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Friday, February 23, 2018

“Top secret”: how journalists tried to see the Congress of the ruling party of the DPRK

Ending today, the Congress of the workers ‘ party of Korea was marked by the scandal working in the country by foreign journalists: the BBC correspondent was expelled from the country, and the Congress itself was allowed only 30 of the 150 accredited journalists, and it happened in the atmosphere of top secrecy.

photo: youtube.com

Recall that the previous Congress of the workers ‘ party of Korea (formally a multiparty system, but the main is the Labour party) was held 36 years ago, when the father of the current ruler of North Korea Kim Jong – UN, Kim Jong Il.

At the same Congress was established the hereditary change of power in the Republic, and proclaimed a policy of Juche “self-reliance”, which has continued a policy of isolating the country and led to mass starvation.

The current Congress has passed in the atmosphere of secrecy augmented: 150, the assembled foreign journalists did not come to the meetings, and learned about it, already gathered in the city centre at the last moment. Today, the last day of the Congress, 30 selected members of the media still went to the meeting, however, the principles of their selection and have remained a mystery. DPRK authorities explained the restrictions by the fact that in the hall of Congress is not enough seats.

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From Russia thirty included the news Agency Sputnik (Russia), but at the moment he had no connection with Moscow, and, as informs RIA of “news” (a newspaper of the holding) that, where the journalist was taken, became known only after half an hour after his disappearance.

This, however, the incidents with the foreign media was not limited to: so, today there was information on the expulsion of BBC journalist Rupert Wingfield Hayes. The reason was some “offensive stories” and “disrespectful” description of the leader of the country. Hayes was detained at the airport and subjected to an eight-hour interrogation, and together with him were also detained operator and producer.

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While on the activities of the Congress of the Labor party knows very little: the main result of his work was the resolution, talking about the country’s intention to develop nuclear technology, and the economy. Recall that sanctions against the DPRK imposed by the world community precisely because of the nuclear program.

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