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Wednesday, August 23, 2017

Desecrated a monument to those killed in Syria Peshkov pilot and sailor Pozynich

In the Amur region, unidentified persons desecrated a monument in honor of those killed in Syria, the Russian military: Oleg Peshkov and Alexandra Pozynich. Criminal case is brought. Deputies and social activists believe that the fight against vandalism as you need with the help of propaganda, and the Criminal code. In addition, vandals may also be ordered to restore the monument.

Scribbled in black paint

“I wish there were flowers and we honored the memory of these people”

In the Amur region after the desecration of the monument with plaques in honor of those killed in Syria, Hero of Russia pilot Oleg Peshkov and awarded the order of Courage of the sailor Alexander Pozynich prosecuted.

“The duty of MO MVD Rossii Belogorsk” received information that unknown people caused the inscriptions on the plaque on the monument of military glory, not related to the monuments of military glory of the great Patriotic war, located near the village Vozzhaevka. On the given fact criminal case on signs of structure of a crime – part 1 of article 214 of the criminal code “Vandalism”, – told RIA “news” the head of the Department of information Ministry of internal Affairs of Russia across the Amur region Inna Kartashova.

The article is about vandalism provides from 40 thousand rubles fines to years of hard labor.

“Operational activities are carried out aimed at establishing the perpetrators of this”, – in turn, have informed in UMVD the newspaper VIEW.

What made the army of Syria with the help of Russian troops (infographics)On the website of the Central Board noted that, overall, events in honor of the 71 th anniversary of the Victory in the region passed without incident. Celebrations held in 31 settlements of the region. In them took part more than 142 thousand persons, from them 33 thousand – in the Immortal regiment March”. Protection of a public order was provided by 2.7 thousand police officers.

On the photos that appeared in social networks, it is clear that the monument was inscribed with black paint, marked the various symbols, obscene words and the words “for Syria”.

“All fixed, a couple of hours it was removed, no inscriptions on the monument now there,” – said the press Secretary of the head of the Belogorsky district Margarita Garashchuk.

We will remind, on November 24 last year, the Russian su-24 was shot down by F-16 fighter jets of the Turkish air force in Syria on the border with Turkey. The crew managed to eject, but the parachute of the pilot Oleg Peshkov shot in the air fighters.

The Navigator of the aircraft Konstantin Murfin was able to land and was later rescued and taken to base. In his search had involved two helicopters Mi-8. One of the cars came under fire and made an emergency landing, resulting in the death of a marine-a soldier Alexander Pozynich. He was killed by a shrapnel wound to the neck, being destroyed by insurgents Mi-8.

Oleg Peshkov was posthumously awarded the star of Hero of Russia, which he handed to his widow.

Russian President Vladimir Putin called the incident with the Russian su-24 in Syria “stab in the back”. And November 30 of last year on the Federal highway “Amur” it was decided to erect memorials to those killed in Syrian military: in honor of the commander of the su-24 Oleg Peshkov and marine Alexander Pozynich because Peshkov seven years in Belogorsk district, Amur region, and Pozynich died saving the crew of the aircraft.

Memorial plaques were opened on 9 December. Nearby is the chapel in honor of the icon of the mother of God “perishing”. On the Board in the memory of the Foot is engraved the phrase: “He looked danger in the face and got hit in the back.”

“Real freaks”

The Deputy of the state Duma, first Deputy Chairman of Committee on Affairs of public associations Mikhail Markelov (“United Russia”) said the newspaper VIEW that “the family has its black sheep”, and the desecration of a monument in the Amur region – the work of “real freaks”. The MP expressed hope that the perpetrators would be found and severely punished, including in the framework of the UK.

“I am convinced that it was vandalism, pure and simple. And for sure the attackers aimed to carry out a provocation. It is clear that we as a country now find ourselves in a rather difficult situation, the observed aggressive policy towards the us from other individual States, including those where nationalism developed, a strong Pro-fascist sentiments. Therefore all of our actions, demonstrating the strength and glory of Russia, the country’s ability to participate in major military operations, etc., met with opposition. I think that the desecration of a monument made by those who would like to see our country weakened”, – he stressed.

According to him, the desecration of the monument – “it is a blow to civilization”.

“Let them take shovels”

Commenting on the incident the newspaper VIEW, member of state Duma Committee on labor, social policy and veterans ‘ Affairs and the representative of the popular front Valery Trapeznikov said:”There is the criminal code of Russia. Everything is spelled out what to do with the vandals. But I personally would have added these items to another item. To those who desecrated the monument, restored with his own hands. Let him work for the good of the country. Recognize that the work of architects, sculptors, builders, who did the monument, is also difficult. Let them take shovels and unload at least one car of cement,” he said.

In addition to the labor service, the MP proposes to fine the violators and to put them in jail.

Commenting on the reasons for “home vandalism,” Trapeznikov said that they lie largely in education. “This is our common problem. And must all work together to work toward a solution. Who could desecrate the monument? I think someone in a state of mild alcoholism, who had no idea what it is worth and what it destroys”, he added.

“I wish there were flowers”

In turn, the head of the Commission for the development and support of volunteerism, charity and Patriotic education of the Public chamber, Chairman of the Executive Committee of the “Russian Union of rescuers Sergey Shchetinin offers to focus on the promotion.

“Young people need to educate, in particular, with the help of propaganda. Yes, for some this word is, if not abusive, at least raises suspicion. But no need to be afraid of this word. From the propaganda of the right of common values on the state level, in schools, clubs additional education and so on will not escape us,” he said.

According to Shchetinin, children and adults need to know not only about those deeds that were committed during the great Patriotic war, but also about those that are happening now. “It doesn’t matter in the military field or civilian, no matter within the country or abroad”, – he added.

According to Shchetinin, not so important who the culprits were – alcoholics, do not give a report of his actions, or deliberate attackers and provocateurs. “I would not like neither one nor the other in our country. And I wish there were flowers and we honored the memory of these people,” he concluded.

Note that this is not the only incident of a dismissive attitude to the memory of the heroes in Russia. In may of last year, Tula schoolchildren were detained for frying potatoes in Eternal fire.

And vandalism is associated not only with the great Patriotic war. In April of this year in the centre of Elista there was a conflict between local residents and an athlete from Dagestan, a desecrated statue of the Buddha.

As noted by the newspaper VIEW, the incident provoked an angry reaction in Russian society. Sistency forced the fighter to apologize on his knees. The head of Dagestan also apologized for the actions of the fellow countryman of the head of Kalmykia.

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