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Saturday, March 17, 2018

Moments son shot Bukharin

A well-known painter Yury Larin may 8, would have turned 80 years old (he died on September 14, 2014). This date in the Small Arena was dedicated to a large exhibition of his works. I have preserved the text of an unpublished interview with Yuri Nikolayevich, a man of dramatic fate.

photo: From personal archive

Yuri Larin

Speaking the facts

He was born in 36th in the Kremlin, in a happy family a major public figure of Nikolai Ivanovich Bukharin and Anna Larina. On the orders of Stalin, Bukharin and his wife was arrested. From Jura, and thoroughly concealed the truth. Only 19 years old, he learned something about the tragedy. And in 20 years dared to go to the mother in the link. The address on her envelopes he knew by heart. Mom told son some details about his 8-month life in the Kremlin.

Much later he became a well-known fact, curious to understand the nature of Stalin. It was at that time killed the wife of Joseph Stalin, Nadezhda Alliluyeva. The injured nature of the leader protested. And he asked Nikolay Ivanovicha to change apartments. And the exchange took place.

Nikolai Bukharin was an educated man, knew French, German, English, masterfully painted. This talent was inherited by Yuri. Having higher education in engineering, Larin worked on the construction of the Saratov hydroelectric power station and studied at the Correspondence University named after Krupskaya. And then — at the Moscow art school (former Stroganov. And has dedicated his life to art. To communicate with journalists is not sought.

Yuri suffered a serious brain surgery. This has created new problems. I asked him once to take me into his workshop. And here I am in a small room. On two easels — recent works of Yuri Nikolayevich. The right hand of the artist after the disease was poorly mobile. Work he had left. Fate sent him a new challenge…

— Yury Nikolaevich, every day on the way to the workshop you go for trading in the transitions Pushkin square, which burns like the appeal of Nikolai Ivanovich Bukharin: “get rich…”

— This slogan was for its time. In that time it has kept people who know how to farm. Nikolai believed that the transition to the NEP is the collapse of our illusions.

— What feelings do you have about our personalitly?

— I can’t even see them. I try not to watch, nothing to hear: it is necessary to focus, to delve into spiritual work. I don’t think about what people will consider me. I want to do what I want. I’m not forged or under whose tastes. I remember my first lesson at school. My adoptive parents Guzman — Boris Izrailevich and IDA G. not dare to put me in first class. With the permission of the Director put me in the second — to read and write I knew how, but didn’t know the rules. At a lesson the teacher asked the class: what is the offer? The boy quickly replied: “the Thought expressed by words, is called the offer”. And the newcomer asked, and I snapped fixed — “a thought expressed in words…”

We used to think that the idea can only be expressed by words. In fact, the idea expressed on canvas with paints, and in musical composition.

— Maybe from the music, waiting for more feelings than thoughts?

— But the feeling is also kind of the idea…

— Business people developed a feeling of luck. The famous Parisian Marchand Durand-Ruel, the buyer and the seller of paintings by the young Impressionists, profited, but did not allow the artists to starve to death.

— Russian merchants Morozov and Shchukin collected paintings by Matisse. I wonder why the merchants felt that Matisse is a great artist? There is the scenic idea, which used to have other masters were not. But in life everything is connected: the idea of the painter, the idea of the philosopher, the musician thought and, perhaps, the idea of a business person. Morozov and Shchukin probably find some Parallels to his merit in the painting of Matisse.

Your foster parents made the difficult decision, taking you to the house. And they had their children?

— Had a son, but was already sitting on the Kolyma. Two adopted children grew up and scattered. Later Boris Izrailevich was arrested, and I was in the orphanage…

I did not pry, what was there to the boy, not knowing whose son he is. But apparently, and then it was silent dialogue with nature. Paintings and watercolors Larina does not have the literary plot. A particular landscape, to speak more sublimely, only inspires the author. In nature it only makes the sketch — work begins at home. Plan and mental attitude command, what color, what plastic will enliven the canvas. Experts say about the cosmic nature of works Larina. Indeed, their motive and plastic caught as if by a glance from there. I told this to my experience:

— In your paintings and in watercolors pristine nature; Adam and eve not yet made by the Creator.

“That is what I have said from St. Petersburg, the Patriarch of Russian painting Pavel Ivanovich Basmanov, but I have to say, in his watercolors there are always people: “For your work, Yuri, shows the earth, which existed even before it appeared in my people.”

