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Friday, March 23, 2018

The continuation of the offshore scandal: what’s known about its initiator “John DOE”

The scandal around “the Panama document” continues to grow: yesterday free appeared the entire base of customer data, the company Mossack Fonseca. Meanwhile, the identity of the initiator of offshore scandal remains a mystery. What do we know about him?

This man is quite typical hidden under the pseudonym “John DOE” (as in Anglo-Saxon law and the English media called anonymous characters). Recently, on may 5, “John DOE” published in the press statement under the loud title “the Revolution will be digitized”, where he spoke about what prompted him to promulgate such an “explosive” information.

photo: pixabay.com

“John DOE” explained that the company Mossack Fonseca have been published by it primarily because of growing income inequality and financial corruption on a global scale.

In his statement, “John DOE says: the attached materials demonstrate the injustice carried out by the offshore business, and accused the government that they allow offshore companies to flourish.

Recall that it all began in 2014, when a man over an encrypted channel contacted by Bastien Obermaier, a reporter for the German newspaper Süddeutsche Zeitung. In the letter, sent by anonymous, and was told the following: “hi. My name is John DOE. Interesting data”. When the Obermayer said that he agreed to cooperate, DOE continued: “My life is in danger. No meetings. I want to report material, and publicize their crimes”.

And “Dou” began the transfer of approximately 11.5 million documents from the Panamanian law firm Mossack Fonseca. This information is in electronic form “weighed” to 2.6 terabytes.

The author of the leaks says that seeking legal protection in exchange for assistance to law enforcement agencies.

“John DOE” also expressed concern about the fate of their “colleagues”, famous for his leaks of classified documents (including Edward Snowden). In his opinion, such people the government needs to provide full immunity.

By the way, back in April, another whistleblower, who in his Manifesto mentions “DOE”, American financial leader Bradley Birkenfeld suggested that discharge “Panama records” can stand the CIA. Some conspiracy theorists even guessed before that the scandal may be Russia…

The name, nationality, age, profession and even gender “John DOE” still a mystery behind lock and key. How to assure the Süddeutsche Zeitung reporter who received the materials leak, the identity of the whistleblower remains not known even to them. According to the German newspaper, the source didn’t ask for any financial compensation in exchange for the merged data, and nothing at all — except for some security measures (which ones is not detailed).

“More than just a cog in the machine “control the wealth”, Mossack Fonseca used his influence for writing and distortion of laws around the world in favor of the interests of criminals for decades, writes in his statement “John DOE”. – In the case of the island of Niue (an island in Polynesia, “a state in free Association” with New Zealand – “MK”), the firm essentially ran on a Harbor from the beginning to the end. Ramon Fonseca and jürgen Mossak made us to believe that the shell companies of their firms, sometimes referred to as “special-purpose cars” (special purpose vehicles is also translated as “special legal entity” – “MK”), it’s just a sort of machinery. And only “special assignment” of these cars was often a high level of fraud”.

“Shell company,” continues “John DOE”, is often associated with a criminal fleeing from the taxes, but the Panamanian paper show without a shadow of a doubt that although shell companies are not illegal by definition, are used for the implementation of wide spectrum of serious crimes that exceed far tax evasion. I decided to put out things Mossack Fonseca, because I believed that its founders, employees and customers would be responsible for their role in these crimes, which shed light on the as yet only partially”.

According to “John DOE”, it does not work and has not worked for any government or intelligence Agency, directly or as a contractor: “My point was entirely my own, and what was my solution to share documents with Süddeutsche Zeitung and the International consortium of investigative journalism (ICIJ), and not for any particular political goals, but simply because I understood enough about their content to be aware of the level described in them, injustices”.

“I call upon the European Commission, British Parliament, U.S. Congress and all States to take immediate action not only to protect whistleblowers, but also in order to put an end to violations of the global registers of the companies” – calls the author of the leaks.

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