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Wednesday, February 21, 2018

What is the phenomenon of the winning clip Poklonskaya

A hit of the Russian Internet was the video made by the Prosecutor of the Crimea Natalia Polonskaya to the Victory day. She herself does not sing in it, but only read out the words to the first verse of the song “We stored in the hearts of” two kids. Further takes the professional military choir with the support of the choir Crimean girls. Clips on the theme of the may 9 online in these days there are hundreds, so what is the phenomenon of the work that took Poklonskaya? This “MK” asked the coordinator of the liberal platform of the political party “United Russia” Valery Fadeev and the political scientist, Anton Orlov.

photo: youtube.com

– One of the sites of the media voting for the most beautiful woman of Russia. The competition involved the famous actress, singer, winner of beauty contests, but the first place by a wide margin holds Natalia Poklonskaya. It really is very good, but the reason for this popularity following the results of voting is not in it, – told “MK” Valery FADEEV. – The entire country has transformed the Crimean spring. It gave Russia what she lacked in almost a quarter of a century – confidence in their strength and their future. And if the man associated with this big win, is, of course, Putin, as the Women of the Crimean spring is perceived Poklonskaya. Many expected the delight of the reunification of the Crimea will last only a few months, then the credibility of the government will be reduced to the normal threshold. But this did not happen. Putin’s rating remains extremely high, and Polonskaya continues to be the most beautiful woman in Russia.

– I don’t think Poklonskaya has some preferences from the web audience only due to the fact that it works in the Crimea, – told “MK” member of the Board of Directors of the Institute for the analysis of political infrastructure Anton ORLOV. – Poklonskaya difficult to perceive as a purely political figure, because her show often, but very rarely broadcast any statements, it’s hard to remember her memorable statement. Her words do not cause information explosion. She’s just nice, and she did a very decent sturdy clip. Which was so popular just because he is good, but not because of the fact that it starred a representative of the authorities, the Prosecutor of the Crimea.

Itself Poklonski said that the idea of the clip is to bring together all security agencies of the Peninsula. And to remind the children about the deeds committed by our ancestors. However, it so happened that the clip has United in memory of the Victory of not only Crimean residents, but also the entire country.

In the filming of the video took part the employees of all power departments of the Crimea. The action takes place in the memorial complex on the site of the concentration camp “Red” near Simferopol and near the monument to naval paratroopers near Evpatoria.

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One Response “What is the phenomenon of the winning clip Poklonskaya”

  1. A westerner
    08.05.2016 at 03:06

    Oh stop with all the inadequate side-dishes. The woman, the lady, this flower {Natalia Polonskaya} is just straight-up gorgeous and is an inspiration world wide. Now there. That says it all!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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