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Saturday, February 17, 2018

“Immortal regiment” in 2016, has set a record

Victory Day millions of people took to the all-Russian action “Immortal regiment”. Every year the parade is becoming more popular. In addition to Russia Immortal regiment” was held this year in dozens of other countries. And only in Kiev, a group of radicals tried to disrupt the procession and to arrange clashes with protesters.

Monday across Russia and abroad held memorial rally of the action “Immortal regiment”. Every year it is becoming more popular and gaining momentum.

One of the most massive demonstrations took place in Moscow. Already to the beginning – to 15.00 – in the center of Moscow gathered 400 thousand people, half an hour later the number increased to 500 thousand. People had to pass along Leningradsky Prospekt, 1st Tverskaya-Yamskaya and Tverskaya streets, through Okhotny Ryad, Manezh and Red square. Next, the participants were distributed on the Moskvoretskaya embankment and Moskvoretsky bridge.

In the “Regiment” arrived

“Today civilization is once again faced with cruelty and violence, terrorism has become a global threat. We must defeat this evil”

Participation in the procession was attended by the President of Russia Vladimir Putin. He participated in the campaign for the second time and like last year, carried a photograph of his father.

Just in the protest of hundreds of thousands of people. According to the estimates of co-movement “Immortal regiment of Russia” Nikolay Zemtsov, Moscow procession involving more than 500 thousand people. According to him, last year the event was attended by over half a million people, about 13 million watched on television and thought, whether to accept them participate in the next year. Therefore, according to Zemtsov, 500 thousand participants – this is not the limit. Official figures on the number of shares will be known closer to the evening.

Earlier, processions were held in many cities of Russia. The organizing Committee of the action said that this time the action became the most mass during its existence.

In particular, only in Novosibirsk “Immortal regiment” has collected 250 thousand participants, 45 thousand in Tyumen, 30 thousand – in the Omsk and Tomsk, 10 thousand – in Kyzyl and Abakan. In Vladivostok and Barnaul, was attended by 50 thousand people, 20 thousand gathered in Yakutsk and Ulan-Ude, 15 thousand – in Komsomolsk-on-Amur, Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky, Chita. Irkutsk “Immortal regiment” consisted of 47 thousand people.

In the European part of Russia in the ranks of the “Regiment” stood hundreds of thousands of people. One of the most popular among the non-capital regions has become a rally in Tula, where the procession was attended by more than 120 thousand people, and in the region as a whole is 180 thousand. In the Rostov region of participants was about 80 thousand people.

For the first time on a large scale rally was held in Kazan. If you have previously “Regiment” was held at the local Victory Park, now 20-strong procession passed along the Central streets and squares of the capital of Tatarstan before the may 1 square, where at noon there was held a poetic meeting dedicated to the 110th anniversary since the birth of the hero-poet Musa Jalil.

Organizers note that the vast majority of cities in the “Immortal regiment” this year brought a lot more participants than last year. For example, in Novosibirsk in 2015, the organizing Committee has fixed the number of participants of 50 thousand, in Irkutsk – 21 thousand, in Vladivostok – 15 thousand. Repeatedly increased the number of participants in Khabarovsk, Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky, Magadan. So, if last year in Khabarovsk there were 800, this year – 50 thousand, in Magadan, a number have joined the campaign increased from 500 to 6 thousand. This time more than 95 thousands of Kuzbass, took part in the rally, last year there were 56 thousand inhabitants of the region. About 30 thousand people took to the streets of Samara is almost two times more than last year, then the action was attended by 17 thousand people.

 In the Chukotka Autonomous district, in spite of snow, frost and wind, a “Regiment” stood every tenth resident of the region – about 5.5 thousand people in 29 settlements. The action took place, in particular, in the Northern city of Pevek, on the most Eastern point of the action in the country village of Providence and for the first time in the eskimo village of New Chaplino, where live the miners of the walrus and whale.

