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Tuesday, March 13, 2018

Putin has promised an investigation of the weaknesses identified by the campaign in Syria

Vladimir Putin gathered the military in Sochi, to discuss the results of the Syrian campaign ended almost three months ago. In General, efficiency of actions of the Russian group and quality tested in combat arms is no doubt the Supreme commander. But there are some drawbacks, which should carefully be analyzed to improve long-term patterns.

photo: Natalia Gubernatorova

The participants of the meetings that the commander in chief regularly conducts in his Sochi residence “Bocharov stream”, learned the lessons of last year.

Then due to the carelessness of the military itself in the camera lens, filmed cutaways for news stories, came the presentation of the multi-purpose drum sets “Status-6” that are in the process of development. The secret footage, which if you wish you could see the name of the manufacturer and basic specifications of the system on one of the channels managed to show in Prime time. Then broke out a terrible scandal: journalists were forbidden to remove any of the meetings, but Putin himself, and the military – to spread out on the tables reports and presentations.

So this time nothing extra except a pencil and sheets of clean paper in front of the generals did not lie. And they are waiting for the President, tried to not even talk to each other… As they say – from a sin far away.

Putin recalled that at a week-long meeting in Sochi with the leadership of the defense Ministry and defense industry enterprises regularly travels with 2013. The present meeting was the seventh – is carried out immediately after the Victory parade, where the Russian army, according to foreign observers, showed the world its new face: the designers of combat vehicles has demonstrated its focus on achieving maximum results with minimum force.

The comfort and survival of the crew now considered less important than combat characteristics of the new technology. And the soldiers finally began to smile widely. “The new Russian army is the army of polite people do not be afraid”, – such message was seen in a military parade experts.

Vladimir Putin at a meeting in Sochi also stressed that in recent years the Russian armed forces has changed significantly – the quality of training has improved, and the level of equipping with modern military equipment has reached 47,2%. Here, however, the President grimaced a little. Not the most good level, but perfectly acceptable, he said.

– I hope, at the end of this year we will reach 50%. So, Mr Shoigu? – he turned to the Minister of defence.

– 51% – said the same.

According to the Supreme commander, the high quality of Russian weapons has been clearly demonstrated in Syria. “Strikes from the air and sea infrastructure and groups ISIL AND Jabhat al-Nusra were accurate and powerful. It is possible to achieve a fundamental turning point in the fight against militants, although the situation there is complicated, and the Syrian army is still much to do,” said GDP.

For the main part of the Russian group’s military operation in the region ended in mid-February, ceremonial fanfare died down, the characters got what they deserved – it’s time to take stock. This will be devoted to the first meeting of the current series, said the President. He listed the main quantitative indicators of the campaign is committed by 10 thousand sorties, 115 launches of cruise missiles, air-and sea-based, 178 sorties of long range aircraft, liberated from terrorists 500 settlements.

However, these figures do not give a true picture of the effectiveness of the operation. Putin said that all were amazed 30 thousand goals, including 200 objects for production and processing of oil. But did not specify exactly how many blows it was dealt.

However Supreme commander frankly admitted that the Syrian campaign revealed certain shortcomings in the armed forces and urged the participants to concentrate on their discussion. “On every issue should be a thorough investigation and professional analysis, and then taken measures to address these problems. This will allow us to adjust future development and improvement of military equipment”, – said Putin.

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