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Sunday, March 18, 2018

Russian scientists redefined the structure of the Earth

An international group of experts under the leadership of Professor nust MISIS Igor Abrikosov presented compelling evidence that the generally accepted today, the theory of formation of Earth’s magnetic field is incorrect. Researchers obtained findings indicate that thermal convection in the Earth’s core formation of the planet’s magnetic field, despite dominating in recent submissions to contribute can’t.

photo: morguefile.com

Scientists from Russia, Slovenia, France and Sweden rechecked the calculations made last year by materials scientists from the United States by Ronald Cohen, pan Zhang and and Christian Heule. I agree the Americans carried out calculations and developed computer model, the thermal conductivity of the earth’s core is not as high as previously thought. Publication on this subject in Nature, one of the most prestigious scientific publications in the world, has caused a wide public discussion and resulted in a revision of some scientific concepts.

However, during the audit of Russian and European scientists have discovered an error in the calculations of the American colleagues. It is reported that the authors disproved the theory, after reviewing the new work, agreed with the presented arguments in it and withdrew his article from the journal Nature in April of this year.

Convection is a mode of heat transfer in which internal energy is transferred by streams and streams. Version, that the formation of Earth’s magnetic field is associated with this process in its core, has repeatedly found himself the center of attention of specialists. Primary it was considered to be until 2012, after that was disproved, in 2015 she again came to the fore to be re-questioned in the new work. In nust MISIS noted that the discussion about the thermal history of the planet remains open. When the response is finally received, this will enable astrophysicists to use the relevant data in the study and modelling of other planets and other celestial bodies in the Universe.

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