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Monday, July 24, 2017

Odessa left the city-hero

For Russia, May 9 — day of remembrance, the celebration of the victory over fascism, won 71 years ago. Elegant people, music on the street in the evening — salute.

photo: vk.com

For Ukraine now is not just memory: it is a real struggle against fascism, suddenly returned seven years later. George ribbon and the flag of Victory swells the swastika can be beaten; laying flowers at the Eternal fire — like obstacle course… And yet Victory Day in Ukraine was held, and “Immortal regiment” was held. The tone was set Odessa.

On the eve of May 9 nationalists of various stripes tried to intimidate the citizens of Odessa. The local branch of the “Right sector” wanted to frighten the citizens in social networks. Supposedly, remember all in the face and turn the “Immortal regiment” in the “death platoon”… Not lagging behind and “Automaidan,” which promised to repeat may 2, 2014. But apparently, the Odessans tired to be afraid. “Not for what our grandfathers fought the Nazi scum to us now commanded” — they wrote on their pages.

Monday morning on the walk of Fame gathered several thousand citizens with portraits of their relatives that have passed the second world war. There were St. George ribbons, and red banners of Victory, and even the flag of the “Kulikovo field”. The procedure provided two thousand militiamen.

I must say that the police this time clearly worked: the city was closed to entry for all sorts of “patriots” from the ATO area and for support groups Odessa. The city did not let a convoy of bikers with red flags, at the airport “wrapped” even 88-year-old French veteran who wanted to take part in the March in memory, but was forced to spend the night on an iron bench in the arrivals area, and then without any explanation sent back home. And in the center of the city for inadequate calls to Rob people of the bouquets of flowers tied with a ribbon of St. George, by the police in handcuffs was clad activist “Azov”. But managed to avoid provocations.

Ukrainian “patriots”, however, in the morning decided to make an alternative “March of embroidery”. But the area near Duke, where started the rally came on the strength of two hundred people. To the monument to the Unknown Sailor, where Odessites laid flowers, they went through a tight cordon of law enforcement officers and the cries of the citizens: “the Bandera devils, out of the city!”

In other cities of Ukraine right-wing thugs feel much freer. In Kharkiv, the radicals tried to prevent the laying of flowers to the Glory memorial. Some “activists of the Patriotic organizations” tore St. George ribbon with the protesters. The case ended in a brawl. Radicals managed to push from the memorial. Later clashes occurred near the monument of Motherland.

In Kiev the action “Immortal regiment” is also not without clashes. The first clash occurred near the metro station “Arsenalnaya”, where protesters carrying portraits of their relatives. Then a fight ensued in the Park of Eternal Glory. The fury of the nationalists caused the ribbons and the flags of Victory. But defenders of the Soviet past radicals keep: supporters of the Progressive socialist party of Ukraine Natalia Vitrenko used against opponents tear gas.

The red flag became the reason of mass fight in Cherkasy. The radicals of the “Azov” and “Freedom” party tried to wrest the flag from the hands of a veteran. But this was prevented by the police. Stood up for the flag bearer and Governor of the region Vitaly Koval, who assured that “this flag has the right to attend the event”. We are talking about copies of the flag, hoisted in the 45th year over the Reichstag.

In Western Ukraine the brave men with St. George ribbons were not found. But the radicals still found a reason pobuzit. In Lviv militants on this day decided to demolish another monument. As monuments to the leader of the revolution here a long time left, decided to destroy the sculpture of Ukrainian writer Stepan Tudor, whose only fault was that he was a Communist figure in Galicia. He died on 22 June 1941, during an air RAID. Police managed to repel the monument. The Nazis managed to damage only his base.

So the day of the fight against fascism in Ukraine failed.

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