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Monday, March 19, 2018

Philip Dares: “Your military I sing songs like you wrote them”

French guitarist and singer Philip Dares regularly coming to Moscow with pleasure by participating in various public events; and now, may 9, he performed in “Muzeon” as their works to the guitar, and the Soviet songs of the war years — for example, “Dark night”, and in Russian. Philip on the day still lingered in Moscow, which he loves, and we used this day for an interview about this chanson, the war, the European Union and other countries-an urgent…

photo: Marina Raikin

Philip Dares with son

— Many times you were in Russia

— A lot, but accompanying other singers. As the guitarist. And now he sing the songs, and the tradition went with a circus — there I was invited to speak on March 8. Last year I sang a solo in the Park “Krasnaya Presnya”. And here it is again…

— May 9, you could not see the enthusiasm of the masses… the fact is that once the main holiday we had 7 of November, and now all the meanings and momentum shifted to the ninth.

— Yes, I really felt the emotions that were on their faces. Was the youth that carried the portraits of their …

— Relatives of those killed in the war…

Yes, Yes. It was obvious that 9 may is very much touching of people, and indeed, Russia has suffered great sacrifices in the struggle against fascism. She did, and won, so that the holiday feels much stronger than in other countries.

In France it somehow felt?

— Very different… nothing to do. Yes, we have it — a day off, people know why, but neither your emotions nor your rise, nothing. In France people are much more responsive to the events of this day Charles, football victory, etc.

— There are new threats to mankind…

— Of course, we feel the fear of the conquests of the Islamic state. People live, and pretend that it is not afraid, but fear is still present.

— Migration processes — a serious challenge for Europe; what to do — to dissociate itself from migrants or “digest” them to integrate?

— 50% in France think so, 50% — that way. Who is talking about… same thing about the integrity of the European Union: the Bretons want to be Bretons, and the French, the British, too, want to preserve the tradition of the Gypsies wish to be Roma… God knows.

— That you sang “Dark night” by Nikita Bogoslovsky… than close to you songs — music, words?

— Not knowing how to Express: I can feel them — as a musician and as an artist. Sing them as if he wrote. By the way, I, of course, write the songs…

— In our musicology is debatable — what is the real French chanson, and that French pop music…

— Our chanson is first of all, the words… Nice melody and depth of the text. But it’s not those, of course, songs that dance in a variety show.

— Patricia Kaas — chanson or pop music?

Estrada. Delilah? Too Estrada. The best, though. Mireille Mathieu? Too Estrada. Not pop music is Yves Montand, Serge Gainsbourg, Charles Aznavour. Do not think that pop music or variety show in our opinion, this is bad. There are a variety of very good quality. But chanson… in the center of chanson needs to have a personality. Edith Piaf did not write songs herself, wrote to her, but she’s a person…

— In present-day France, where the bias is in the chanson or pop?

Chanson, of course, remained, but the figures, alas, are few. For example, there are many performers who, not being Edith Piaf, sing the repertoire of Edith Piaf. Now everything is commercialized… cheap music sold much better than the chanson.

— And what such “the Eurovision”? In Muzykantsky it interesting?

— Now this is a business…

— France has always had a special relationship to their language at the level of state programs. But the example of music — as in France Estrada anglicised, so to speak, “losing ground” to the English language?

— Alas. All the young who wish to sing, sing in English. And the very concept of career is different. Earlier career were for a long time, now it is very short. And singers are gradually fading from the French language, the radio sounds a lot of songs in English.

— How do you like Russia how you feel?

— About the politics of anything you could not tell, not an expert, but I am optimistic about the future of Russia. Love her, love people, love to walk alone on the streets of Moscow. On Petrovka. Past the Hermitage garden, on Dmitrovka. Love the little Church near the “Lenkom”. I love Pushkin square. I feel people pulling me here. Fantastic night lighting. I’m blinded by the beauty of Moscow on 9 may. And still very clean… much cleaner than in Paris. People are very well dressed. The girls are all beautiful, all fashion, all in skirts… and in Paris — with black pants, and unkempt. It’s great to have you!

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