kyiv?”, I, for all his desire, was not able to give a positive response. If you look at the situation objectively, impartially and unemotionally, and Ukraine, and Russia should the cease-fire, the warming and the restoration of broken and torn relationships. Conflict with each other weakens Kiev and Moscow, and the winner is the only one Washington.

And do not think that the Ukrainian power structures there are no people who hold on this question of the same opinion as me. There are such people. To count and to understand their benefits in high Kyiv offices were always. Do not think that people who are willing to restore normal relations with Russia, and not among ordinary Ukrainian population. And there are people there and, I believe, quite serious. But all of this “pales in comparison with the other circumstances: the radical-nationalist elements have today in Ukrainian politics the actual veto.

Radicals are not strong enough and influential to themselves to occupy all the commanding heights in Ukrainian politics and the economy. As in Russia in the second half of the 90s, all the most important operational decisions taken by the oligarchs-the pragmatists, concerned primarily with preserving their wealth and influence. One of these oligarchs-pragmatists “in combination” is even now the position of the President of Ukraine. And, as I have heard from a variety of sources, Poroshenko would gladly have agreed with Russia – if it is believed that it will not hurt his political survival.

But this faith in Poroshenko just not. The President of Ukraine understand that in case of detection of signs of their “sedition”, the radicals can easily carry anyone, including himself. In modern Ukrainian politics pragmatism is permissible only when we are talking about the next redistribution that some citizens because of their naivety still considered public property. In the sphere of relations with Russia, any sudden movement – or, rather, a movement aimed at improving these relationships – are deadly.

Pragmatism here does not smell. But it reeks of fanaticism, blind agressia and complete lack of logic. However, that is what I tell you? If you want to know more about this “ range of flavors”, porasprashivayte better Maria Gaidar. It is this issue now a very eminent specialist.

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