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Friday, April 28, 2017

It is scientifically proven that the hearts of dogs and their owners are fighting together

A group of Australian experts under the leadership of MIA Cobb from Monash University showed that the hearts of the dog and its owner when they are together, synchronized in a special way. According to the researchers, this not only emphasizes the special bond between man and animal, but also improves the health of both.

photo: morguefile.com

During the experiment, scientists for a while volunteers were separated from their Pets, and then again allowed them to meet and spend some time together. The specialists watched how varied the pulse of man and dog, with the help of special sensors.

As it turned out, some time after “separation” of a man with his pet the relationship between heart rate, they were not observed, however, “reunion” provoked a rather unusual process. First, the heart rate of both man and dog was reduced, and secondly, their pulse, according to scientists, began to “mirror” to repeat each other. Although the speed of the heartbeat in humans and dogs remains different, its rhythm and structure, they have generally synchronized.

The researchers suggest that they discovered a pattern potentially has rather obvious practical application: Pets, in all probability, is able to normalize the heart rate of their owners, which can be violated, for example, because of the stress. Experts remind that in the modern world, cardiovascular diseases represent one of the greatest dangers to humans.

Earlier statistics pointed out the fact that the owners of Pets, especially dogs, in General, can boast of more healthy hearts than those who have no Pets. However, experts are still arguing about how to explain this relationship — in particular, the belief that the need to walk the dog in any weather provokes a person more frequently and regularly to walk, which in turn benefits the cardiovascular system. A new study shows that the beneficial effects of dogs on heart health may be less mediated.

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