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Thursday, March 15, 2018

Moldavian Lydia: with Lazarev embraced, Ivanov looked

All already got exhausted waiting for the first semi-final, which finally “will blow” on may 10, thousands Globe Arena, and we will see a triumphant breakthrough in the final Sergey Lazarev. By far. On the eve of the main contest news, agog Stockholm, was not even on the red carpet and the reception in the hall of Nobel prizes town hall at the official opening ceremony of “Eurovision-2016”, and the fact that Ukraine is closely crept up to Russia after rehearsal number “1944” singer Jamala.

photo: Artur Gasparyan

Jamal: she came, she sang, broke…

“Stunning breakthrough” — a common formulation of different media, describing how Ukrainian singer dramatically reshuffled betting and precarity inimitable performance and expressive performance, in which there was no fuss, no grandiose sets, and only the brevity and minimalism — those sisters with talent.

Favorites lists are now confident with the two leaders — Russia and Ukraine, which are timid in single file with an impressive margin mincing France, Sweden, Australia, perepisany all and Sundry. Perhaps it is because of this childish surprise our delegation on the red carpet on the opening day of competition was mainly with a very sour and focused individuals on what many people have noticed. If not for the music festival arrived, and a secret special operation. But Jamal carefree and happy fluttered in airy dress, with joy and an open smile taking signs of attention and love.

Both artists — and Lazarev, and ja — nice, of course, each in its own way, like their songs, and, of course, something to look forward too early, because experience shows that any predictions and betting is extremely relative, recalled and composer Leonid Gutkin, wise man, with a wealth of experience not only rock-fundamentalist, but “guilty” and “unexpected” success at “Eurovision” Dina Garipova with the song What If (malmö, 2013), in last year’s tale Polina Gagarina with A Million Voices. And this year he did not remain aloof from europrise, his song Falling Stars will perform in the first semifinal contestant from Moldova Lydia Isaac. The work, according to the author, is radically different from the previous one.

photo: Artur Gasparyan
Lazarev on the “red carpet” tried to radiate optimism.

— Appeared before the song, and then the artist, — has explained “MK” Mr. Gutkin. “The whole concept initially repelled by Lida and her producer Sergey Orlov, everything was initially in a very good Union, but the process was more complete and traditional — in the sense of the algorithm author and artist. In addition, this uptempo song — a fast. We specifically didn’t want to get into the territory of deliberately classic Eurovision formats as it was with the previous works. Something more fresh, modern, Leda is a young, beautiful, beautifully singing girl, artist. So the idea was not to salivate in a cocoon of Euroformat. I think we got it…

Meanwhile, the Swedish publishing company Snowflake Music just remembered that in addition to the artists and celebrities “exist” and even the authors whose work often lays the Foundation of artistic “fly to the stars”, but often their names and fates remain in the shadows. However, for Mr. Gutkin and there is no problem: “Not long ago I read an article about Max Martin, who wrote more hits No. 1 than the Beatles, but his name, nobody knows. I crossed paths with him a few times, it hypersomnia man, not climbing into any publicity. I am very close to this concept — stay-and-play.

photo: Artur Gasparyan
Leonid Gutkin (center) and co-authors, “ozolochen” Swedish award Gold Awards for the song “A Million Voices”.

Party authors, however, came out loud and cheerful, were and artists, from soul improvizirovat on stage. Gutkin and his Swedish co-writer and singer Gabriel Alares not without pleasure in showing her guests the award Gold Awards for the song A Million Voices, and the current “Nightingale” Mr. Gutkin Lydia Isaac on the eve of the semifinal, of course, worried. Despite the catchy song and starry Russian-Swedish authorship, née lady is not confident in the outcome, unlike his famous colleagues Sergei Lazarev and Jamala, which, it turns out, her lot in common. So in an interview with “MK” to us was something to remember and discuss.


— Lida, as a radical peterburzhenka feels at “Eurovision”?

— Worried! When Moldova declared about my trip to the contest, I gave the first interview is “MK in St. Petersburg”. Imagine, they tracked me down, because from this information is that I was born in St. Petersburg. And now with us constantly overlook is the St. Petersburg mass media are kindly asked to keep them informed, interested in the news. So nice! I really want to go back, because really, not counting the birth, I was only there once, and it on the competition. There was not even time to enjoy the beauty of the city. We then found my hospital, which is now the Institute of gynecology of a name of Otta. I sent my mom the photo and video. She cried for four days!..

— What is the result?

— For me, of course, Eurovision is a great event, a huge step forward in my career. I hope it will give boost to many events in my life, in creativity, because the competition is watched in Europe, and in Australia, and even America now. I really want to get into the final. Especially the first semi-final is the most difficult, it is usually called the “group of death”, ha ha ha!

— And you still put in the beginning!

