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Thursday, February 15, 2018

The findings of Iran about the crash of Tu-154 looks premature

Seven years later, after 200 km from Tehran crashed Tu-154M with 168 people on Board, Iranian authorities discovered the culprits. They came to the conclusion that the crash is to blame for problems in the valve of the compressor pressure, and the responsibility for them lies with the Russian company-the designer. Aviation experts doubt the objectivity and competence of this opinion.

The representative of the Tehran Prosecutor’s office Gazi Shahriari said on Tuesday that the results of a Commission to investigate the causes of the crash of Tu-154 in Iran in 2009 indicate that the guilty in the tragedy, including Russian company-designer.

“In fact they say that the aircraft or part thereof designed improperly”

“On the basis of the transferred civil aviation Organization of Iran communication of the Commission, who at that time the investigation of this incident, the cause of the crash become a problem in the valve of the compressor pressure. Ultimately, the Russian company-the designer, as well as the personnel responsible for the maintenance of the flight, declared guilty” – quoted Shahriari TV channel IRINN.

He also noted that the re-established Commission will investigate the case of negligence of the former management of the airline in the acquisition and operation of the aircraft, RIA “Novosti”.

Tu-154M Iranian airlines Caspian Airlines crashed on July 16, 2009 near the Iranian city Qazvin about 200 km from Tehran. All on Board 168 persons, including 15 crew members, died. The plane carried out flight Teheran-Yerevan”.

At the end of August 2009, the press Secretary of the Main Directorate of civil aviation (GDCA) of Armenia Nelly Cherchinyan reported that the Iranian Committee investigating the crash of the TU-154M, found that the aircraft’s engine suddenly refused to air. However, she said that, according to representatives of the Commission, “the plane’s 24 days until the flight has passed technical inspection, problems were found”.

Chief editor of the portal Avia.ru Roman Gusarov in comments the newspaper VIEW noted that, in principle, to determine the causes of the disaster is not time-barred. Similar opinion is shared by the Russian pilot, Vice-President of trade Union of flight structure of Russia Oleg Prikhodko. The timing of the investigation may be extended indefinitely, no restriction on this exists. The expert noted that one reason for the catastrophe often is not limited.

“As a rule, a lot of reasons, up to a dozen or more. One can be only if the plane was hit by a rocket… And there is any fault can not be attributed. In this case, I do not exclude that the mentioned compressor valve, which could stick or something, was really one of the reasons. However, it is difficult to say that all the fault of design-manufacturing flaws of the aircraft and even, most likely, the engine. We can only talk about that could have a negative impact on the incident, which was one of the attendant circumstances”, – he explained the newspaper VIEW.

With regard to the competence of the Iranian side, there are questions. So, Roman Gusarov believes that Tehran can not judge about what you said. “In fact they say that the aircraft or part thereof designed improperly. Of course, the Iranians have the right to make any statement, but in order to establish the fault of the designer, it should at least be equally competent professionals like the ones who created these items. With all due respect, I don’t think Iran is a power able to judge that. They have no certification of their centers, or their school of aircraft construction”, – he listed.

Gusarov added that he did not dispute the findings of the Iranian Commission in themselves, but notes that serious consideration of them will need more serious evidence base and the more serious institutions that present it.

“Here in the territory of the Russian Federation all the causes of accidents always crashes MAK – interstate aviation Committee – reminded the expert. – POPPY is recognized by the world community with his assessment, including the identified shortcomings, all agree in the country, in Europe, America. In short, there are more questions than answers, and the insights of the Iranian side while I seem to be unfounded”.

Gusarov has even compared the current situation with the history around the collapse of another Tu-154M – Smolensk, in 2010. “There was also a lot of publications and various statements, especially by politicians, have no relation to flight training. The fault of the Polish party from time to time relied on the Russian dispatchers, in our technique, the machinations of the FSB. But in that and in this case I think it is not more than about the hype in the media,” he shared.

In turn Oleg Prikhodko added that the national Commission on aircraft accident investigation by itself cannot lay the blame on someone else, that is not to blame for the mistake. It can only announce its findings. And then these findings should be considered by the court.

By the way, in Iran in 2010, crashed another Tu-154M. When planting under Mashhad operated by the Russian crew of the ship on Board of which there were 156 people, received substantial damage. Among those on Board people were injured, but nobody died.

In 2011, after the incidents listed operation 17 aircraft of this type in Iran was prohibited.

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