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Sunday, March 18, 2018

Astrophysicist explained why not there is an alien super-civilizations

If an alien civilization much advanced people, technological development, existed, humans they already would have discovered, I am sure Brin Lucky astrophysicist from Princeton University. According to him, supercivilization, relating to the third type according to the classification of Nikolai Kardashev, that is able to use the energy in the entire galaxy, would be built for this kind of the black boxes of cosmic dust that would be difficult to miss when observed from Earth.

photo: morguefile.com

Karandasheva scale, proposed by Russian scientists in 1964, allows you to divide hypothetically possible supercivilization into three categories: the civilizations of the first type are those the consumption of which is comparable with the power generated by the planet from the Central star and from the depths of the planet (our civilization has not yet reached this level). Belong to the second type of civilization, the consumption of which is comparable to the power star around which sheltered the intelligent beings of the planet. The third category of civilization, the consumption of which can be compared with the power of the galaxy. Subsequently, classification was added another, the fourth category, involving a supercivilization consumption of almost all energy in the Universe.

Brin Lucky in their study focused on the possibility of the existence of civilizations of the third type. According to the proposed theory, with such a developed technology for hypothetical aliens would not be difficult to create from it a special kind of screens that help to store energy and to live in this kind of “black boxes”. In this case the expert believes that the unusual radiation of a similar design could be fixed on Ground with the help of modern equipment. However, according to astrophysics, to fix this emission still failed, and it is most likely to mean that humanity is the only civilization in the Universe or at least in the foreseeable space is not there is a soul so ancient, in order to achieve the third type on the Kardashev scale.

While a scientist warned that if one day earthlings will develop themselves enough to build a “black box”, they will be required to take into account the unprecedented environmental risks to which such company may be connected.

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