— Yes! Even our neighbors not in this semi final (Romania, Ukraine), which usually give us good scores. Moldova two years was not in the finals, and return — the main task, although very difficult. I try of illusions not to have any, but everything possible will, of course, use as enough strength and professionalism. For several years I auditioned for Eurovision in different contests involving 13 years. The first was in Bulgaria, then in Kyrgyzstan, in St. Petersburg, Latvia at “New wave” in Jurmala in 2014 Seven years Moldova then, after the victory Natasha Gordienko did not pass the final, and it was part after a long pause. And Serezha Lazarev led the contest, and that he declared me a few times. Now, here we are on the same stage, with the rank of the contestants. Surprising and pleasant twists of fate!

— Migration of the participants of these two competitions have long become a kind of trend. This year, for example, the whole Trinity had accumulated, you, Lazarev, Jamal…

— And last year, Monika from Lithuania, who was with me in Riga, also participated in the Eurovision song contest. And from Moldova and Natasha Gordienko and Natalia Barbu, Nelly Ciobanu — they’ve all been on both competitions! Last year I was in Vienna, there we were a blog together with the band Sunstroke Project, participants in 2010, So even then I was plunged into this atmosphere. In Austria, for me, of course, was a madhouse! So many people, journalists, artists, events, parties, the contest itself! For me it was wow! — and very well prepared this year.

— Especially with this author! In Vienna you “cut” Leonid Gutkin?

— Yes! Ha ha ha! My producer Sergey Orlov met with Leonid and Vladimir Matecki just in the press centre, got to talking, and somehow by itself the question arose: whether there is such a possibility that you wrote a song for Moldova? Why not?! — they said. The more that we are really rooting for Polina. Between us there was a sweepstake — who will win? My favorites were Belgium, Sweden and Russia, but who will win, of course, I didn’t know.

— In the song Falling Stars you added a verse of that in French. The author was not against?

— No, you! We tried it in rehearsal — the same words only in translation, and great work. I know French, and it seemed to me that this verse is very harmoniously composed into the song. We posted a version online and received an extremely positive reaction. And Leonid, and Gabriel were all for it.

photo: Artur Gasparyan
“About these authors, I could only dream of.” Lydia Gabriel Alireza.

— Why not Moldovan? You have such colorful language from the romance group! The Italians, balkanites, the French frequently fundamentally and sing at the competition in their own languages and sometimes even win, as Maria Serifovic in 2007 with “the Prayer.” Although English, of course, the cosmopolitan as the language of international communication and world music…

— Just a song Falling Stars to me, so I initially did not think about it. But there were our members who sang and Romanian, — Zdob Si Zdub, Ciobanu, Alena moon, half of the songs were sung in Romanian. I think it doesn’t matter what language, as long as in General, everything was organic — the song, the flow, the show. Sometimes beautiful in their native language, sometimes in English.

— We also have this approach prevails. Even “Buranovskie grandmother”, though interspersed with Udmurt, but desperate voice, “Pathformovedfiles…”. Only t.A.T.u. for the first time represented Russia at the “Eurovision-2003” in Riga in Russian language with the song “don’t trust, don’t fear, don’t ask”. And would have won, by the way, if not for the dark intrigue of “missing” televoting from England and Ireland…

— Yes, it’s great. But there is still some danger of slipping into the so-called “folklorism” in the toy maturesecrets. Folk songs and popular songs — all the different schools, although they can interact. On the other hand, and Serifovic, t.A.T.u. sang so that there needs no translation. Or, for example, Maria hi Maria ha our group O-zone. Sang in Romanian, no one understood a single word, but all sang along famously. There is a very thin line, it should feel.

— Please explain you own the Moldovan language is not called? And I always get confused watching our TV propaganda…

— No, there is one language — Romanian.

— Evrokonkurs is the place of endless meetings of participants outside of the scene. New acquaintances, communication, and journalists joy — then I saw “suddenly” Lazarev with the Azerbaijani Samra in the Park with the dogs, so napridumali such that “a Thousand and one nights” is already ashamed to be called fairy tales…

Ha-ha-ha! And here we are with Ivan ω (Alexander Ivanov) had met before he went on stage at the first rehearsal. He was in such a black cloak, and I thought he was actually naked! He’s still with such intrigue in his eyes, in his movements, mysterious… I even sneak to the stage crept to behind the scenes sneak peek of how is it the cloak will still fold, ha ha ha! And with Sergei Lazarev we are still in Moscow on 3 April met in evrovecherinke, he recalled how he declared me in Riga, then went to his birthday party, sang together, embraced, kissed. It was very touching.

And I think Sergei will win?

— Oh-Oh-Oh! Very difficult question… In the past year, by the way, was also very difficult to say, I liked Pauline, and liked the Swede. But Pauline gave such heat, the entire vein of the blades put and it seemed that she would win. But… the Competition is unpredictable! Yes, Sergei is now in the tops, all the blogs and posts on the Internet promise him victory, but do not want to prematurely definitely something to say, something to expect. To me personally, and he and his room very much.

— Cool after all, so many visible and invisible threads tied together so many things, circumstances, people at the “Eurovision”. I wish you fulfillment of your expectations, and the early meeting with his native St. Petersburg!

Arthur GASPARYAN, Stockholm.

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