The Immortal regiment March in Kaliningrad, the most Western regional center of the country, lasted more than an hour. Column several times completely filled the Avenue stretching for over 1 km away. With portraits of family members and friends at the Victory square and the Avenue of the Guards were more than 30 thousand people.

“Immortal regiment” was held in all the major cities of the Crimea. The biggest convoy of 40 thousand people gathered in Simferopol, it was headed by the Prosecutor of the Republic Natalia Poklonskaya. Especially for this event she ordered a military uniform – tunic and skirt. In the hands of the Prosecutor was an icon of the Tsar-Martyr Nicholas II. The head of the Crimea Sergey Aksenov headed the procession in Feodosia. In Sevastopol, in the action participated about 15 thousand people. Last year was 9 thousand.

The first memorial March took place in all cities proclaimed Donetsk people’s Republic. In Donetsk, the share reached more than 30 thousand people, reported the head of the city administration Igor Martynov. In the self-proclaimed Luhansk national Republic (LNR) more than 35 thousand people took to the parade in Lugansk. As told RIA “news” the first Deputy Chairman of the people’s Council LNR Denis Miroshnichenko, people were going very actively. “We did not expect this. Come families, a lot of young people, of course,” – said Miroshnichenko.

“This business lives and will live”

Member of the Central auditing Commission of the movement “Immortal regiment”, the Chairman of the Samara Union of youth of Regina Vorobyeva in conversation with the newspaper VIEW stressed that the initiative to hold such share belongs to the people: “This initiative is not bureaucratic, it is not top-down. Wanted the people themselves. It lives and will live. Therefore, every year the “Immortal regiment” gaining momentum”, – Vorobyov said, adding that one of the main objectives of the movement – to preserve the memory of the people, “which we owe to the peaceful sky”.

In turn, the Director of the Museum of contemporary history of Russia Irina Velikanova convinced that the Russians loved this action, as otherwise there would be so many people who took part in it. “It’s such a national event. If it is not loved, so many people just would not be,” said Velikanova newspaper VIEW.

According to her, foreigners do not understand, why after so many decades, people who know little about the war, with tears in his eyes participate in the procession. “This is the campaign that comes from the heart. It is absolutely a noble cause. To impose this plan for someone that either would be disastrous. It would destroy people’s initiative,” she said.

“Regiment” is sweeping the world

Also for the first time the action was attended by Greece, Italy, Spain, Poland, Croatia, Sweden, Netherlands, Malta, Montenegro, Switzerland, Australia, Canada. The first parade took place in London – the event was held from Trafalgar square to Westminster Palace.

About how the March took place in Belgrade, the VZGLYAD newspaper said one of the organizers Eugene Baranov. According to him, it started at 11.00 local time, with the laying of wreaths at the monument to the liberators of Belgrade. Wreaths laid by the ambassadors of Russia and Belarus in Belgrade, as well as Ambassador of Ukraine.

“After this “Immortal regiment” consisting of a thousand people went on the main streets and avenues through the city to the Russian cultural house, where was held a solemn meeting. It began with the reading of greetings from the President of Russia Vladimir Putin”, – said Baranov.

He noted that participants of the action held portraits of the participants of the great Patriotic war and other wars. “Here were people with portraits of the participants, even the Russo-Japanese war. Among the marchers were veterans of world war II. These people came with portraits of heroes who fought in the years 1914-16. There were many people who defended Yugoslavia from the NATO aggression in 1999”, – said Baranov.

In Kiev the holding of the procession tried to stop a group of radical young people with black-and-red flag of the organization of Ukrainian nationalists (OUN). They burned St. George’s ribbon at the monument of Eternal Glory in Victory Park, and tried to arrange clashes with the participants of “Immortal regiment”. But the police removed them from the territory of the memorial complex. The actions of young people was observed by several deputies of the Verkhovna Rada. Nevertheless in the center of Kiev, which hosted the colon of participants, unknown sprayed tear gas. The victims, according to TASS, was not.

