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Saturday, February 17, 2018

Radiohead presented to the public “pool in the shape of the moon”

Legendary British Radiohead finally released the long-awaited next album: “A Moon Shaped Pool” (“Pool of the moon”) became the ninth album and first in five years. In 2011, Radiohead presented the album “Kings of Limb”, on which Thom Yorke gave vent to his passion for different genres of electronic music from the fashion at that time of always loved dubstep to glitch musician. Many fans were scared away by the new sound commands, while others welcomed the next step forward. On released in 2014, the second solo album York continued electronic experimentation, enhancing the intrigue surrounding the band’s forthcoming album. Now fears are dispelled – Radiohead don’t change yourself, keep moving and almost leaving no trace of the sound five years ago.

photo: AP

Like many of their countrymen – such as David Bowie, Blur – Radiohead in the work adhered to is simple in words but complex in execution principle: to change with each album. This is why fans of conditional grunge hit “Creep” could easily scare off the album “Kid A” etc.. But most fans are already accustomed to this volatility.

The new album compared to its predecessor of 2011 can be seen as a return to the roots – live sound here is much more than “King of Limbs”. Some songs – “Dark Decks”, “Ful Stop” – it sounds as if were recorded in the times referred to “Kid A”, or, say, “Hail to the Thief”, which, however, no evidence of unoriginality. In order to make sure that Radiohead are still capable of moving forward, enough at least to listen to the album’s lead single “Burn the Witch” with a string section in the foreground, and provocative text. An abundant use of strings became one of the hallmarks of all records in this connection it may be noted, for example, the track “Numbers” which in the second third is reminiscent of classic works by the legendary Scott Walker, the love of which are known and York, and always working with the Radiohead engineer Nigel Godrich.

Particularly notable is the final track of the album – the song “True Love Waits”, performed live 21 years ago. Listeners it is well known for the numerous bootlegs and on the official “live” solo version from the live album “I Might Be Wrong: Live Recordings, but Studio recording has appeared only now. However, for groups this is a standard situation – on the album “In Rainbows” was the song 12-year-old, and the new “Burn the Witch” known fans for a long time. To record “True Love Waits” group chose a sound similar to “Kid A” – ultimately, at concerts this song often preceded it opening the album, “Everything in Its Right Place”.

In addition to radioheadesque history, “A Moon Shaped Pool” fits in organically with the conditional trend with the release of several albums from the British legends. For example, “The Magic Whip” of 2015 from the band Blur, or the recent album “Night Thoughts” from Suede – we are talking about established musicians who, in some way returned to the old experience, without losing any relevance or originality.

It is not surprising in this case that the foreign press of the album met with rave reviews: Rolling Stone called “A Moon Shaped Pool” “triumph” and “the most beautiful album at the moment”. The Guardian in its review said that on the record, the musicians managed to achieve what she has achieved before: “Radiohead has always sounded like a band in constant motion: every album seemed to be a departure from the previous, as if the musicians were too nervous to stay there, even if I wanted to.” The Telegraph, in turn, noted the extensive influence of folk-musicians (for example, one of the progenitors of electric folk “Fairport Convention”) on “A Moon Shaped Pool”, stressing that Radiohead remain a rock group that didn’t want to “rock”.

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