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Wednesday, March 21, 2018

Everything passes, but music is eternal!

“Remember the last word” — it is so said high-ranking Soviet spy Maksim Isaev-Stirlitz. Life consists of such of the last words-characters.

photo: morguefile.com

Recently we showed one another a sign: in the liberated Syrian city of Palmyra played in the orchestra of Valery Gergiev. Right there, on the ruins, miraculously preserved after all the bombing and vandalism of the insane is prohibited we have ISIS local Coliseum.

What would it mean? Favorite depositnot says that this is a PR for President Putin. Or PR victories of Russian arms, the Russian army. Or just a solo benefit performance of a friend-the cellist of Mr. Roldugin. So, the action went, shallow, stupid, and generally it is dancing on the bones.

Favorite the public only sees what he wants to see. And she wants to see only Putin, Roldugin and other well-known comrades. Everywhere and always, to live without them can not.

The world is ruled by symbols, spontaneous and man-made. Mstislav Rostropovich is sitting on a chair and plays the cello (this is the one, who need a cello!) in the ruined Berlin wall. Freeze-frame. The same Rostropovich with a gun in the besieged White house in August of ‘ 91. Freeze-frame. Yeltsin on the tank. Freeze-frame. So is the story.

But perhaps it had been different? Football match in besieged Leningrad — is this a PR Stalin? Or in the same the Leningrad blockade — the performance of the 7th Symphony of Shostakovich? Or the USSR Cup final CDKA—Zenit still in the military, terrible 44th? It is a symbol, Yes. Organized more than a sign of fortitude and courage of the Soviet people. The PR of life, if you like, defeated death. In spite of everything.

“Everyone writes as he breathes…” In the telecasting with the typeface and the Mariinsky theatre orchestra I have absolutely no interest neither our President nor his friend Roldugin, or Valery Gergiev, the Trustee. About Panamanian offshore we still must talk, but not now.

Because the television images to Palmyra and the Mariinsky orchestra, I saw something else — a victory of CULTURE over barbarism. Symbolically, of course, not completely, because barbarism would certainly try to take revenge.

But, in the words of the Maestro from the movie “go To fight some “old men”: “All passes, but music is eternal”. Remembered the last word.

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