In Odessa there were no incidents. The action left thousands of citizens. Some of them were wearing uniforms of the Soviet army. Relatives with pictures of fathers, grandfathers and great-grandfathers marched in a column to the monument to the Unknown Sailor to lay flowers to the memorial and pay my respects. The rest of the townspeople welcomed the “Immortal regiment” applause.

“Immortal regiment” is a public memorial procession, during which people carry pictures of their relatives who participated in the great Patriotic war. In 2013, the event spread to 120 cities. A year later on the streets with portraits of their relatives-veterans left residents of more than 500 cities in seven countries. With the 2015 campaign officially began nationwide. The action also takes place in more than 50 countries around the world.

“We have to defeat this evil”

On the morning of may 9 in Moscow on red square Victory parade was held. In his speech, President Vladimir Putin said that Russia is ready to work on modern non-bloc system of international security. According to him, the lessons of history say that world peace is not approved by itself. He urged to be vigilant and drew attention to the inadmissibility of double standards and “shortsighted indulgence to those who wished the new criminal plans”.

“Today civilization is once again faced with cruelty and violence, terrorism became a global threat,” Putin said. We must defeat this evil”.

According to the head of state, the Russian soldiers and officers have proven that they are worthy successors of the heroes of the great Patriotic war and honorably protect the interests of the country. The President expressed confidence that the veterans are proud of their grandchildren and great-grandchildren. “They do not fail and will always keep eyes on the Great Victory, the valiant feat of the generation of winners”, – concluded the President.

The most spectacular part of the parade was the passage in area of military equipment – a total of 135 units. Her passing last year, opened the legendary tank of the great Patriotic war the T-34. Behind him marched a column of armored cars “Tiger”, including armed combat module with remote control “Crossbow” and anti-tank complex “cornet”, as well as several universal armored car “Typhoon” and “Typhoon-U”.

Next on the pavement left infantry fighting vehicles BMP-3, armored personnel carriers and combat vehicles on the platform “kurganets”, T-90 tanks and new tanks “Armata”. Self-propelled artillery was introduced installations “Msta-s” and “Coalition-SV”.

The traditional parade was the transportation division of operational-tactical missile complexes “Iskander-M” complexes “tor-M2U” and “Buk-M2”. The audience saw and anti-aircraft missile and gun complexes “Pantsir-S and the latest s-400 “Triumph”. Invincible power of Russia symbolized the three mobile launchers of the strategic missile complex “YARS”. The ground part of the parade had completed the passage of wheeled infantry fighting vehicles on the platform “boomerang” with the flags of the Armed forces of Russia.

No less spectacular was the air part of the parade. The number of aircraft aerospace forces (VKS) Russia coincided with the anniversary of the great Victory – 71 aircraft and a helicopter. They flew over the center of the capital in the parade of the 17 groups of aircraft. First appeared before the audience of Russia’s largest military-transport helicopter Mi-26 and four Mi-8AMTSH, followed shock Mi-28N “Night hunter” and Ka-52 “alligator”, the same type involved in combat activities in Syria. Completed rotary wing air part of the parade for the first time involved in it Mi-35.

Among the new aircraft was presented the newest military transport aircraft Il-76MD90A, with last year coming into service of the Russian space forces. Behind him was more lifting experienced an Antonov An-124-100 Ruslan and Il-76MD.

For the first time in the tactical group “Wing” of 10 aircraft was presented to a pair of multifunctional fighters su-35S. In the air passage were used for the long range aircraft, striking targets of international terrorist organizations in Syria, turboprop strategic bombers Tu-95MS, long-range supersonic missile-bomber Tu-22M3. In conclusion, the su-25 painted the sky in colors of the Russian flag.

A military parade as a whole has completed military musicians the song “We are the army of the country”. Then under sounds of a March “Farewell of Slav” they left Red square.

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