When there is an artistic idea, while interesting to work with. Before I just drew the branches of trees or something. But it was boring. But in thirty years I went to art school. In painting, in particular the relationship between visual motif and motif color-plastic. These are the two poles — scene and color — are fighting among themselves.

“In the world is going God knows what”

— Yury Nikolaevich, now for works of art at auction to pay a fortune. How do you feel about the purchase and sale of works of art?

— Any commercialization of art is nothing good in itself does not conceal. But as a result of our market cases should arise, the businessman, a connoisseur of painting, as Morozov and Shchukin. Current businessmen are still uncultured businessmen, not trained.

But buy the painting and overseas guests. They taste seems to be brought up.

That’s what it seems. The fact is that now the world is going God knows what. And there, in the galleries, not all of course.

— Do you often visit the exhibitions of our artists? What do you think about them?

— Of course, there are. There is one artist, not name it, it’s one of the richest of our artists. But for me his painting is not interested; people are paying money for it — thousands.

— And why do they pay? Perhaps it is the patronage buying to support the artist?

— No. In the conceptual way of working is a kind of invention: “this never happened before.” But what’s new isn’t good. There are absolute criteria of the plastic arts, starting with cave paintings. The drawings of the artists of the Renaissance plastic. Cezanne plastic. This is all a branch of the normal development of the art. And there is the branch that elected crossword-rebusy method. And there you can do anything you want.

— And your paintings bought?

First my painting was purchased by famous collector of Russian Yakov Evseevich Rubinstein. My stuff is in Italy, watercolors — in the Russian Museum and the Tretyakov gallery. Oil — in State gallery of Armenia. Many in private collections. But I’m greedy: I try not to sell. I want to make a big show abroad.

photo: From personal archive
Yuri Larin in the workshop

— At us are expensive paints, brushes, canvas. How do you cope?

— In my 89th year, was the first large exhibition on the Crimean shaft. And I have long lived reserves with the money. Several times, my mother brought from abroad, paints, brushes…

— And you did not leave?

— No. Here some strange principles. In ‘ 87 I was in the US exhibition, but my father has not yet been rehabilitated, of course, about my trip could not speak.

Salvation in painting and love

— Many artists are amazingly beautiful wife. I remembered Bebutova, wife of Pavel Kuznetsov, looking at your Olya. However, it is a totally different style. But grace, but the wise restraint of the gesture…

— I underwent eight hours of surgery. I was operated on the brilliant neurosurgeon Alexander Konovalov. He saved my life. After surgery I could barely walk. And at this time dying of cancer my wife, Inge Bailed. She was a journalist. And, to be honest, I was confused. How to live? The son Kolka I, alas, could not care. My mother was also not very healthy. And in General it was hard for me. Thank you painting. Leningrad Union of artists Georgy Kovenchuk once said to me: “Yura, you need a workshop?” — “Yeah” — saying. “I’ll help”. So I found myself in this workshop. Was 88th year. I even lived here. Invited his disciple Misha Yakushin — I have for many years taught at the art school “Memory 1905”. In these difficult days helped me a lot Olga. She is a doctor and is very good. I went for her hand to coaching. Went, went, and then school ended. I began to call her. She has a family, son is the same age as my Kolka. And we made friends with Olga. We were very bored without each other. Olya is a miracle. I sent her God.

photo: From personal archive
With his wife Olga

It defeats the spirit of overcoming

— How do you perceive the new generation?

— Very hard to take. Completely different people. They accounted for this wreck. Son never was interested in my case, even though his mother was a gifted artist. Inga graduated from architecture. She drew beautifully. Kolka I was harder — I was trying to teach him to overcome. But nick is a free man.

— In the pictures of your palpable loneliness. Obviously, it sits in you since the orphanage then?

It’s difficult to say. All very strange. In my childhood I very liked to joke and have fun. Although felt — something secret there is in my life. My adoptive parent — Boris Izrailevich, sent me a letter with the construction of Volga-don. He wrote: “Dear Yura, it’s good to work as a hydraulic engineer”. After all, I did hydraulic engineering Institute under his influence. In the words of all he was in order. But on a piece of writing, I noticed dents letters — a forced labor camp. And was shocked: for what it there?

— And at what age you learned that your father — Bukharin? How did you feel then?

— Learned in 20 years. This was written by my mother in her book “Unforgettable”. But if to say honestly — I don’t even remember their condition. My friend — philosopher calls it the effect of forgetting… heavy.

— And the painting became engaged on the example of his father, he, too, was fond of?

