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Friday, October 21, 2016

With Celik was acquitted of charges in the shooting of a Russian pilot

Turkish citizen Alpaslan Celik will not be to blame in the shooting of the pilot of the Russian su-24 Oleg Peshkov. It is reported that these charges were removed. Supposedly there was proof of innocence of the commander of the Syrian Turkmen.

photo: youtube.com

One of the closest associates of Alpaslan Celik said that his friend cleared of charges in the murder of Russian pilot Oleg Peshkov, who was shot when he was descending by parachute after the defeat of the su-24 is a Turkish fighter jet, reports Life.

The report said that there was evidence that the commander of the Syrian Turkmen’t shot the Russian officer. He previously first, çelik said that it was him, but after the detention began to say, what is really demanded from his subordinates to take Peshkova alive, but one of them opened fire.

Earlier, the Russian foreign Ministry expressed the hope that Alparslan çelik will be severely punished for the murder of Oleg Peshkov.

However, as previously reported by “MK”, çelik was arrested in Turkey for not killing the Russian pilot, and for the preparation of a gas attack on European cities with chemical weapons, created in the Russian Federation banned the “Islamic state”.

Watch the video on “the Pilot of the downed su-24 Oleg Peshkov accompanied all Lipetsk

To honor the memory of the deceased in Turkey the pilot of the su-24 was shot down by Turkey, Oleg Peshkov hundreds of people came. Video published on the website youtube.com user Killer Zone 333.

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