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Thursday, March 15, 2018

Stotsky leaked to the Internet secret information about the judges of “Eurovision”

Anastasia Stotskaya would now share the fate of Joan of Arc. But while the television station where yesterday met the Russian jury of “Eurovision”, not see smoke from a bonfire on which they burn witches… As a member of the Russian jury, Nastya spent the video “intimate” dialogue of judges in the online service Periscope.

photo: Lily Sherlovskaja

There is no doubt, however, that from Kirkorov it has already received on the first number, because how anyone could be expected “match”, but not from a former protégé that is out of the blue has confused all the cards of pop the king in his current campaign for the Swedish victory at the Eurovision song contest with his main killer weapon Sergey Lazarev.

Nastya, in General, nothing bad to nobody wanted. Put it in Russian jury of 5 people, which is sitting in a secret room and signing a bunch of papers “non-disclosure” and “independent vote”, enter grades, from Russia bidders – in the first “our” in the semi-final and then final. Nastya, like a lot of other people, half-crazed from magic permanent PR with the help of modern gadgets that has become a self-sufficient purpose and meaning of life, just decided to “propiaritsya”, sorry for the rude word. And, judging by the records, the main purpose was to show not the pangs of competition, and your plump lips in this meeting. Views, incidentally, were not chosen a fountain, and generally a pretty face actress looked like this time a grimace swamp toad. Insidious selfie!

But the horror that secretly in a live-broadcast in this “Periscope” and got the discussion process members of the jury rooms of the contestants, a picture of secret ballots – inaudible, of course, pointless, but true. In fact happened a flagrant violation of the existing rules of the EBU (European broadcasting Union). On the other hand, with “such nonsense” as he called it in private conversation one of the officials, the EBU had never experienced. Therefore, all people are scratching their heads now, and don’t know how to react.

EBU officially announced that the decision will be announced later. That is, it turns out, just before today’s semi-finals, which involved just Russia with Sergey Lazarev. Who will be disqualified, and whether it is not yet clear. Poor Nastya said, “he did not know that it is impossible”, but now terribly upset. Of little minds to understand that you can not have pop of our-zvezdolety, of course, is not enough. Kirkorov, I think, ranting and raving, and it would be better Stotsky eyes on him in the coming years not to get caught. The Russian delegation in Stockholm, comments and offers to wait for the official statement of the EMU.

All hope that the scandal will descend on the brakes, especially that do any results she has not announced. The terrible word “disqualification” trying not to even think. Otherwise, if really have kindle on Calvary for the fire Stocki…



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