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Friday, March 23, 2018

Historical truth: rear view

It so happened that on 9 may was walking down the streets of Belgrade, looking for the Museum, there was no policy in mind.

Suddenly flew a Soviet military song, then another, louder, closer… And now — on the wide street it seemed to the procession. Three hundred people, everyone has a wand with frame, framed portrait. Immortal regiment! In Serbia.

photo: Alexander Minkin

Katusha rattled deafening. The convoy was crawling machine with speakers that power, which was cut at the frontline during the great Patriotic war, to agitate the enemy across the front line.

photo: Alexander Minkin

Great! Immortal regiment in Serbia! Let not hundreds of thousands, but the main fact is — spiritual impulse.

Sorry, sticks and frames were the same (although sometimes was seen in explicit homemade).

They are, look after them… for goodness sake! It would be better not watched. On the reverse side of the portraits — advertising LUKOIL.

photo: Alexander Minkin

Had used my cello, was a cellist — would play a funeral March. And so have included a video on the phone and made a documentary: “Farewell of Slavianka” Victory Day portraits of the heroes turn into advertising the oil company.

Whoever started it, who is to stick to Immortal regiment their advertising — of course, he wanted only to make money. Make money on what is dear to all. And innocence to observe, and the capital to purchase.

Who are? If someone carries a portrait of his grandfather, maybe even something to tell. This is the man. But if he carries an unknown someone, of course, knows nothing, can not tell, just is a walking stand.

Walking on the coasters always make money. Any idea turns into advertising.

…This story wanted to be a letter to the President, but smart people have advised against: do not need to disappoint, and most importantly — do not generalize. Do not about Russia, about how did the Immortal regiment and how it became a state. You’re a journalist: I saw, as it was in Belgrade, — so write about Belgrade.

Okay. Now, if only to remember that it is an iron rule of “do not generalize” knew by heart all the journalists of the Soviet Union — it will be a generalization or not?

Watch the video on “Victory Day: rear view”

Immortal regiment. Belgrade (Serbia). Whose portraits are these people – do not know. Actually the advertising they carry Russian oil companies. Whether they understand it or not? Read an article by Alexander Minkin.

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