— The work of his father I saw a man, when he returned to Moscow. I could not find anything that would match my level of laziness. I did not know how. The Institute studied poorly. Graduated from the hydrotechnical and didn’t want anything. Twelve years in the hydraulic engineering. Seriously ill with tuberculosis.

In Moscow he enrolled in the art school, at the evening the faculty of design. I liked the colors, and I knew I was going to paint. And then familiarity with Inga. She gave up painting as soon as I began to draw.

— Made a sacrifice. Do you have a favorite painting?

— No. I have a lot of good pictures. I know who I am. While many do not understand me. Then you will understand…

He burned his translation at the stake

— Your thoughts about God.

— I’m not a believer. Do not believe, perhaps because of the principle that all artists, which I don’t like to call themselves believers. But on the canvas you can see everything!

— He can speak about God, but the picture betrays its diabolical nature?

— One artist I directly and said, “You are a believer. But in your work there is no spirituality”. If you take “the Trinity” by Rublev, there are all — plastic. And divine color, and all organic. Our artists instead of spirituality and the Church’s attributes. Even the papal blessing will not make them more spiritual…

— Yuri, your share has fallen much suffering. Did you try to write a memoir?

— No. Quite different… When I found out that in America, a book by Princeton University Professor Stephen Cohen’s Bukharin on, I started to translate it — faster wanted to know about his father.

— You know English?

— Not at all.

— And still dared. The transfer was recorded?

— Of course. By the way, after a search of Anton Vladimirovich Antonov-Ovseenko, when the book of Cohen withdrew my manuscript of the translation I had to burn. It was like this. During the search accidentally attended my mom. She then called me and warned that they can and to come to me.

— Gogol burned his manuscript in the fireplace, where burned you?

— In the yard — went out with Inga and thrown into the fire.

— And if it was the only copy of the manuscript, would you be able to burn?

— No, you couldn’t. Would be taken somewhere and hidden. Have friends. Stephen Cohen I would translate, if I hadn’t helped Yevgeny Aleksandrovich Gnedin. My friend, writer Kamil Ikramov, called it one of the most remarkable men of the twentieth century. Nobility, at the height of the spirit I can not compare with anyone. He was an outstanding Soviet diplomat, Litvinov employee. He was arrested in the 39th. He was sitting in the same camp with Kamil Ikramov and actually raised him; after all, Kamil was arrested by the boy.

So here, Evgeny on Thursday agreed to check and correct what I translated from Cohen for a week. There I had a lot of mistakes. The book is very complex, economic, philosophical. I talked to Eugene A.: “This is my third University.”

For four years every Thursday we worked with him. And alias took the translation — E. J. Chetvergova. Unfortunately, Yevgeny Aleksandrovich has not lived up to the publication of this book in our “Progress”. In those years he can say, surrogate father. He was an incredible man. His great book came out in the West, but not us. Gnedin died in ‘ 83.

— Sorry, I’m not familiar with the work of Gnedin. What about his books?

Is contemplation over his fate. He began to rethink the tenets of Marxism, but have not abandoned their revolutionary youth. He was the author of the “New world” when Twardowski. A brilliant publicist. Owner and such a person we have not published!

— Yury Nikolaevich, and you could remember your the strong impression in recent years?

— Probably, my last meeting with her beloved South. When Olga got off the plane, I burst into tears: finally, after eight years I can see again the southern sun, southern colors. Half of my work is linked with the South. I love the color. With all my love to Russia, I have to say: colors, happy colors at our edge a little. And in the South I get it in abundance.

The realization of the fullness of being

The doctors told Yury that his life in the South impossible. Physically, he felt bad there. But written well! It’s almost unbearable contradiction and gives the artist the ultimate state: the man is suffering and strongly feeling the artist are in conflict… the Eternal destiny of the artist — to be in conflict with itself, to test reflection…

Violating the original agreement, I had asked about his mother Larina, Anna Mikhailovna Larina.

— I admired her. She was a wonderful woman. Her book has been translated in many countries. Mom kept the ideals of his youth.

Unfortunately, Yuri after surgery to teach could not. But almost every day, seven days a week, and sometimes at night he remained alone with the canvas or the sheet of Wallpaper, which managed to achieve in watercolors subtle color transitions. The artist is not occupied, as it looks from the outside. Went in tired jeans and a black sweater. Wore the old cap, which one wag called a cap Bukharin.

Not for fashion born man drew his gaze into the depths of the soul. Only the work given to him oblivion, and the realization of the fullness of being.

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