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Tuesday, August 22, 2017

Developed artificial skin that hides wrinkles

A group of scientists representing the Mass technological University, presented the development, which the experts call a kind of second skin. This elastic polymer coating that is applied over the normal skin and helps to soften the signs of aging and can also help with wounds, burns and various skin diseases.

photo: pixabay.com

The material mimics the properties of young human skin, but in many ways superior to her — in particular, it is returned to its original state after it has been stretched to three and a half times. Also, the creators of “second skin” to emphasize that it does not reduce sensitivity, but also efficiently protects the skin from drying than other drugs used for this purpose.

Among the cosmetic applications of the material, called XPL, experts called smoothing wrinkles and reducing bags under the eyes. However faux leather can be used for many other purposes, scientists say. In particular, it can be used for protection from ultraviolet radiation. Also experts believe that their development can be applied in the treatment of certain diseases of the skin (the material can be used for drug delivery), and also for healing of cuts and burns.

Tests that the materials scientists have subjected their development at the moment, it’s been a success — in particular, with its help managed to reduce bags under the eyes of 12 volunteers. The coating is invisible, almost not washed off with water and can stay on the skin during the day. Any side effects during his trial it was revealed not.

Scientific work focused on “second skin”, the experts published in the journal Nature Materials.

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